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  1. Oh wow, did you guys just nerf mech healing, after already nerfing it on arcana, and then, on the same patch, released a bandaid mod for it? Im impressed.
  2. Drop the bamboozle act with steel essence cool? You know very well people are doing legitimate farm for SE now in Odin since you "nerfed" Ophelia, no "afk macro" situation going on there, is technically impossible by the nature of the mission itself, active play on interception is a requirement, pretty disappointed to see you try to shift the blame to the players, you have all the power to ban afk´ers, its in your ToS, if someone is to blame is you for not banning people that are breaking the rules, and in the meantime screwing over everybody that didn't break any rules. But this is besides th
  3. Nerfing nekromechs before making its melee anything close to "playable" or adding any sort of vacuum is an insult.
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