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  1. ftfy (everything in this game is a be the carry of be carried design nowadays)
  2. I think you're the only one not doing any actual reading/understanding, but if you want to speak otherwise please do feel free explain what I've missed or failed to understand to get such a judgmental response, which is the proper way to move forward such a conversation, not this dramatic how dare thy have a different opinion drivel.
  3. Power creep makes a strong habit of invalidating old things, so as DE continues to keep upping the capabilities of new things it makes all the old stuff more and more in need of renovation. The recurrence of rework requests is just the result of a lot of old things needing tidying up to new standards, and since those standards are always shifting there is pretty much always something in need. Tis the hole DE has decided to dig themselves, or at least one of them.
  4. This would be such a thoughtless afk'able solution to the balance problems in this game, we don't need more alternate methods of nukes, we need to disperse the overwhelming power factor the current ones have and bring them down to a manageable level that allows for a range of playstyle options, especially within a group setting since this game still seems to believe itself co-op oriented.
  5. They don't care now, as shown by the upcoming weapon exilus mod slot. DE say they recognize the balance issues in the game all the time, they never actually act on it, quite often they act to the contrary even. Maybe Destiny will force them to act on balance eventually, but that's yet to be seen, and the dozenth acknowledgement of this games obvious balance issues doesn't really change that.
  6. AOEs are currently breaking the game so it needs reworking anywho, the purpose of a horde combat system is that the horde is the challenge, instead of a small assortment of individually imposing figures with tactical designs to generate compelling combat you face a large number of enemies and facing the overwhelming numbers is meant to be the engagement modifier, having aoes so overwhelming that enemy numbers are redundant invalidates any reason in having hordes other than for artistic effect. AOE is king sure, but it's also detrimental to the games design.
  7. Nerfing all aoes in the game and finally starting down a path to undo all the damage their free reign power creep has caused
  8. Upping the responsiveness of enemies in a game where we can effectively perma toggle ai and fire high damage self scaling dps from outside los while equipped with a built in high efficiency low cooldown iframe + high mobility panic button for easy getaway/self correction is not going to be enough to provide a proper difficult, simply because those enemies aren't afforded room to respond, and where they are we have been afforded so many counter measures to invalidate such endeavors that said responses are incapable of holding an impact. Players exist in a current state of no weaknesses more or less, with incredible damage, range, speed, durability, and reaction times, to levels just not counterable by standard upgrades to our current enemy designs, hence my note we'd need to just fully redesign the approach to combat if we want to match the current levels of player power while creating some semblance of difficulty/engagement. We've in effect outscaled this games entire approach to combat. Bosses are the only semblance of difficulty/engagement left in the game and that's because the approach to them has been heavily redesigned over the years in pace with our increasingly bloated power pool through a number of power walls and ability immunities to prevent our essentially limitless power potential from just insta gibbing them.
  9. It's another pointless bandaid solution in the face of unending power creep that'll solve nothing and dig us all the deeper. they need to reign in their games balance already instead of just doing throwaway safety picks that only serve to make things look better than they are on a data sheet. it's also astounding in the face of an enormous power creep issue they've acknowledged to exist they're still throwing more power expansions at us, which is inevitably what this slot will amount to.
  10. Did they use your account to make the responses you've been giving me? Because those very much seem like your words being presented.
  11. The ai in this game isn't actually as dumb as we think it is, I remember a thread some time ago that got a lot of traction suggestion ai improvements to enemies to make them more engaging and ironically over half the suggestions were actually already in the game but just not noticeable because of how quickly we dispatch of our enemies. Without giving enemy npcs time to respond no amount of intelligent ai is going to create a more engaging combat experience, not that it is highly necessary in a horde shooter since the hordes themselves are supposed to be the difficulty modifier/engagement, but we've made all of that so incredibly redundant with how quick and to such high ranges we are able to dispatch all enemies that they can't provide much of anything. Lowering our ttk would absolutely improve the difficulty/engagement of the game because quite simply our current rate doesn't allow for enemies to even have a chance to respond presently with any tools to create a form of difficulty/engagement.
  12. So you conflate enemies being tougher full stop with hardcore difficulty?
  13. Where did people say they wanted Warframe to become a hardcore difficulty game?
  14. That isn't for you to dictate though, and everyone has a right to air their wants for the games direction. I also cannot agree in the least than making Warframe balanced would somehow rob it of its identity, Warframe has a wealth of attributes that make it the entity it is, least of all being the ability to immediately invalidate all play, ranging from its unique art style to its narrative to its marvelous dev team to its mobility style and so much more, Warframe was lauded for the entity it was long before it became as broken as it is today, and it would stay as such with or without it. Anything outside that is just harsh exaggeration if not just flat out misrepresentation of the views of most people I've interacted with on the matter of this games balance, nobody wants this game to change what it is, they still want the fast paced horde shooting combat, they still want this rich roster of class options and a mountain guns to play with, slinging about the map like some over active speedster on their tenth cup of coffee for the day, they just want it to be balanced so those aspects can be better felt and none of that makes Warframe less Warframe. I've been around this game for a long time and I've experienced it in a range of balance states, from slower to faster paces of combat, and at no point did this game ever wind up feeling any less than itself, or any more like some other game because of it, and it's a hideous disservice to all the creative work that goes into this game to say something as sparse as a handful of numerical scales controls the whole of what makes this game what it is. Warframe is so much more than just if you can one shot a room or not.
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