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  1. all DE needs to do is to attach a time window and plat cost ie 2-4 weeks and/or a couple hundred plat ie you could not downgrade/upgrade again within the time window that seems like a fair price to avoid ppl exploiting the down grades
  2. +9999 OP really not happy that Limbo has not been fixed yet =[
  3. +9999 OP yep ever since Vor started speaking in english... sigh the hubs are not unique from one another, they are all just carbon copies =[, every unique character is in every single one at the same time =/ the syndicates, which want to murder/kill/destroy each other, are all under one roof in the same structure =[ (instead of having a different unique hub for each syndicate...) yep... sigh
  4. afaik all shotgun status chance is per pellet just like when you put multishot on rifles yer status chance goes up http://warframe-builder.com/Weapon_comparator
  5. awhile back there was a lot of dev-talk about making bleed not proc thru shields (ie it could only proc if your shields were down) but apparently it got forgotten/shelved/etc =[
  6. its things like this that we have been asking for a host-kick or vote-kick option forever put the power in the hands of the players, then adjust fire to make sure the system isnt abused too much, but avoid the majority of false reports and nonsense like this
  7. gonna edit this and say that actually i think tellurium rarity might really be spot on the issue was that initially larger clans had huge foundry research requirements, and it really hurts larger clans that dont have a full/active roster as well as the fact that a sizable chunk of the players are anti-arghwing, thusly making the gathering of the 100's of resources rather rough but after finishing the research, tellurium is seeming to be right in line with o-cells and neurals, so, basically, rare arghwing also makes gathering drops a bit more difficult, but the mini-vacuum effect th
  8. i was sad when they chose to make arghwing parts un-trade-able =[ they should be made trade-able again
  9. um if u hate arghwing, then u, ya, u prolly wont like this event, cuz its mostly all about arghwing but really, arghwing is getting better all the time, ill give DE that
  10. yep i just want DE to let clans downsize, within reason there could be like a 30 day timer so that ppl couldnt abuse the system, whatevs
  11. the ONLY thing im not thrilled about with the new event/gear/etc is tellurium this stuff is more rare than o-cells/argon/neusensos all combined =[
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