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  1. All the arcane helmet does is give volt 10% power str, thats it, and i compensated for that with a lvl 3 power drift (also gives 10% power str), arcane helmet does nothing else, it doesn't give him speed or anything besides the 10% power str. My build and his are exactly the same, 309% power str, 1.45 sprint speed thats all the matters, and yet, im much slower. The improved build is my up to date most speed you can get build, it has 30% more power str and speed drift that he lacks, i tested it just for the "screw it lets see how it does" it should be faster than his, and yet it was toe to toe, if i need more power str and sprint speed to catch up, thats a clear indication that he got nerfed. If it was "bugged before" than this is the longest bug in warframe history, that coincidentally got "fixed" when gauss was released, and if it indeed was a bug and got fixed, it would have been mentioned in patch nodes, nothing was said about it, clear that is either a bug now, or a stealth nerf.
  2. Yes, i even used a lvl 3 power drift to compensate for my lack of arcane helmet (it gives 10% power str) yeah, it doesn't feel like it, thats how much slower he is. and the animation changes make him feel even slower, it would be ok if was only the "feeling" of him being slower, but like my video shows, he is actually slower. As a matter of fact, i went there later with an improved build (https://i.gyazo.com/34fbff2688c5bb3cd63761d8d8fb73e6.jpg), and only with that much more power str i could catch up to brozime´s volt. Here is brozime´s video in question btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pihHgvTvic
  3. Volt now is considerably slower, and he takes longer to reach max speed, people keep saying is because the animation change and he "feels" slower, but his speed should be the same. That dont seem to be the case: I had to dig up some footage of him pre-nerf since i dont have any, i manage to find a brozime video where he has a good straight line run, i duplicated his build and tested it for myself, i enter the room at max speed like he does in his video, the timer starts when volt goes past the light bulb thing on the left (0:02) and stops when he touches the door.
  4. Lol, just remove them from the game then, the only thing it is doing is diluting the drop tables, nobody is interested in farming for a medallion that only gives 1k standing when there is already plenty of other ways of getting standing and other way better medallions out there, the only appeal those had was for conclave, and no, nobody will start playing conclave because you decided not to apply those medallions to conclave. I was actually interested in playing disruption since you promised those medallions would apply to conclave, now i literally have 0 reason to play the new game mode, kuva rewards are abysmal, nobody need some fancy lua lenses to farm focus, gauss and weapons are farmed, and now the medallion is useless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Im gona keep it simple, i got gauss+weapons in half an hour, but on the other hand, universal syndicate medalions are a myth, and even if they did decide to drop, 1k standing is nothing, kuva is way less than any other sources (but why bother talking about kuva, we all know you guys have no interest in giving good kuva drops). The game mode itself is not bad, but i have no incentive to play this, ever again.
  6. The glyph was never a global code, it was for people that were there at tennocon: They were like 1 time plat normal "cd key" style codes.
  7. Wasn't the glyph supposed to be exclusive to tennocon?
  8. Lets hope accessories also get a look, and the repetition stop there too, im yet to see the 1st operator prime suit, the liset prime and so on, since valkyr is up, and those things came with her, i hope to see them all this next unvault.
  9. They seem to work perfectly fine in the orbiter when i invite people over 🤔
  10. Let us donate floofballs to the dojo plz...
  11. Noooo, finally able to get 1 slot for each frame, at least allow that, 1 for each frame.
  12. Yeah i still rather afk the event tho, thanks anyway.
  13. It takes 7 hours (81 runs) of the last arena to get at least 1 of each reward from Nanak (not counting the mods)... Way to go DE, your ability to turn "fun" little side activities into chores impress me.
  14. Simple, just charge 20 plat for 3 friend slots.
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