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  1. tbf baruuk probably has one the better end exalted weapons right now, arguably the best in the melee category now if we're being honest, with valkyr, excalibur, and wukong following behind in that order. truly i only think the exalted weapons for excalibur and wukong need all that much attention right now, as these weird inbetween melee cases that both perform less than some standard melee weapons can while also providing nothing of extra benefit/utility to compensate for such loses. baruuk as noted is thriving right now as an exalted frame, with his incredible aoe range on its own his serene hands are put above all other melees for the time is available as nothing can compare to that sort of aoe coverage, and its damage is more than adequate enough in tandem to make it a very worthwhile burst of aoe clear when earned, especially now with his new elemental augment. for valkyr, her claws come with immortality and innate lifesteal which easily compensates for the base claws not being incredibly overpowered on their own, though i will acknowledge this could use some adjusting such as with parazon removing immortality while hacking, and maybe even just allowing some of the exalted weapons passive to work when in gun mode, but she only needs at most qol upgrades. with exalibur and wukong their melees however lack distinct values outside just being melee tools, they don't have notable aoe like baruuks does, or power passives like valkyr, they're just melees but with sometimes lower damage values than other melees, excalibur i suppose does have his waves but after the range changes to the game they just don't go far enough and move fast enough to be a stand out attribute, and that's stuff worth addressing as it means their designs are just now inherently broken. excalibur they could just increase the range and speed of the waves he sends out so far as gradual steps to test powering his melee up, for wukong i honestly think they just need to buff that ones damage though maybe keep an eye on the range he can acquire while doing so; I don't play wukong a lot but I have seen some crazy ranges for that staff and we don't need him becoming baruuk but with no trade offs, especially when the rest of his kit is already incredibly potent.
  2. We don't really know, he's just well...off somewhere plotting. We haven't seen suggestions of him coming back for the New War yet, but I'd hazard a guess he'll appear eventually in one way or another for his relevance to this whole plot beat, especially since he was arguably the first warning to the Lotus about this whole affair coming to pass. We're pretty early into the new War honestly, we still haven't even had space grandma shown in-game yet, so there's probably plenty of time to bring more characters into the conflict.
  3. I think you may just not like deluxes.
  4. First of all glad to see the sound team getting a chance to drop in again on stream, their work on the game is some of the best and it's always good fun to get a look into the whole creative process that is this games sound design and I can't wait to hear more insights on that matter, but in that same line of thinking what insights can you offer on the whole creative process you guys go through when it comes to the voice editing for characters in Warframe? Outside some of just the really stellar dialogue this game is always spouting I have to say the voices in this game have always stood out to me as one of the just very distinct sound aspects of this game compared to many others to me, and hearing the difference in some dialogues with and without their effects is just a profound, and like what is the creative process behind that? From selecting the voice actors, to figuring out what effects you want to apply, and all that jazz, that makes so many characters in the game so appealing to hear. (Also if you can tease, are we getting any noteworthy dialogue additions soon? Like Maybe something to broaden the Lich personality field wink wink nudge nudge) I'd also be remiss to not ask on a sound stream if we'll ever get more operator voice options, the current options aren't terrible or anything but we could do with some better range given how center stage they are to most dialogue focused events aka cinematics.
  5. Fine, instead of self damage you get rag dolled for several seconds with the potential for whatever elements you have on the weapon to proc so there's still some reasonable trade off for the aoes.
  6. Apart from the helmet it's an entirely fine deluxe with a very enjoyable secondary special effect to it. But again there will always be a miss at some time or another for artistically driven things if you stick around long enough and see enough pieces, just gotta move along to the next.
  7. Bad skins happen, look at Ember, just gotta deal with it. She has a half decent first deluxe, and odds are someday she'll get a third, not to mention she has quality tennogen options (which frankly her coming deluxe could qualify for) to work with. If you don't like the look it's far too far in development to expect a change in course now, and why it took that creative direction change we'll probably never know but it's not an especially common occurrence so (at least to such a noteworthy extent) so I wouldn't consider it worth fretting over either as such a non-trend. I'm not feeling particularly fond of the skin either, and if they don't do anything interesting with it's bundle items I can't say I'll have much interest in buying it - third deluxe ever to prompt such sentiments, but such is life. Everyone has a miss or two once in a while.
  8. DE didn't plan for this either I imagine, they're behind massively for Nightwave to the point they've had to recycle and extend several times over an intermission and its rewards and that's probably not something they were going for. The lack of forewarning isn't the best but DE probably in kind didn't think they'd get so woefully behind on Nightwave they'd need more extensions past what they had done. This happening though is not due to a lack of effort, but rather DE just over extending themselves, a bulk of this miss is probably in thanks to DE devoting all their energy late last year into getting Railjack and Liches to us before the year ended lending to our next season not even being put into development until the start of this year. That said they are working on the next series now at least but it clearly needs more development time to finish than the perhaps month or less it's been in production.
  9. As have I stated multiple times progression can exist in either options and as such isn't a real counter point. I'm also not sure where you are getting the micro situation from, I stated quite clearly this conversation is across the whole of the games balance, not singular nodes or level ranges. Blanket higher numbers, blanket lower, if the general combat balance between players in those ranges remain the same what is truly the difference other than arbitrary labeling?
  10. It's the situation you were using and it's meant to be applied to the overall balance curve of the game, blanket higher numbers, blanket lower, what is the difference other than the terminology when the end experience is still the same? Progression is applicable for either so that isn't a conflict. Nor is difficulty and engagement. What else is there?
  11. Poor game balance is robbing me of my power fantasy so agree to disagree.
  12. And that difference is purely perception, is that really something you can't navigate around yourself as opposed to the active experience? And to a point you would ask for mountains more work and risks to maintain that specific narrative lens? Semantics over all? Stronger weapons to stronger enemies or weaker weapons to weaker enemies, if the encounter is the same but the terms are different that is just wordplay it isn't a real difference. That's what I addressed and it's what I hope you to counter, what makes one more viable than the other if not practical application? Progression can apply to either of them, that's not a complication. Difficulty can as well. So what is the extra value if there is one, that I am missing?
  13. That is equally true, but that does not negate the necessity of keeping things that over preform in line as well. Balance is a tight rope walk and you must be careful not to lean too far one way or the other, nor can you only abide by one direction alone.
  14. That's just nerfing in the indirect, what truly is the difference between just lowering the damage values of select weapons and just making enemies more durable so that said preserved damage doesn't matter? The answer is really only the method, the end result is the same, the end experience will be the same, it's just an alternate path to the same end product where the difference is only developmental efforts. With that in mind I then have to pose the question of, if the end result is going to always be the same, shouldn't the path taken to that result be the most efficient one available to reach that result? Buffing all things is a very heavy handed and extensive way to address any kind of balance missteps a game might deploy, with the constant risk of high complications for the diverse array of mission types and enemy units the game has that could be impacted by such sweeping changes. Nerfing however select individual tools when they slip out of line, that's clean, simple to do, with no sweeping potential ramifications for the rest of the games balance except for that sole tool, and even readjusting that tool later to be brought back up is kept simpler, it also keeps from diving players with an ever broadening power divide that will of course should a game live long enough present its own issue as well to address. If those are the paths but the end at the same point, what motivates the first over the later?
  15. Great changes all around honestly, looking forward to mock ups of the next UI iteration. (especially those mastery icons, may they find a way to look more at home with the rest of the ui than their initial versions did)
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