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  1. YES Imagine, nora is actually a sentient. She's been sending us on fools errands for 2 years to distract us from the sentients quietly infiltrating the system. In the new war she's the one we have to kill. Glorious!
  2. Happy to get a gap between nightwaves tbh, nora's gotten real old for me and the tasks are repetitive busy work at this point. Dont get me wrong, some of the rewards are good, especially for newer players, but I can survive a week without them.
  3. Cross play / save may solve the fragmentation problem if all players are in one big pool. Still can't see it happening though unfortunately. DE seem to be scared of giving too many rewards too quick, I suppose cos we players have a tendency to burn through new stuff at mach 10 and the devs can't keep up with that. Could certainly reduce the "normal" grind though without impacting any new stuff.
  4. Too much reward for too little time probably. Given how big the game is now, you could certainly make a strong argument to reduce grind in order to make it manageable, especially at lower levels. Id hate to be joing the game now, would feel like standing at the bottom of Mount everest wearing flip flops.
  5. I find myself in the rather curious position of agreeing with madurai here. It isn't "supposed" to be either of the two extremes of constant spam or cover shooter, you can choose either of those if that's what you find fun, but there's a large area in between those two positions aswell. There is no right way to play wf, there is only the way you yourself find enjoyment from, and that may change from one mission to the next. There are of course optimal builds for things like max damage, efficient farming, speed running etc, but that's just meta chasing (I have nothing against using meta loadouts btw). Below that pinnacle is a mountain of choices. As far as concept goes, for me and many others its just to have fun using whatever frame and weapons I feel like. WF achieves that, at least for me, and going by the player numbers, an awful lot of other players think the same.
  6. I've seen me occasionally spawn 5 acolytes in one 20 min survival, although 4 is the norm. Compared with before when 4 was the norm, and 3 not unusual. Its a very mild increase in spawn rate but nothing to write home about.
  7. Your first point. I agree, its ridiculously easy, so why are you the one wanting a rework to the entire ammo system as a solution? Your second point. First off, your definition of a "valid use case" is subjective. As is the word "better". But, in a (probably useless) attempt at playing along, say I want to use a shotgun. Now, from my early days I've always had a soft spot for both the sobek and astilla. With the sobek, I never seem to have ammo problems, but with the astilla I do frequently. I like both guns a lot, but tbh, the astilla probably edges it cos I prefer the noise, the way it looks, I like that its slug rather than pellet, and so I choose that one, because I just prefer it. The sobek won't give me any ammo problems, and at low level can clear whole mobs so has a cple of advantages, and yet I prefer the other despite its flaw. Not everything comes down to a pure dps decision. Your third point comes across as just snarky tbh and I dont think deserves a proper answer. I'm going to bow out of the discussion now seeing as we've got to the childish response stage. I feel I've put my pov across although it disagrees with yours. Anything beyond this looks like its just gonna be pointless arguing over something that is essentially a non issue.
  8. I think DE make a tremendous effort to make their game enticing. Its not gonna entice everyone though. And there is no "best game" as someone asked earlier. There's only your own personal "best" or favourite. And sometimes that will change. I love wf, think its great while at the same time being quite critical of it in areas, but I do get sick of it every few months and go play other things for a break.
  9. Remember, that weapon may also have advantages, hence why you're considering it. And if "by using other tools available", you mean "put a build together", then yeah, commendable indeed. Yep, not all weapons are created equal. Never have been, never will be, and nor should they be. And "better" is a tad subjective as we don't know the reason for wanting to use the weapon with lower ammo economy - chances are good that it has some aspect to it that makes it a good choice regardless of the efficiency issue. Bearing in mind we're specifically talking about ammo economy here, this seems a smidge hyperbolic considering how ridiculously easy it is to negate those issues. No congratulations required really for slotting one mod, or dropping an ammo pad. And if the resources to make an ammo pad are an issue, then I'm sorry, I can't take this discussion seriously.
  10. It wasn't meant to be an opportunity to compare weapons, I know very well there are differences but thank you for the condescending explanation nonetheless. It was meant to be an opportunity to compare choices, something it seems many players are against, other than the fake, impossible dream of thinking any weapon should be viable in any content - not gonna happen. I'm talking about actual meaningful choices where you have to weigh up pros and cons - for example, gun A may have issues, whereas gun B won't, but gun A does something better than gun B, or is more fun to you, or goes with your fashion better or whatever. But you have a meaningful choice, something that may involve having to make compromises or build adjustments rather than just choose literally anything and you'll do fine. The kind of choices this game needs more of tbh.
  11. I think the ammo economy is something best left to the individual player to balance for themselves rather than, as others have said, reinvent the wheel for negligible benefit. For example, I choose to use acceltra. Great gun, fun to use, powerful, does its job very well. BUT, for me at least, its not unusual for me to run out of ammo. Compare that to my trumna. Also a lot of fun etc, but I don't think I've ever run out ammo using it, and I use both guns in the same way, ie, very much pray and spray. So, I have a decision to make. I can use the acceltra and have fun with that, but I'll have to compensate for its ammo efficiency somewhere in my build. Or I can use the trumna and not do that. "Ah!" I hear you cry, "that's the point. Why would you ever use the acceltra?". Well, mainly cos I like it, and tbh, the ways available to counter poor ammo efficiency are not that big of a deal for me to be able to do so without hampering my build in any meaningful way. Having different rates of ammo consumption compared to the amount that drops i think is actually good for the game and something that, occasionally, may need the player to make an actual meaningful decision.
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