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  1. Doubt I myself even have 10 of those captures, did them, got bored, never went back...hilarious people use numbers past 20 as if it's not the same afterwards.
  2. Remember stances? The things that add about 2 formas' worth of capacity? Only reason melee has the illusion of easy modding to a finished build over primary and secondary.
  3. Primed =/= rework The few cases where there has been one, was most likely planned and halted to just do both in a single update
  4. I miss my green bar that tells me I can't Mario jump up 2 close walls to get to the ceiling
  5. When you start playing another game and instinctively try bullet jumping, only to remember, "oh yea....this doesn't have that.."
  6. Cant even imagine playing this game using a controller..my mouse alone has half the keybinds of a controller, and I still use a hefty chunk of keyboard, bound to other actions.. So yea, sounds like an issue if you cant bind fishing/mining to another input.
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