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  1. I've went back to d2 because there's nothing I'm interested in doing in wf anymore. I've not played d2 for a long time so there's loads of content for me to get stuck into. And I like how so much of it has progress bars showing how much I need to do to actually get the reward. I feel like I'm actually working towards something and making progress rather than absolutely everything being rng and having to rely on pure luck. I'll probably come back to wf in a few months. Once there's a decent amount of stuff to work through again, not just a cple of new frames/weapons/cosmetics. Maybe once the new war drops or duviri.
  2. I've recently went back to D2 after 2.5k hours in wf. I just got sick of the rng. Grinding a particular relic to try an get the rare drop which, even when fully upgraded, is like 10% just got too annoying. There's no sense of progression, just luck. Don't get me wrong, D2 has grind. There's a sense of progression though as with most the stuff you know in advance what you need to do and can work towards it with a progress bar. That's huge for me. As for cost? Well it's free to download now. You can pay £50 for shadowkeep DLC (less than one prime access) but you don't need to, I only paid £8 for the season pass. There's a literal ton of stuff to do. All sorts of quests and various types of raids that give a proper challenge from the start. No more being bored for an hour to get to challenging content. Open world areas to drool over. And I can access about 90% of it for free. Graphically and gameplay wise it's superior imo. And no host migrations. There's enough to keep me busy for many months. New content that's dropped this year n wf hasn't been challenging at all bar maybe the first hour until you've figured out the mechanics. 10-20 minute missions at lvl 20-40 (or lower) to get stuff when it takes lvl 200 to make me concentrate has become too boring. I do love de but thier business model is just too rng heavy for me now. I'm sure I'll hop back in the future but not for a long time I would think.
  3. I'm sorry, but I just thought of something totally inappropriate ;) Yes, I'm immature.
  4. If the idea of the dispo passes every 3 months is to increase the viability of all the underused/trash weapons, there should be literally dozens of weapons getting their rivens buffed each time. Yet that's not what we see. Instead, the communities favourite weapons get hit each time and a tiny number of trash weapons get buffed.
  5. Just wait until melee 3.0 finally comes out and they get round to nerfing melee rivens. Redeemer and gram are gonna get rubico'd
  6. If the changes are based on usage there should be at least 100 weapons on this list getting buffed, no question about it.
  7. Yeah, some players are fools to themselves when it comes to rivens. Take the rubico though. Generally regarded as the best sniper in the game and yet I'd happily wager that 90%+ of its use is doing eidolon. And considering most players don't do eidolon what are these usage stats they're going off? If we actually saw a decent number of the trash weapons in the game (about half of each weapon type) getting the significant buffs they need to bring them up to par I think an awful lot of the complaints would disappear. Yet we don't. So people get annoyed when maybe their one decent riven for a top tier weapon gets nerfed because the scales aren't being balanced.
  8. Nope, don't think that's acceptable either. Players should know by now changes will happen. I can understand their disappointment though. It's the glee shown so many at their fellow players disappointment which I was talking about though.
  9. No, it doesn't. We need content that is challenging but that's covered by many other threads already so don't want to de rail this topic. In the absence of challenge though players will take what they can get, and rivens are one of those few things. And because kuva is an endless mission type that eventually gets challenging it fills a double role.
  10. Maybe because it gives a large number of players something to actually focus on and do? Let's face it, after a certain point the game doesn't have much challenge in it and running about on the star map doing 5-10 minute missions where enemies die in droves from a hard sneeze gets a bit samey after a while. And if you don't like it personally, you know what, that's cool - you do you bud, peace. After all, it's optional. Why look to sh!!t on players who do get some fun from it?
  11. Personally, I'm fine with the changes, I know they can/will change over time. What is disappointing is so many players looking forward with absolute glee to their fellow tenno basically getting kicked in the nuts after they've worked bloody hard to get the stats they want. Whether that be grinding kuva themselves, grinding things to sell for plat to just buy the riven, or, god forbid, spending money in the game to just buy plat thereby helping keep afloat the game you're playing. But yeah, let's just put on our sneers and act all superior. Like I said, that attitude is toxic af.
  12. It's quite sad really. So many players actively drooling at the prospect of their fellow tenno being disappointed. The weeks spent grinding kuva survival to get even close to the riven you were after completely ignored. Actively participating in one of the few end game activities sneered at. I've said it before, if you don't like rivens that's cool, I understand your argument. Wallowing in the disappointment of others though? Toxic af.
  13. Probably about the time, maybe 20hrs in or so, that they realise this game is actually "free to install" rather than "free to play". Yes, you can make plat in game to buy slots. That's if you have anything to sell of course. Let's be real, most new players will barely have any relics never mind piles of prime junk. And if you're new then trade chat is more than a little daunting. And you've only got maybe 4-5 trades per day if you do want to try selling stuff. Wait times are a big turn off for many and I understand why. Personally, I didn't mind but can see how after farming the jackal over and over to get rhino, to finally get all the parts and then have to wait 4 days, yeah, that's a real pain. That's if you've got the resources as you need stuff from planet's beyond Venus to make him. Farming the jackal is difficult when you're mr3-4 with unranked mods and crap weapons. They should be rewarded, not told to wait. And constantly having to go outside the game to get info on virtually anything. Players want to play, not spend half the time looking up the wiki or searching yt. And then there's joining a pug team. Having no idea what's going on, standing there equal parts in awe, confused and frustrated as enemies die around you and no idea how. Getting lost on maps and dragged out cos the rest of the team are on the extraction point and you were trying to collect resources and/or had no idea where to go. They should double the number of starting slots for weapons and warframe. Then, on the 25hr mark should give the player 2 each prebuilt reactors/catalysts, 5k endo and 100k creds. Help them get over that initial hump.
  14. Yeah. Falconry in warframe. I like that idea, could be verrrry cool. I want an osprey. Called it. Fight me.
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