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  1. My first thought to this was just replacing the quick melee with a dagger that was built separately to your main melee which you'd swap weapons to...if you opted for it
  2. I send them out to all the plastids planets...
  3. I one tap saxums though? Use explosives and pow, hits both shoulders
  4. Weird, my clan's dojo always spawns you in the same spot in the grand hall
  5. I've used Loki decoy as a decoy while invisible...to attract things into the room I'm invisible in
  6. The energy scarf of a syandana...you know, the one out of 3-4 that first released.
  7. I cleansed with fire...heat procs are magical things.
  8. The option turns GPU usage from a rough 75-80%, into an 85-90% usage...sadly my CPU gets cranked up and caps me to 40 fps...20 when it gets real spicy ingame... Unfortunately, I'm not home to see how insane that CPU usage jumps from classic to enhanced beta
  9. It didn't need that hard a nerf...but it was also useless outside of solo or a planned group. Saryn also doesn't press a 2 button combo then instantly gib the entire room...takes time to reach that
  10. oh... I didn't want to play tonight anyway...I guess...
  11. Hmmm...something about Razorback assassination made easier/faster
  12. My one and only memory of keys before I took a break...was constantly having to tell the squad I gotta leave earlier then preferred and either abandoning mission if survival and they wanted to keep going, or pulling them down with me as real life was callling.
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