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  1. Maiming strike is dead and blood rush/weeping wounds is everywhere, why even bother doing this 🤣
  2. Imagine a update that is mostly about liches, introducing a bug that makes impossible to do liches LUL
  3. That some courage calling this change "weapon rng reduction", let me tall ya xD Im no math scholar, but im sure this "change" would only ever be meaningful if we had 2 weapons, i mean, i guess this changes things, it changes the order you get the duplicates lol. Anyways, i see where this system is going, no real intention of ever easing up on the grind, plenty of intention in making this just another riven market.
  4. Are you kidding? Thats the only thing that made the 3rd bar progress THAT YOU NERFED, bearable to complete, i can barely notice when i get progress there when i kill a thrall.. Un-nerf the 3rd bar then... this is a joke. Thank god Death Stranding is releasing this friday, a literal walking simulator gives me more hope for fun than this system right now... DE, you need to understand something, what keeps people playing is not a syndicate standing daily cap, or slowing down progress, what keeps people playing is simple: FUN, if we enjoy something, we want to do more of that something, if we dont enjoy something, we avoid it, is really that simple. I hated the lich system, not because it was a bad system by nature, i hated it because of the disrespect this system has for my time, i hated that i had to waste a bunch of hours just to get a duplicate weapon, i was done with it, tired, then you made the previous changes, i decided to give another go, i was actually having fun, i even started to feel i was gonna be ok with the duplicate issue, and i was, hell, i got 2 duplicates today (https://i.imgur.com/ap8xf5w.png), all of them completely useless for the future change of "merging" weapons, and guess what? I didnt care, shrug it off, next lich i go, because i was progressing at decent pace, mindlessly fighting every lich that came across instead of ignoring them like 2 days ago, and just having fun, had to stop cuz work early tomorrow, but was actually looking forward to keep doing the lich slaughter after that, wanna guess what i feel like doing now? Not playing warframe... You are trying so desperately to buy time for the next update, that you are simply making what could be a very fun activity, into a chore, a drag, you even killed clan interaction for the system for the sake of not allowing us to donate liches and consequently speeding up the process, and you just shooting yourself in the foot, with a frigging tonkor, and you know that, im sure someone over there is looking at steamcharts.
  5. This still dont solve the issue of duplicates, what happens when i have a 60% electricity weapon, and i get 25 weapons with 20% electricity, what do i do with them? The problem is getting the duplicate, period, there must be a way to get rid of the lich with it before investing the time to defeat it. This change solves nothing.
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