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  1. The cannon batteries in railjack missions, do not seem to be anywhere in the codex.
  2. You are right, I had forgotten about that one, and I haven't seen it often. I'll update my post... Thanks! And, it's true that sometimes the "quick fix" approach isn't quick. If it's near the beginning, I have not yet learned how to time it properly (the visual lag hurts, and the quick speed of the progress bar exaggerates that issue.) However, often enough the hit target is wide enough to be easy to hit, and especially if it's towards the end, the speedup is significant. Also... because of visual lag, if you hit the ending part of the target you still miss. (Or, this is the issue that I was referring to when I spouted about "visual lag".) If I am right that this is lag, then stopping just before the hit target should also work.
  3. There are four kinds of hull defects that you repair with the omni tool: Fire, electric, breach, rupture. There is also (rarely) a door defect which freezes a door shut (but can be melted using your omnitool) Also, though, there's a slow way and a fast way to do the repairs. The slow way is: aim at the defect and keep the tool activated until it's repaired. The fast way depends on the kind of defect, and that's what this post is about: For fire and electric (and, I believe, cold), it's like mining for ore or gems - if you stop in the little boxed region, you're done. (Though there's a bit of lag in the system so the point where you see the progress indicator tends to be behind where it "really" is.) For breaches, the trick is to paint the breach from one end to the other with the omnitool spray. This works both when you are host and when you are client (some breaches do not seem to repair if you don't do this. There may be breaches that just don't repair, but I haven't encountered any of those recently.) (Hull ruptures seem to be like breaches, but they usually repair so fast that I can't tell the difference.)
  4. I have encountered this same issue. You don't even know who is wasting your resources. 😞
  5. Anyone with an aoe attack can handle most of these khora issues. I mean, saryn, obviously, but a good ranged melee weapon could even work.
  6. Illustration of the reset falling loop:
  7. Today, my lich spawned somewhere were he was in a continual falling reset loop (on jupiter). With a different lich, I had a lich spawn in a location which could not be approached. Possibly related:
  8. @SlabHard one other thing I just now noticed (I got to reinstall windows and rebuild my warframe config): mouse sensitivity for archwing, railjack and warframe are all set independently (I don't know which is used for slingshot).
  9. And (And I am seeing this also.) Basically, it's like this: when there are four invasions, if you mouse over the third invasion (and maybe there's also a requirement that it be big enough??) then mousing over the fourth invasion brings up the third invasion. However, if you mouse over the first or second invasion you can bring up the fourth invasion. So, mostly this hits people scanning down the list of invasions, top to bottom.
  10. I've seen someone use a zetki reactor to good effect. Instead of "robust ship with high damage turrets", the approach was to use battle and tactical avionics and ordinance. It worked surprisingly well.
  11. @SlabHard Ok... this matches with something I have experienced (and discovered a workaround for -- or, it works for me). So, a couple more questions, which may or may not be relevant here: (1) Are you using fullscreen in the warframe "display" options? and (2) What kind of mouse do you have? (Me... I'm using a razer mouse, and I'm currently running at 1800 dpi (I used to leave it on the factory defaults, and I was having several problems with my mouse sensitivity. First, my mouse was *usually* way to sensitive. Like: moving the mouse a quarter inch would usually move the pointer all the way across my screen. But, also, the sensitivity would vary from week to week, and sometimes moving my mouse a couple feet would be necessary to move the pointer across my screen. The mouse sensitivity setting in the warframe options screen had only a minor effect here. But, also, I haven't been able to discover the default dpi setting on the mouse itself, so it's entirely possible that this was a "by design" feature of the mouse and I had been unknowingly somehow triggering a dpi change.) ... (Anyways, my current solution for this problem was to set the mouse itself to only run at 1800 dpi. But an earlier approach to run the game in "windowed fullscreen", which let me use the windows mouse sensitivity settings (which were kind of pitiful, since there's only a few settings available in windows and none of them were comfortable -- but, at the time, they were better than how things worked for me using regular fullscreen).) Anyways... I have no idea if your problem is even related to my past problems. But... you never know?
  12. @SlabHard I have not experienced this in slingshot - neither in the interior nor the exterior slingshot. (Or maybe I did, and I did not notice??) Does this happen all the time for you? (More information might be helpful here, but I have no idea what extra information you can supply...)
  13. Phoenix fury makes it impossible to see on client (try slingshot, for example).-
  14. Today I ran into an issue in railjack where I was not able to use operator skills (void dash, void blast). Perhaps I had tried to use them too early in the mission (before railjack tactical skills would unlock). But every time I tried to use an operator skill I only got the message "ability not ready".
  15. I just now lost an equipped Vidar Carcinnox, a good one, by clicking on a Zetki something-or-other wreckage and selecting the salvage icon. I have accidentally salvaged built components before, without really noticing at the time. But it should not even be possible to salvage equipped armaments or components.
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