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  1. Perma death was the only thing remotely close to "difficulty" in arbitrations, the thing that kept you on your toes, and now is gone, i am allowed to be against it, and as a "protest" i wont be reviving anyone, not to mention it is poorly implemented, now if other people screw up in the mission, I am the one getting punished for it, you cant avoid the pickups, they are not like the index since you can vacuum them from miles, you cant drop the pickups, and by the looks of it, if the dead person leaves, you are stuck with the pickups, remaining nerfed for the rest of the mission. Poor update, arbitrations are now worse, the rewards are bad with absurd prices, they should just implement the scaling change, thats the only good thing about it, because it makes the missions actually harder.
  2. Nope, i wont revive a single person.
  3. Everything must be made easy in this game -.-" I wont be reviving anyone, so you better also implement a way to drop those tokens for those who pick them up by accident.
  4. Excuse me but due some datamining we know that his spawn rate was already 4%...
  5. DE... why ruin the best fishing spot? Not best cuz it gave more fish or anything, best because it just looked cool and was nice to chill there. Now its a big empty area, and there is a huge invisible wall there for no reason.
  6. Thats pretty much it, Film Grain is always active now, even though i have it disabled in the options.
  7. The game is all pixelated for me, is like film grain is on, even though it is not.
  8. Yup, just happened to me, is not only adaptation turning into ephemeras, i also noticed rolling guards turn into adaptations, idk what else but arbitration rewards are all messed up right now.
  9. Unlike the Arca plasmor (which the whole projectile acts as a damage source and have obstacle Punch Through, with the exception of the very center of the projectile, i will leave an video example of this at the end) the Catchmoon projectile can get caught up in the slightest of terrain obstacles: Not only obstacles, but if you are too close of an enemy and shoot at him, the projectile will bounce away! From an enemy! =\ Can the Catchmoon get a fix to behave more or less like the Arca Plasmor please? I love the Catchmoon, but is so annoying that i have to waste 1 shot everytime i try to hit something because the projectile got caught up on some whatever thing that i cant even see. Like i said before here is an example of what happens with the Arca Plasmor, only the very center of the projectile gets cought up on things, the projectile is super wide but still manages to go thru and kill an enemy:
  10. Seems like you guys either heard the feedback wrong, or didnt listen to it at all. 1st - We have no issue with getting standing for k-drives, affinity is the problem, it takes about an hour and half of non-stop tricks to level a k-drive up to 30. 2nd - Is still faster doing the old method of going around the circle than doing races, in fact, is faster to go around a circle 5 times than doing a race, thats 5 times the affinity / standing, applying this change to races only will change nothing.
  11. So, i pretty much had every kdrive mastered (didnt buy any of them, crafted them all): And yet none of them are showing on my profile as mastered with the exception of the one i had equiped , now i dont know if i got the mastery for it or not. Also, the game wont allow me to apply forma to any of them
  12. Well, i was hoping for better wolf spawns, i will just give up for now until he gets "fixed".
  13. Are you sure you actually kill him? I heard from people that if you take too long he just goes away and drops nothing. (If true, great idea btw, ultra rare spawn, super tanky, and leaves when not killed fast enough)
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