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  1. It didn't need that hard a nerf...but it was also useless outside of solo or a planned group. Saryn also doesn't press a 2 button combo then instantly gib the entire room...takes time to reach that
  2. oh... I didn't want to play tonight anyway...I guess...
  3. Only issue is son tokens themselves since the 1 token costs are way too high for the amount of tags he wants compared to the 4-5 packages...everything about conservation on Deimos feels backwards
  4. I am soloing....I meant the numbers can/will reach numbers so high it looks like I'm using a sonar banshee.
  5. Phantasma, vortex Vauban, and a stropha crit build with PPP swapped for CO. Why go to them when you can toss a vortex into a group of enemies, reach max combo in 3 hits...provided they're grineer so they live...then light them up with heat, viral, and radiation...they're already magnetized from vortex and impacted from stropha. Then watch a sonar banshee build damage numbers fly
  6. Or just....accept certain frames will not give a good reason to give helminth, and you can also give up the original frame once you acquire the prime variant.
  7. They already confirmed no ults, or "signature" abilities. Celestial twin is heavily the main reason for wukong now
  8. K, bye I just wanted to see the frame get tossed into the mouth
  9. I think I used a glaive and just sniped everything the second they moved out of sight...been years though.
  10. I'm confused too...this entire year I haven't seen Inaros anywhere but Orb Mother fights, and typically all they add to it is not needing reviving...
  11. More annoyed Inaros got primed and they skipped Nezha...Inaros has high base health going for him and that's about all...
  12. Pretty much that's the way...switching PPP for CO if it can reliably proc status itself.
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