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  1. Volt, my walking stun gun of fun back in 2013...I pretty much just pictured his 4 as a much larger 1 that also took out the lights on the corpus tileset.
  2. I remember losing loot 3 times, and 2 times I got an inbox message returning me the loot
  3. That's what I'm doing/meant. Re-reading my comment made me realize it could be read as "use it, duh"
  4. Replaced vital sense....added more damage due to riven already having crit damage.
  5. If they survive the explosion, you're not really doing it right anyway...
  6. Szczebrzeszyniarz Brzeczyszczyczmoszyski Him and omni voice..the rest all feel the same.
  7. Can't do higher then level 20s....what did I miss..besides just the 4 losing range after 5 seconds and be half its size another 5 seconds later...oh wait...nobody knows how to build Ember besides dancing on a defense objective
  8. If I remember right, your max health starts getting chipped down too...
  9. Don't even take people against NW seriously now...not since the complaints against doing 150 bullet jumps.
  10. Couple months ago. thanks to another thread I cant seem to find again... Being captured by Zanuka in the one and only frame you have, results you in getting "Suit"
  11. Set and forget...ahhh, that's funny..cause if I forget I placed it down and don't place another one, then I start getting shot from the spot I thought I cut off...usually killing me if the levels are high enough. Honestly, if anything above a 30-40 second duration are considered "set'n'forget" then nearly every frame need work.
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