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  1. DE do generally follow a pattern but seeing as Xaku appears to be neutral/non-binary they had to make an exception and void some slot in the rotation to make room, if its any consolation Xaku does have a rather feminine physique, and by rather I mean excessively so, so if its the visual aesthetic you want you should be fine. Otherwise not sure what else is so valuable to you about the whole label but you're out of luck and will have to wait until fall for the next female prime, or next year for a new female frame. The frames following Xaku I believe have been affirmed male so that's that for this year.
  2. It could be as simple as them being a result of a strain of infestation they aren't accustomed/immune to, or otherwise perhaps we even lowered their immunities towards strain x to make them more infested for the sake of newer and different combat utilities during their development.
  3. Where was this reasoning provided and what does it have to do with farming an in-game resource heavily divorced from most plat related benefits excluding a single booster with a very defined and set benefit? Having money influences this resource very little, you can buy one relatively cheap booster that is easily acquirable to anyone to increase its acquisition but the majority of the work is gameplay based, how efficiently you are killing enemies, how long you can remain within a mission, and node choice, whaling is distinctly not an option here to even begin to try and counter.
  4. I mean to our awareness this ban isn't intentional so nobody is particularly accepting of it, de included, it's just the situation we're in until de can figure out how to resolve the issue. they did a fix a week or two ago that they believed remedied the issue, seems it didn't take to the fullest effect, now you can only either wait out the next fix, wait out the ban, or contact support, and that has nothing to do with supporting the instance, its just recognizing the limited range of power available for treating the issue as it is.
  5. I don't care what you think it was meant to be, I have spoken to what it is. It is a low turn around low investment low demand optional side grade mode that provides a form of gameplay some might find desirable at again a fully optional style. It's existence comes at no cost to you and some value to others, what is the purposeless need to get vexed about such a highly inconsequential development? For the sake of having an issue?
  6. How about leave things that don't impede you alone if it can potentially satisfy others? You are complaining about a low effort optional side grade new game plus mode that had basically no turn around time, costs the devs seemingly very little man power, and has avoided having any high stakes value items/gameplay ramifications so as to not pressure anyone who doesn't want the content to feel compelled to stay with it after a cursory experience. It is the epitome of an optional piece of content, if you don't like it don't stay, it's fully inoffensive and hurts you none to opt out of this low cost low impact no demand side grade difficulty slider. This seem like just chasing after a means to be upset with no attention to the context.
  7. Guess good thing the mode is totally optional and doesn't force you to do it then with exclusive high value rewards or anything. I'll keep playing it because it makes solo play enjoyable, but if that's not your thing then just wait for something else. The point of this mode wasn't to be a high population meta thing, it's rewards are conservative and it's development time was minimal, it's meant to be just an optional modifier for those who want it, and if those are few no big deal the mode didn't cost much to develop and its just there to fill a niche to begin with. Other content exists for people who want meta farms or explicit power progressors, and there will probably be more content like that in the future to further feed the want, not every content can be everything and that's fine, and if steel path isn't your slice of pie that's fine, just leave it at not being your flavor then and keep living your life. Trying to warp it into some high compulsion farm would just result in the same cycle we've had time and time again of people not looking for gameplay asking for it to be made easier or making a ruckus, DE tuning it down, then the people wanting the engagement feeling left out next and then we devolve into a nonsense cycle of impossible fulfillment we've been at for years. This mode is a small parcel for those who want the engagement, let them have it, your life and gaming experience will not be ruined by an alternative mode for others existing.
  8. It is rare, it's happened twice to my awareness and solely in the winter season, once with Mirage, once again with Nova, picking a more popular candidate in the roster over the immediate option seemingly because winter is a big sales period for them. Wukong didn't skip Atlas because he came out before him, releasing for the first time on September 29th 2015 in China, and Atlas release October 1st 2015 not long after, but notably not before. For this instance the only thing I guess can explain this flip is a similar bloat in spending expected as a result of everyone being locked indoors and primarily engaging with things like videogames. Guess DE gotta chance that pandemic market. Edit: That or as someone else said, maybe they truly have no idea how to one up his deluxe and are just buying time to figure something out
  9. Don't see why not, just gives us a more free range of face customization which given how difficult players seem to find making a satisfying looking operator more range may be of help while being able to stick with the body type the want.
  10. to be fair she was like his first rework so he was coming from a pretty narrow field of experience back then. also i'm not sure about her rework getting praised for being good more so than being ridiculous since she came out stronger initially than she was even now and everyone had a riot about that.
  11. It is an option though, and the most realistic one they are able to fall back on seeing and difficulty is realistically not on the table, not relatively soon, and not something I'm frankly even confident DE will ever be willing to actually bear the brunt of to achieve. If they want to give the mode some kind of purpose/value on launch their option is basically some kind of reward system at this point, higher level engagement isn't on the table and its a far more complex and heavy matter to solve than some few weeks turn around. Levels as many well know no longer serve the balancing purpose they were made for, they don't really enhance difficulty, they've become arbitrary, enemies from 1-1000+ die effectively the same to our over bloated arsenal and that's not changing on its own, so that as a modifier is meaningless in isolation as well, and that notion being more or less being the entire core concept of difficulty for the mode makes it similarly ineffective. The whole notion of this node was frankly bad from the start just because the fragmenting it'd cause in community matchmaking, something that is important to avoid where you can in a primarily multi-player game, it being an impractical way to try and side step balance issues on top of it just worsens the concept, if DE wants to fix the balance issues of they game they need to directly address the balance issues, something that would make a difficulty slider non-essential in the first place, every slapped on bandaid solution they've tried hasn't stuck and this one likely won't either (not for the cause it's supposedly aiming for) for a reason, the balance issues in this game that make challenge late game such a sought after and seemingly impossible task is tied to fundamental design issues you can't just handwave away with a handful of secondary modifiers. It's a nice notion, this mode allowing difficulty, but its an unrealistic one at this point and they aren't going to redesign/rebalance the kind of aspects of this game that would need such in relatively soon manner to make the concept work. Makes me wonder what happened to all that talk Scott had about working on the foundation before piling more on it, and the firm acknowledgement that they'd need to start trimming some over performers to better even out game balance, both seem relatively absent from the application of this mode and their pursuit of difficulty.
  12. They shouldn't have bothered but they have and now it's too late to back out so all that's left is to salvage what work they can as they aren't getting the time back. DE caved (as they do) to some half formed notion of a solution to balance that clearly would never work, over committed to it happening, and now are expected to put it out one way or the other, even if the notion just isn't one that can work under the current state of inherent design balance issues that plague this game in its pursuit for more universal engagement, and so they will. It's clear from even their initial statement on how they would make difficulty (more levels, something one of their own devs not long after outright said would have no effect) that not a lot of thought had been put into the suggestion before they just went along with it, and by the sounds of what is in the test cluster they haven't evolved much past such hollow measures. Whether this is a result of DE just having no grasp on this games balance as seems a constant, or DE just being unwilling to make the difficult choice (also a constant) to address to core balance problems they have baked into the game over the years, we and DE both know difficulty isn't something so easily remedied in this game with something like a quick and easy level slider.
  13. But we all know it won't be so might as well salvage what we can, throwing a few levels onto enemies isn't going to change how players engage with the content, levels are basically irrelevant in this game at this point, the only motivating/unique factor of the mode will be its rewards it seems.
  14. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  15. They look like children and present as children, calm down before the fbi are at your door.
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