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  1. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    I'm just going to assume you are having an off day/week, glad to have had this rather one sided conversation.
  2. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    You are really reading far too much into the op's post, it's is literally just some simple info and a hope that people will use said information considerately. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill.
  3. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    Are you okay? You are taking a rather simple and friendly notice like it's a personal attack.
  4. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    Not entirely wrong, I mean one should be decent just because...but DE should also as a intelligent business know to consider the lowest common denominator and that there are certainly consumers out there to who get charged just at the suggestion of even the simplest levels of empathetic behavior and live just to be a burden because who knows. Low self esteem maybe. It'd be neat if hosting got improved though all the same.
  5. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    If people are getting mad over a matter of semantics then truth be told they're the sort who would be mad either way. the content of the op's post is entirely respectful and makes no attempt at the judgement of others, the people taking issue with it actively want to have an issue.
  6. Isn't much of a light to shine, Steve teased a piece of a script made for a side-quest apparently based around Ordis mid 2018 and since then we've just been idly waiting for it to come or not. Here's the tweet -
  7. Bit extensive for an anniversary, but more little quest/storyline stuff would be nice. Preferably though I'd want the mini ordis quest DE teased us about last year, that'd be a fantastic gift. ❤️
  8. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    No need to get so defensive, the op is just letting people be aware of an option if they so care to practice such niceties. How you proceed knowing such information is up to you, the op has no power over your behavior nor is advocating for such.
  9. Cubewano

    Host Responsibilities

    Honestly it'd be nice if everyone made a habit of this, host or not it's always a nice thing to let your team know before hand if you are planning to exit the mission, gives them time to figure out how they want to proceed following said change, or if they want to proceed at all. And with the coming changes to some endless mission extractions, this will become all the more pertinent.
  10. As others have noted, probably better to just create a designated help channel.
  11. you don't, early game is the best part. stop trying to rush your friend to endgame like it's a race and just appreciate the ride. as some have noted, all you'll have at the end of the road is the experiences you had climbing up to it, endgame in and of itself offers very little.
  12. Cubewano

    when is this gonna end?

    Problem with that is players don't have control over what level/depth of mission they are jumping into. Someone could be looking for a level 30-40 node challenge, and wind up popping into that 2 hour run that's been constantly trading players with 200+ enemies and just be overwhelmed leading to a negative experience. That said I frankly don't think the issue is a deal breaker so long as some minimizations are made at the least so people are vaguely aware of the tiers of difficulty they are jumping into, and in that regard the solution would be to tie it to a difficulty system like DE seems to be mulling over at the moment to introduce more difficult content. Instead of all missions just being a single tier, they can make several or more tiers of difficulty, adjust rewards/rotations to reflect said increased difficulty (percentiles/rotation tiers and not new rewards entirely as that may be too far) and then create level ranges for each one, potentially with upward limits on the lower tiers, so less experienced players can at least have a grip on what they are attempting to do.
  13. Cubewano

    when is this gonna end?

    just extend the extraction screen by like 5 seconds when someone makes a flip, then limit flipping to like twice per screen so people can't spam flip flop to lock the screen indefinitely.
  14. Cubewano

    Weekly cycle

    Sorry for anyone who felt the need to be contrary just for the sake of it, any large forum has people who just want to butt heads because the option is there, the absence of other responses is likely just because nobody really knows. There is no outlined approach by DE to how they handle devstream releases when they go off pattern, there is no announced pre-planned readjustment and it just generally sits where it is at until another delay realigns it. At least that is all I've been aware of as an outside perspective. That said, when we do fall off pattern (baro and devstream lining up) it does notably find itself correcting rather quickly with another delay, whether that comes across as intentional by DE or not is up to you, but odds are this current situation probably won't be long lasting.
  15. Cubewano

    make the old the new

    then yes, we do appear to be saying the same thing. but it's moreso cc was preferred when enemy threat was still a thing, pre-trials cc was still viewed as the pinnacle of power because we didn't have a fraction of the survivability we have today nor the level of immediate and high range death, and any high level content one would participate in could actually result in you failing/dying if there wasn't some form of cc to minimize their threat. (loki was well loved in those days) arbitrations were really made in direction opposition to dps via the drones, they are a clear attempt at hindering dps frames from instantly clearing maps with whatever cheese gimmick they have, leaving tank frames to be a priority for the mode, but albeit the attempt dps still rains supreme because most dps frames are also tanks these days. outside that, everything is about just fast damage dispersion now, with little counter play, which leaves nuke frames in a very pleasant place.