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  1. My mouse double clicked and applied a D polarity when I was formaing a Lenz so now it looks like I added an extra forma cause I liked the experience.
  2. I admit to doing this on purpose...except I call it hotwheels nidus..or clownidus
  3. After playing railjack for a few hours or so..I can say...you're missing nothing if the gameplay itself does nothing for you... The "grind" to get the railjack itself was nothing too insane...fairly cheap honestly...then again, I was enjoying the vauban rework as I did it.
  4. Thought the bonus affinity was only for completing mission...like the rest of the game has it..
  5. Didn't even know you kept the intrinsics from aborting...ah well.
  6. Nothing changed, you experience heavy doses of recent nostalgia where you remember it in a better form
  7. I did that once...but it was because I forgot multiple things...to switch it back to solo, and the last requiem learned onto the parazon.
  8. But that's April 2020... The toxic vocal vs the normal mutes...with more people, the more toxic players that end up playing, and they're more likely to be patrolling the forums, threads..etc.
  9. Got the mk3 Milati...never searched into it...just wanted to fire a shotgun blast of missiles at a direction...good for killing multiple ships when they overlap nearby....or just fly in a line toward you when you're say...boosting backwards
  10. 20-70% nerf? Are you using them in Railjack space? As all those enemies are heavily armored like a heavy gunner.
  11. 0 battle, 2 tactical, dont know how to use the tacticals I have
  12. The instant stop and such bother me too much...just doesn't feel right. You can say it's better for combat, but being able to aim while drifting off into the direction you were just boosting toward was so nice..
  13. The game is the grind, people seem to forget that.
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