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  1. When decorating my orbiter, it is difficult to determine the orientation of a square image. Typically, it ends up being sideways, and there's no "rotate 90 degrees" option after it's placed. (I can go into constrained movement, but for some reason rotating the image that way blinks in and out of illegal placement, so the net effect can be that that doesn't work either.)
  2. I like being able to put decorations there.. Maybe if we could somehow put dojo decorations or some such in the orbiter, you could lay down a barrier to hide that part of your orbiter?
  3. In arbitration defense missions (for example, against corpus on pluto), when the host opts to leave during the end-of-cycle prompt, the remaining three players of course get a host migration. However, the defense target leaves with the host, and the mission quickly fails.
  4. I also ran into these problems. Specifically: I repeatedly got my sarpa into a state where I could not attack, and could not jump. I could not even fire my primary weapon for a time, once I got into this state. (I was mostly on client when this happened.) Not fun...
  5. Also, it would be great if the reset locations which prevent you from operator void dash + aim glide (maybe with that new 100% gravity reduce mod) to the exit. Getting to just above the exit and then being reset all the way back to the starting platform for that part of the map? :(
  6. I have seen several variations on position reset problems: (1) [reported already] you are standing still and every 2-ish seconds your position gets reset (like if you had fallen out of bounds). Once this happens the game becomes unplayable. Relatively rare, though. (2) During parkour, some places being slightly off on trajectory will reset you back a long ways. (3) During aim glide, sometimes you reset and I have not yet figured out why. (4) I once got killed in the final cutscene, and reviving I was not on the exit part of the map, but the boss combat part of the map. I have also seen operator skill issues: (A) Sometimes you cannot enter void mode, this seems to be related to cutscene progress. There's no obvious accompanying effects, though, to suggest that this was intentional. (B) Fighting the ropalolyst, void mode benefits get applied on the ropalolyst. Specifically, Unairu Void Shadow, but plausibly others also. Edit: I do not have video of these, but I do not know if any of these would be difficult to reproduce, either.
  7. I did not notice that, but I was using a sleep skill. (But maybe, also, you had hitbox location out of sync with visible location? I have seen that happen in other contexts...)
  8. This is still an issue. Actually, it's an issue for any sleep/capture type. Apparently, the animal is supposed to fall into a "sleeping position" but there's something uninitialized or whatever and all too often it "sleeps" on the wrong side of the surface.
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