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  1. Tanker is great on rhino to boost his iron skin. Use the augment where crashing into enemies increases your armour (sorry, having a complete brain fart moment and can't remember its name), then equip your arch gun and then cast iron skin. It's effectively like activating god mode.
  2. So what then? When new content drops players should limit how much they play it and keep doing the same old content they've been playing for months/years in order to artificially extend the time the new content lasts ? Players burn through content in every game. That's what players do. No player ever thought to themselves "I'm gonna keep playing this old boring stuff so the new stuff lasts longer" And for most grinds in the game, let's be honest, they're repetitive and quickly become un-fun. Wanting to speed it up so you can then do something you do find fun is normal.
  3. The problem with frames like nidus, khora and harrow is that while a few get the parts in a mere handful of tries, for the majority of players these grinds are completely unfun. To the point where many players get sickened by it and give up, often then leaving the game for good. This is not good game design. I understand de are totally reliant on rng in order to pad content. It's counter productive to do that to the point where players give up and leave. I remember farming the bp for pherliac pods. Took me over 70 runs. I hated the experience. Then a few months later I agreed to help a clan member farm it. I warned him it may take a while and explained my experience. He got it first run. That's the problem with rng, there's zero skill involved, just blind luck. You leave most grinds feeling relief that it's over and hating how much time you've lost instead of happiness at getting the item. Imo, there should instead be a progression system so you can see that you're making progress rather than feeling you're banging your head against a wall. It can still take a while to get the item but it's on the player to complete the task in a finite system rather than just getting lucky. Ever increasing grind and more ridiculous rng is hurting this game more than bugs or a perceived lack of content. It's there to pad out content and drive plat sales. And please, don't tell me korean mmos are worse. That is not a defense.
  4. Spear and paradox are events, not expansions. Nowhere near as much work required to push out. Duviri ? My guess is many months, nov/dec this year at earliest, possibly into next year. Unless de pull a real flanker of course and say it's dropping at tennocon. I'd say there's more chance of an umbral forma dropping from a rare chest on the sentient ship though.
  5. When I was new and needed creds I'd go to seimini on Ceres and do 5 waves infested defence. Nets about 23-24k creds per run and double for first mission of the day. You'll also get orokin cells and lots of relics. You can also level stuff while doing it as it's incredibly easy. I ground out 1 mil creds doing this to buy primed flow back in the day. Took a while but I've never had to farm for cells since. Other than that, work on your builds. Even a cursory glance is enough to know they're not great. Good luck tenno.
  6. I've been looking around for another game to play given I'm just bored of wf at the moment and I'm looking to take probably several months off. I found Wolcen randomly on youtube in a review by SkillUp who's normally pretty fair. Looked great, I thought this could be the one, my next obsession. Then I discovered it's only on pc. Then I was sad. On a brighter note though, given they've got something like 30-40 staff it looks bloody great and shows what can be done with a small team.
  7. Wow, all of that rather than just agree with something that is glaringly obvious to many, many players - that de can't keep up with their own promises and the reason for that is poor management. Something Steve himself admitted. As for all that planning picnics stuff, good management plans for rainy days and makes contingency plans. Also, I directly addressed they had other projects in the works. They knew this though when the released nw. This should have been built into their plan. It would appear it wasn't.
  8. Get the twin kohmaks up 100% status and they are monsters.
  9. Lol, yeah, it's not the players responsibility to create content. That's the devs. At the time nw came out railjack, duviri, new war etc were all well on the horizon for de. They decided on a 10-12 week season length based (hopefully) on their capability to meet this deadline as well as being able to meet other commitments. This should have been a result of management assessing workloads and resource capability. As we can see however, given the state both lich's and rj released in and the stretching out of not just this intermission but also the previous season, de have once again shown they can't meet deadlines, ever. This isn't a failure of the devs. The folks doing the actual coding/ sound/animation etc are likely working their buts off and being pulled in 6 different directions. This can be laid squarely on the doorstep of the people in charge.
  10. Well, unlike everybody else, I think getting to wave 16 solo is great, regardless of the frame used. Well done op.
  11. What do you mean by double dipping ? Confused face.
  12. Or Primed Backpack. There's no reason not to have this. Unjustified.
  13. Lol, good luck on that white charger of yours. Game is great, no problems, nothing to see here. Except de themselves accept 2019 was not a great year. Lol, you're now in a position where you have to admit recent updates have not went well if you want to agree with de. That must be confusing.
  14. Pointless point is pointless. No one said de hadn't worked on other stuff during the period in question. The main focus has been rj though, u can't honestly disagree with that.
  15. Dude, the sacrifice released June 2018. Poe was what, 6-8 months before that? What relevance do they have to a conversation about recent content, specifically railjack ? Yeah, there was a graphical overhaul of poe this year, there were a couple of little things added like thumpers, bounties in the field. This is not big content. First I saw of rj was tennocon 2018 in the Fortuna reveal, meaning they were working on it before then. Rj as we know dropped late December 2019. So more than 18 months working on a project touted as the big new shiny content we should all be looking forward to. And it released in a state that looked like they'd rushed it out the door. After more than 18 months of dev work. No one has hinted that de haven't done other stuff during that time as well, but rj was/is the big piece of work that has sucked up a considerable amount of the resources de have available. Hence 2019 being considered by a very large number of players, and de themselves, as not a great year. You may be happy with how things are at the moment. But by defending the current state of the game you're actually disagreeing with de's own assessment.
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