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  1. Also been on a mini break. Went in to a SP kuva survival for the 30m NW challenge yesterday. I can solo this ez-pz using my Ash, done it loads of times with no issues. However, I was always, and I mean always, struggling for life support. Never used to be an issue with the increased enemy density but I was constantly running dangerously low, like sub 20%, yesterday. Might just be one of those things, maybe I was just getting unlucky, but something felt off compared to 2-3 months ago. Enemy density felt exactly the same though.
  2. The main quest gives you access to expeditions, the end game section where you run high level missions and boss fights to earn bigger and better loot. Up to you if you want to play it or not, but the game doesn't end when the initial campaign does. Of course, each to their own and everyone should play how, when and what they want. To me though who has several thousand hours split between warframe and D2, its a breath of fresh air.
  3. I've played it ton since launch. There were significant server problems to begin with (aren't there always), but these seem to have been fixed. There is the very occasional crash where it just dumps me back to my xbox home screen which is annoying, but it is rare. Apart from that, the only other bug I've found is occasionally the way points can get a bit mangled, but again, its rare. As to the game itself, in my opinion its downright fecking awesome. Great story and initial quest, good characters, literally tons of loot, gear progression and customisation, defined end game, actua
  4. One word : Outriders Try it. Awesome story, tons of loot, actual boss fights, gear progression and customisation, real defined endgame. I've got nearly 4k hrs in warframe and 2.5k in D2 and don't regret any of them. Outriders seems to have really nailed it though and its not just a new game feeling. It addresses a ton of issues both the other two games continue to ignore just in terms of qol. If you're looking for a break from wf, or just another game to act as "significant other", give it a go. I'm confident you'll enjoy it.
  5. I have my doubts people are buying loki all day at that price. As for the price? Its a free market, people can ask what they want. Loki has been vaulted a loooong time. Kronen is also vaulted and hyped as one of the best melee weps in game. If someone wants to pay those prices, up to them.
  6. Won't work for me as it says I need owners permission to view it
  7. Took me over 100 juggernauts to get one pherliac pod bp back in the day. 140+ larvalings to get a bramma to drop. You want to talk about bad rng? I never even tried to farm equinox. Way, way, WAY easier to farm the plat by just opening relics.
  8. Help clem missions are stupidly easy. Just go solo.
  9. I'm gonna be playing something else. WF is pretty dry at the moment and there's not much left for me to do in the game. Seems an ideal time to take a short break to avoid burn out before Tempestari lands.
  10. Go play the Outriders demo. Come back for Tempestari.
  11. Zephyr deluxe looks....weird imo Kinda like an anime character had a love child with a crayon factory. I'm more interested in the new skin for my ship to be honest.
  12. If you're trying to sell very common individual wf parts, you're gonna struggle.
  13. To have fun. However, guns aren't fun in SP, imo. For the record, I love using guns, I want to use them more. In SP though, they simply can't keep up with enemy spawn rates and/or turn wf into an extreme cover shooter, which is kinda counter intuitive to the entire rest of the game. I dont want to one shot things, thats silly. However, just make guns more viable. Even though I actually prefer guns to melee, I end up using melee to carve through the mobs simply cos my guns are so ineffective. SP specific mods, or a SP widget, would allow guns to be made more powerful in that m
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