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  1. Altale

    Gif Thread

  2. Altale

    Gif Thread

  3. Altale

    Gif Thread

  4. Altale

    Hotfix 12.0.4

    can we get customizable hud? pretty please :3
  5. Altale

    Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.

    do i need to finish the mission to save the scans?
  6. Altale

    Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.

    time to grind
  7. Altale

    Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed

    1st page yay darn ninjas
  8. Altale

    The Color (Set) Sharing Program!

    I've used the same general colour scheme for a while now. Mainly white with gold as the 2nd most prominent colour and black, red, and blue accents (Ash is the only exception since he looks fugly white) edit: normally I use scorpion ash helmet, and i'd use vanguard rhino helm if i had it
  9. Altale

    Hotfix 10.0.4

    fantastic at least the dakka actually got a proper name change
  10. Altale

    Update 10.0 Highlights Video!

    wat dat ui
  11. Altale

    Update 9.7

    it's de nothing is exclusive
  12. Altale

    Update 9.7

    is it just me or an i not login?
  13. Altale

    Lotus Intel: Operation Sling-Stone!

    not first