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  1. It is designed to be as chaotic as possible, it's part of the whole concept I had in mind. Though I think if you were to format it properly and give the glyphs I developed a cleaner look than my crude handwriting it'd be a little more readable.
  2. That last pic isn't the Vor speech. Though it would of been a nice meme. No, that last pic is a small history of the Techoran Order (the people I invented behind the alphabet) written in Techoran.
  3. I would have never believed somebody would comment on this eventually. But here we are. So anyway, I did nothing too crazy here to be honest. I pretty much did what DE has done before. Take the English language and create an overly complicated alphabet that has its own unique appearance and writing style. I didn't create a real language by any means. However, I'm currently working on creating a new language based on the Dwemer language from Morrowind and Skyrim but this ain't got nothing to do with WF.
  4. Here's my language concept. Dunno if it even fits into any one category. For all I know I might be the only one to ever do this.
  5. 41 views, 0 replies. I didn't think languages were this uninteresting. To be honest, languages are the thing I am the most interested in, which is why I even bothered creating this alphabet (that, admittedly, fits into the theme of WF languages pretty well). Anyway, thanks to the 41 people that bothered taking a look. Love ya. 😄
  6. So, since Warframe has five languages now and a new people is on the way who will have, no doubt, also have their very own alphabet, I have taken it upon myself to invent a language of my own, always with the existing Warframe languages in mind. I basically took the phonetic spelling of Orokin and gave it a nice twist. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Techoran alphabet. Now, here's a little back story. The Techoran order is divided into two big institutions. The first is the Amjula, a religious institution that views the Infestation as divine and godly. The second is the Yowchezhak. These guys are scientists who use the Infestation to augment themselves. The Techoran Order is situated on Eris. They have adapted to the Infestation in ways previously thought impossible. Their alphabet reflects this. They use a set of consonants, which are chaotic strokes, and a set of vowels, which are orderly shapes. They combine chaos and order together to form words. Here's how it works: To form words, you create a compound sound by combining a vowel with a consonant. If the vowel is spoken first, it is placed on top of the consonant. If it is spoken last, it is placed on the bottom. All the other details, how the language looks and whatnot, can be viewed by clicking the imgur link I provided. I even went as far as to write a small paragraph in Techoran that you can translate using the cipher I created. I like how the language looks in action. https://m.imgur.com/a/g6kUSSv So, what do you guys think of this?
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