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  1. somthing to do with energy management and vacuum sucking up energy orbs early
  2. Skyrim together is quite fun but that just a mod for a single player game to make it a multiplayer
  3. sorry my reasoning is simple tencent is pretty much responsible for the "Social credit system" https://qz.com/1049669/chinas-tencent-hkg-0700-is-quietly-testing-a-social-credit-score-based-on-peoples-online-behavior/. it is also well kown for being highly supportive of the CCP https://www.pymnts.com/safety-and-security/2017/wechat-hands-over-user-data-to-chinese-government-amid-privacy-concerns/ so uninstalling warframe it was a good game but i can and and will not directly support a company that helps a genocidal https://www.npr.org/2020/07/04/887239225/china-suppression-of-uighur-minorities-meets-u-n-definition-of-genocide-report-s Despotic regime keep tabs on it's citizens. DE love your game but i have to sleep at night and i have to keep my data safe.
  4. i play this game for the way the movement and combat feels if i get board with the repetitiveness of trying to get a item i take a break and do something else another game or something else entirely. you don't have to spend all of your leisure time beating your head against a wall
  5. how do you mix and match when its the same item just adjusts appearance depending on who is wearing it? secondly the mesh is probably made to fit a serten body type and trying to mix would cause clipping issues.
  6. i will admit the ability to change the material on a item would be cool like having a metallic slide on the lex prime
  7. instrad of making it a "vote" the game can very simply if a person is being a bump on a log and not contributing. a simple logout for inactivity option could do the job and not be open for abuse.
  8. there probably is a honor code but we are forced by a system that has become dirty to play by it's rules but it cold also be that our honor code + or childhood naiveté allows us to be used as tools. I am going to reject the whole "space ninja" thing as not all Tenno embrace that ninja way for example my Tenno has never approached a mission in a way befitting a ninja. But if we look at what we do in the way a child would look at the world the action of the Tenno begin to make sense. "The corpus have been being mean to the Tenno I don't like them. These Solarus people have been nice to me I like them" Bad people are hurting the people I like, I will go hurt them!" The Tenno ultimately are still children granted children with access to advanced combat technology but still just kids and kids see the world in absolutes. this would have been super clear if we got a floof version of execution bosses as a award for doing those missions heck as far as we know Endo could be fancy Oroken gumballs
  9. stand in toxic waist, stand in lava, stand in electrified water or stand on one of those oroken cold floors
  10. why would the imperium even fight the tenno? they are after all humans with access to power advanced weaponry and possessing a mercenary mindset. granted they might be labeled as "Psykers" but i suspect the imperium would take one look at the Tenno and think "usefull" and hire them for dangerous missions hoping they die in the process.
  11. at this point "the lotus" could just be a tenno symbol its imprinted on mpost of our tech even stamped in the giant wheel below the transference chamber. so when yopur operator says "For the lotus" it could be interpreted the same way as "For the Tenno" It's our symbol.
  12. another argument for the few tenno in lore comes out of the codex of ember that basicly states that there was not supposed to be children on the Ten Zero ia am going to quote below if the Zariman Ten Zero was a military ship like the codex implies and Rhino primes' codex implies that the tenno were some sort of state secret and that anyone who knew about it were basically payed off to keep it a secret. this all implies that the tenno were kept as a big dark state secret. if that is the case tens of thousands of children would be hard to hide someone would notice a construction project that large now a couple hundred or a couple thousand that would be easy to hide but tens of thousands that is hard to believe. even for orokin ex machina
  13. i was doing NW for the creeds to stock pile a few taters and forma and the umbra forma any cosmetic items are the cherry on top
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