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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission. Nvm, why even bother, you guys wont change a thing from it based on feedback anyway, its just higher level missions and possibly better rewards, i can just give ya the feedback now and i dont even need to play it to know everybody will probably be saying the same things: 1 - The update is just a level increase, there isn't additional objectives like we got in the plains or fortuna, stuff like "Do this defense mission without the objective taking any damage" or whatever, something to keep people engaged, level increase means nothing, we can already deal with lvl 9999 stuff if we wanted to, no sweat. 2 - Why the hell do we have to pick the harder difficulty on a mission per mission basis? Why isn't this system like Mayhem mode in BL3 that you flip a switch and boom all missions are now scaled up? (here praying someone already figured that one out and changed that from the devstream it was showed, cuz you know, people will complain about this on... alot, and you WILL change it eventually, so just do yourselves a favor and do it before release). 3 - Rewards too low REEE (but this one im pretty sure will be ignored, cuz we all know very well you guys are very methodical on how you distribute loot, so im sure rewards is a topic you guys are 100% set on already and i doubt any feedback will change that).
  2. Aww, so u guys making quasars glyph global? Dope! 😜
  3. Let me try again, i see you wearing her glyph in game, i ask you: "where did you get this little fox glyph?" You tell me "this partner queen sena", i go look for her, and ask for it. I know, you probably could just ignore, or explain the situation, but not everyone will, and thats what she is trying to avoid. Also, its her design, she has to allow DE to use it to become universal or whatever, and i think she just dont care enough about it or the game to do it.
  4. Because her glyph is now a ghost, does not exist anymore, being there would just make less informed people still ask for it.
  5. My dude, dont even bother, hunters will hunt, the only way to avoid "toxicity" in regards to glyphs is either making it global, make it ultra easy to get, or not having it. This game is about collecting things, glyphs are a big collection and an interesting one to pick up, so you will find alot of people interested in this collection, and collectors are "compulsive" group, so yeah, for 1 polite guy you will find 5 that are not.
  6. She got tired of glyph hunters and asked for it to be removed.
  7. Me and many others would very much like to know what will be the standards in conduct for everyone involved in this.
  8. Please let us get more of the new lore decorations, if we want to donate them to our dojo we lose them forever =\ (and tbh, why would we want credits anyway)
  9. Right now its impossible to collect more of the parvos decorations, and that means that if someone donates them to their dojo, you lose that decoration forever, they are cool and we could do so much more with them if we were able to collect as many as we want, i dont see a reason why that isn't possible.
  10. Please lets us keep collecting the Tenant Lore decorations after getting them all, right now if we want to donate those decorations to the dojo we lose them forever, not to mention they are in an odd number and that rly can grind some ocd gears Also, would be nice to have an extra one at least so we can use to expose the art on the back side, thats a worthy decoration on itself:
  11. Can you plz let us get more of these decorations? Not only they are in an odd number (OCD INTENSIFIES), but if you want to donate them to the dojo, or have an extra one to use for the art on the back, you cant.
  12. Wow, only took 2, maybe 3 years?
  13. Saryn augment is another augment to go straight to the trash bin along with the titania one.
  14. You forgot to mention the 3rd, and actual wise choice: Skip it
  15. It keeps getting furryer and furryer xD
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