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  1. I mean that was us just doing a memory jog through our minds. On accident. Because we followed Teshin we he told us not to. Into a trap which he clearly wasn't expecting us to land in. Because he was just going to lie low and not warn us about the queens ever I guess. We're pretty self made there.
  2. Also you'd think if the Orokin had control of her they'd have some precautionary programming or something that would make her unable to act against them and mount say...a rebellion that lead to their mass slaughter, such as they did with their Dax soliders. The entire story just seems extremely convenient.
  3. But he never really trained us, and it seemed like he didn't plan for us to ever find out about his situation, we just ignored his orders and caught him in the act which inevitably forced the truth out. And okay, I would disagree with that since some lazy air pull new big power nobody knew of until now twist sounds like poor writing and a semi overused trope, but it's certainly an idea. Be nicer if we just took advantage of what we already had and built them up better. (to this day i still think our quick encounter and victory over the twin queens was a massive injustice to the kind of threat/presence they could have offered to the game broadscale)
  4. Wasn't he was deceiving us all the way up to the war within? And do you mean our liset? Because our Orbiter is a tad very large to imagine being docked into another ship. (the liset is the small drop ship we see in loading screens, the orbiter is a much much larger ship we dock into when not doing missions)
  5. That depends largely on what the audience is looking for really. Not everyone is looking for sexual gratification in gaming, much less to one flat degree. In theory yes it can be satisfactory, because different people different itches. In reality it is also fully realistic because different people different itches. Why? Different people different itches. And there being worse offenders isn't a defense of a practice, it just flat out is not. If you have a different preference you can just state you have such personally and that you're happy with it, and give the op the benefit of faith that they can respect that as an opinion since they asked for that very thing, and move on happily without acting defensive/dismissive. It'll make things go along so much nicer, and make you seem like a swell self aware person instead of of someone suspiciously on guard.
  6. Irrelevant, reality is reality regardless of your vested interest in said reality. I'm sorry you went out of your way to inject yourself into a conversation apparently you have no interest in carrying though. Please don't pretend those things are considered genuinely sexual or meant for sexual appeasement, we're both better than that. And Zephyr having a similar "cockpit of sorts" flat out negates the idea it is some male sexual organ advert ontop of that. They're as sexual as gundams are. Get real. And a common occurrence is men having butts, every male frame having a flat or inverted rear excuse two deluxes is an extreme deviation without even comparing it to female frame treatment, especially when it's assumed these are supposed fit super soldiers at one point or another. But go off on some side quandary about women having bigger booties which was never a part of the debate to begin with I guess, if it makes you feel justified/correct. All that said honestly you two clearly want to make this a bigger struggle than I care for so I'm going to peacefully withdraw from whatever defensive mechanism this is before the loops start up. Have a swell one.
  7. "most" what about inverted, or those that are covered up really though, we can't pretend de don't seem to have some issue with giving male frames backends that aren't completely minimized/hidden.
  8. calm down, the op clearly just prefers a different aesthetic, it's not a personal affront to everything you poorly hold dear. it's not that deep.
  9. That's what you should have said in the first place, thank you. (I agree with the air pull 90% metric is an over exaggeration as well but responding with smarmy quips not trying to actually provide a conversation piece is unneeded)
  10. If only, unfortunately there is no clear cut way to prevent these kinds of acts from happening within a dome of reason, at most you can just report them and let de do what they will with such players. de could i supposed however be more expressive about their stance on said behavior, and the penalties for it, sometimes it does feel people leech because they aren't aware it is punishable.
  11. Almost like the op didn't say 100%
  12. Don't be down on yourself, just a little practice and you'll be blitzing through these new vaults in no time!
  13. Randomly in a few years when DE decide it is not a feature and is now a bug obvy. (really though it's such a niche and limited tactic it's pretty much impossible to tell when or if it'll be changed, it doesn't have a genuine enough impact on play to have any certainty)
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