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  1. Indeed i have to thank DE for the 1 minute and 30 seconds of enjoyment this "event" brought me https://streamable.com/clpcdp
  2. Almost a month of Deimos and the status of helminth resources changes are still: "Looking into it" despite of a month long of detailed feedback on what is wrong with it, and what could be changed.. Fast on the trigger to nerf MfD, but cant swap some numbers around for bile/railjack resources. Keep looking into it 👍
  3. By the trophy being "owned" this includes those who already crafted the trophy right?
  4. Im sure you guys are rolling out a script so the captura scene gets a 120k standing discount for those that were forced to pick the fish trophy right? RIGHT??
  5. I have a few bugged myself: doesn't seem that frame matter, but the locations i have been seeing so far that bug out are totally the same. Making them into normal decorations should be the way tbh.
  6. Flowers are still hella bugged, got another one, in that exact corner, eaten by the wall. also gota flower just floating about near the floor Can we just get the flowers as decorations that we have total control over?
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