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  1. then step up and get an alliance, there are some out there that dont really care that much about the rails and DS
  2. i never do this kind of duchebaggery without asking first. Also no, when i host i aim for the easier rewards to avoid this.
  3. when it comes to farming the brakk/detron, dont. it will come if you hang out in the starchart regularly. Thats how i got mine.
  4. no naming and shaming, remove player names Also, dont worry about getting reported, if you didn't do anything wrong (exploit, hack, being abusive, harrasment, etc) you have nothing to worry about ;)
  5. http://deathsnacks.com/wf/bl_history.html#5348d13606c56ff360394139_1406487422 the battle history (pay and health)
  6. this happened right now. i was reading this topic as i loaded and it spawnd me in the conflict map (rifle amp alert)
  7. i would say twin gremlins are your best choice for crowd killing ability, you got strong single target damage in the latron, now you need something for the sheep that gets too close and are too many
  8. this is normal, NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLKS
  9. t4 exterminate still wont give up its hold on the bo prime handle
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