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  1. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to refer to your superior motives on why and how to play the game. Just a wee point though. Every single resource and item you gather in the game (outside of pure cosmetics) is designed to be used to increase your power. That is the way the game is designed. And I'm not talking about sitting in a corner vs lvl 2000, but if that is what someone finds enjoyable then that is up to them and it's not on you to tell them they're playing the game wrong.
  2. I like all these. Definitely support the idea of giving us something that is actually consistently useful upon aquiring repeatedly. Even if that's a currency that we can collect to buy the things you suggest, like 20 vitus essence to lock one riven stat for example. The naysayers will say "but powercreep" but imo powercreep is the whole point of the game. If we're not constantly trying to make our builds better then what are we supposed to be doing? What we then need is somewhere to use these super strong builds, that's another problem that I'm not going to go over again here.
  3. I think this was so switch tenno could get the ignis wraith otherwise one of the best weapons in the game wouldn't be able accessible at all.
  4. New players are never going to get access to this item as it drops from arbies, that's not a new player mode. For me the biggest problem with auras isn't how useless most are but steel charge gives you more capacity than any other. If you're pushing your build those extra few points capacity make all the difference. And I'm not wanting steel charge nerfed, oh no no no, I'd like the other auras brought up to it's level.
  5. Me likey. I know want one dammit
  6. I liked fighting the wolf, he was a challenge albeit in a totally bullet spongey way. His 3 buddies were always the bigger threat. For a lot of players though they simply don't have the gear to deal with him. You can take your best eidolon gear capable of one shotting limbs and you'll be spamming ammo pizzas left and right to take him down. Constantly being downed every few seconds is not fun and leaves anyone who isn't fully up to date with the meta and carrying top end gear feeling miserable as they literally can't scratch him. He showed up for me on hydron last night. Full squad, usual half ranked gear for that place and it took about 20 mins to take him down. Mostly because I spent most of the time reviving team mates. 22 revives. 22 ffs. Another guy in team done 14 revives. Creating a challenging boss that is accessible to all is probably an impossibility but de should try with who ever we have kill in season 2 to make it so we don't need a meta load out that is so tightly defined so lower or non meta players at least have a chance to contribute.
  7. I've tried it. I'm on Xbox and just switched off the console when the reward popped up without claiming it. Didn't work for me, it was still gone when I logged back in the next evening.
  8. Personally, I'll be happy to see the end of nw series 1. I've hit 30, since then just diddled along only completing things through normal game play and it's been much more relaxing than when it came out. A complete break from nippy Nora will be nice. But that's just me. As for the gap in between? We're talking about 1 week here, maaaybe 2. If you're brand new you can easily go a week without getting CP or nitain (which they'd be unlikely to get anyway because wolf credits). A switch back to the alert system wouldn't hurt anyone though. Might actually be beneficial to NW as it would remind us how rubbish that system was (not saying NW is perfect, it certainly isn't and I'm hoping for a much more friendly experience with season 2, especially for new players).
  9. It's happened to me loads of times. I'm in the UK and get my reward about 1am ish. I usually play until about 2am so any booster I get is wasted. Telling me to stop playing at 12.30 to avoid the reward is not, in my opinion, a good solution. Having the ability to claim the reward within 24hrs does not hurt anyone, in fact it makes a lot of players actually feel rewarded as they can then benefit from it instead of basically throwing it in the bin. Remember that most of the world is not in a US time zone. Think outside the North American bubble. A change like this would not hurt anybody or de.
  10. No, not really. That was sarcasm. It would be funny though.
  11. DESteve tried playing his own game. Met the wolf in a kuva flood and just pulled the plug on the whole thing in a rage.
  12. Bro , well done getting that far at mr4, I hope you get there. And just ignore those who want to put you down or tell you that it's not for you. Butt hurt vets who think the game should be run for there benifit are of no help to anybody. You go for it.
  13. Yh, de know about, it's on their twitter feed
  14. I can understand your point of view, trying to keep up with speed runners can be a pain. However, can I purlease introduce you to the full stop ".", makes what you're trying to say much more legible. Thanks in advance #punctuationmatters /s
  15. Lol, it's a nice pie in the sky idea but if de implimented this the whole dev team would just be fixing bugs and we'd never get so much as another syandana. It's not known as bugframe for nothing. There are some bugs that annoy the living he'll out of me - host migration being the obvious top choice - but you have to just accept them and work around them or they will cause your stress levels to skyrocket and you'll soon give up on the game. Too many layers of code going back too many years is the problem. That's why when one bug gets fixed it often just causes another one somewhere else.
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