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  1. "The future of the Mod Booster will be decided as Atlas Prime Access comes to and end" Why?Why do you need to wait that long? Most people dont want them ingame and there is no reason to add them(ohh they were there to begin with but really so were many things which you discarded since 2013). DE have you ever checked your drop rate tables for rare mods?If you did you would know how much of bad idea this booster is. Also while you at it see how many people buy those so called resource drop chance boosters.Sigh what a stupid move.
  2. I want Vay Hek to throw her INTO THE SUN!!!! Come on you all want it as well....
  3. Same as you always do: -Get the new shiny warframe and weapons in 2 days and level to max. -Quit playing the game until something new comes. Rinse and repeat.
  4. It's a Casual Indie Game at best(also beta)...so don't really care.
  5. Atleast people will play the game more and have fun doing that.Totally rolling stats on RNG is just wrong in every way. Also riven is a huge plat sink for players(esp new ones) cause everyone does not have time to invest ingame. So many people just buy high end rivens for the weapons they love. What I meant by plat sink is that people buy large amounts of plats for just a single riven.Maybe I quoted that wrong but you get the point.
  6. I don't like rivens at all. The concept behind them is nice but that should be something we should earn over time like say you crossed 5000 kills with tigris so now it does 10% more damage. RNG rolling of stats is just bad...but hey plat sink aka more money!!! Nothing can be done now I think....they are here to stay anyways so this discussion is pointless.
  7. Hope you give 3 riven slots(login reward) to people who could not get them before due to 90 riven cap.
  8. I know you guys are working hard on new content but please try to manage drop of content evenly. We go months and sometimes even more without anything engaging. Dog days was fun but grind for things from nakak was bad. Old players are forced to take long breaks which I am sure is not intended. Looking forward to new maps,new enemy,new lore and better time/reward ratio in future. Also please fix the drop rate of burning step ephemera from ESO......uff the grind.
  9. I have no questions! There will be more hype for things we won't get in 2019 anyways! Long content droughts needs to end! Give proper events and missions! Make more engaging game play! Buff rewards and fix time/reward ratio! Game these days feels like a slog and I hate to see it this way.
  10. Some common issues: Lack of decent endgame. Vets have literally nothing to do. Arbitration changes do not reflect what people actually wanted. Ephemeras needs to be looked at(should be skill based). Nightwave prestige rewards are a joke. Events should be regular and engaging for all players. Warframe still has a lot of potential but current changes are kinda lackluster.
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