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  1. ESO made me realize how poorly implemented the concept of ephemera is. They expect people to grind for(get lucky lol) a silly cosmetic with piss poor drop chance. The rewards are just lacking in this game these days and do not justify the time spend. I used to love this game but these days I don't find many reasons to play it.
  2. Problem with this game is everyone wants everything. This game has a goal to be your main game but fails to provide reasonable content to each player type. There is no balance and time/reward ratio is total bullS#&$. Current system is skewed towards new players since they make a majority and this is the reason old players often take long breaks or sometimes outright quit the game. If you feel annoyed or burned out just take a break.Try other games. Remember this game is a filler and should only be treated as such for foreseeable future.
  3. He used to have them on every alternate rotation or so but every since stalker got the ephemera drop,baro suddenly decided to drop them from his tables. Is it a coincidence? Hell NO!! It's another case where DE wants you to grind for a meaningless cosmetic the hard way and well waste your time. Remember grind,luck and RNG are still preferred by DE and well they do their best to eliminate the easy ways to get things.Go figure.
  4. Some common issues: Lack of decent endgame. Vets have literally nothing to do. Arbitration changes do not reflect what people actually wanted. Ephemeras needs to be looked at(should be skill based). Nightwave prestige rewards are a joke. Events should be regular and engaging for all players. Warframe still has a lot of potential but current changes are kinda lackluster.
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