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  1. It's a limited reward high level farm with not a lot of long term repeat value spread across all nodes, every one of those things is going to make make finding consistent groups a challenge. If you really want more seamless and consistent matchmaking though the node aspect is probably the harshest factor, spreading potential playing points to like 150+ areas is naturally going to make finding other people grouped together vastly more difficult because that makes it so those people could be over 150 other places. Making smaller more localized batch of nodes where liches occur, or making liches
  2. You can still one shot nuke steel path enemies with ability so not sure it needed a buff but hopefully it'll calm down the outrage crowd at the least. Sorry this is where we have wound up though. Hopefully this submissions won't egg people on further the next time an entirely justified rebalance takes place.
  3. because the entire team is not necessary for any/all balancing i'd assume, and this community gets pretty habitual so the longer something is left to sit the worse the player response to change? people keep wagging this notion around like it some proof of a wrong doing but like didn't we get a very good frame buff the same week this change happened, with this apparently incompetent short staffed team? and several good balance fixes/buff to other items released in deimos? marked isn't even a major balance item, it's a single ability in a system with over fifty other abilities, and it still nuke
  4. where did hydroid's fish ephemera go? >:c (looking forward to the stream as always though none the less <3) edit: also is there any chance our beloved skater boy nezha will get a custom movement animation in the future? considering his design and theme it seems appropriate he'd get to skate around tilesets rather than just run.
  5. my bad, people just bag on scott too much
  6. the helminth stuff is pablo's balance child
  7. i view this as a nice thing, but all the same if you've ever seen this community react to changes post launch then you can understand it's better to aim low from the start rather than doing it later down the line, better it not make it out the embryo stage in such a state lest you prompt bigger tantrums some ways down the road.
  8. They gave us no actual numbers on these changes so we don't know if these nerfs are heavy at all, that said I welcome them balancing conservatively off the bat so people don't wind up getting over invested in things that may face balance changes afterwards, we've seen a lot of disappoint from that route of balancing and DE doing this is only a good choice. If things come out under tuned we can address it after the fact with far more ease than would come from them coming out over tuned and having to observe them being tampered down.
  9. DE do generally follow a pattern but seeing as Xaku appears to be neutral/non-binary they had to make an exception and void some slot in the rotation to make room, if its any consolation Xaku does have a rather feminine physique, and by rather I mean excessively so, so if its the visual aesthetic you want you should be fine. Otherwise not sure what else is so valuable to you about the whole label but you're out of luck and will have to wait until fall for the next female prime, or next year for a new female frame. The frames following Xaku I believe have been affirmed male so that's that for t
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