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  1. Leveling stuff for the sake of leveling stuff. That is wf now. Repeatedly leveling the same thing over and over is now content. Not just something we may have chosen to do on some items, but is now moving towards a mandatory mechanic on more and more items that are released. It would be nice if de introduced some fun missions for us to use all these massively over forma'd items in. That would mean actually releasing content, not just more grind.
  2. I like rj but still get frustrated at the bugs. The most annoying of which is when you select to return to dry dock and the game just freezes. Literally can't do anything except quit the game and re start. And as I don't trust rj to be stable enough to run more than a cple of missions without randomly crashing and losing all my loot, I feel I have to go back to dry dock regularly. Which just makes the whole experience bloody annoying.
  3. I think console prices are roughly 30% dearer than pc due to the cut sony/ microsoft take from every transaction So add 30% on to the pc price and then multiply by about 5 or 6 for the currency conversion and yeah, you're going to get a pretty big number. Unfortunately, there's not a lot de can do about currency conversion rates.
  4. OMG....Jet Set Willy What a game *** Spectrum 48k flashbacks InTeNsIfY *** I had an Amstrad cpc464, came with a green screen monitor and a built in tape deck. Thought I was the absolute dogs danglies
  5. Only getting one visit in a calendar year when on average there's 8 months between appearances is actually very likely.
  6. I use a very high range disarm build to run kuva requiem survival. Works absolutely fantastic. Stops not only me but my entire team from eating bombard rockets every few seconds. Makes the mission quite chill and going 2 hrs is fairly straightforward (you gotta watch for their little sheevs later though as they deal some nasty slash procs). I don't need a damage buff tbh. Its a rare mission I don't end on top kills/damage just by using my weapons. And as I play with randoms, I've seen the comparison with nuke frames. You do have to put in the effort but I'm still carving throug
  7. Go check the history of the event. It was always held aprx every 6-10 months, on average 8 monthly. People are annoyed because de pulled the plug on the best forma farm in the game at just about the same time as it was due to reappear. I understand why some people may be annoyed about this. I'm not just going to blindly defend de, although personally I'm not that bothered i think it was a sucky move. And saying building one forma a day is enough is ridiculous when most weapons take between 3-6 and frames often the same. Opening enough relics to sell parts and make enough
  8. Afraid you're wrong mate. On average, plague star was approx every 8 months, always being in the 6-10 month range somewhere. Just around the time it was due to run again, de pulled the plug. Personally, I'll be very surprised if we ever see it again.
  9. Whats wrong with something being popular? Why nerf something just cos people like it? Enough nerfs already. How about instead, de take all the trash tier abilities and make them better so we have more viable options?
  10. Please God, no. Let them fix the stuff we have before they even think about introducing a completely new star chart with all new enemies. Do you have any idea how much work that is? It would take de years. Nice idea, and I applaud your enthusiasm, but I feel it needs tempered with a dash of reality.
  11. So, just went to start up wf for the nightly grind and noticed it needs an update. Oh yeah, it's been in cert since last week. Let's get that downloaded and see what's up. GODAMM ! 31.24 GB ! That's half the size of the entire game file. Wtf is in this update that it's so mahoosive? This is a bit more than m4d nerf and helminth changes. Bang goes most my playtime tonight watching this tick down. Ah well, I hope it's worth it.
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