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  1. When a faction wins an invasion they overtake the node for a period of time (24 hours, I think), replacing the normal faction completely Edit: according to WarframeAlerts, there was an invasion on Adaro yesterday so that's definitely what's going on
  2. It even belongs in the stubba/quartakk series, putting it in plaguestar makes no sense
  3. That honestly looks slightly more infested than sentient to me, although it doesn't look that much like either. Also, isn't this very similar in design to a glyph (no idea of the name) that has been available for some time? Edit: Just found out it is in fact the official tennocon 2021 glyph brought as a part of the digital pack that was made available some time ago
  4. Ah dangit, must have I misremembered plague star as ghoul purge. Guess I got a little overexcited at the thought of finally wielding that monster
  5. The title pretty much sums it up. A fresh ghoul purge event just began on PC, could the ghoul saw finally be here? I haven't seen any official confirmation of this anywhere, but the devs did mention that they would like to ship it with a ghoul event on a devstream a while ago. They probably could've snuck it in with the Gara prime release that also contained a lot of QoL and bugfixes allowing them to launch the event without an update first. Anyone who can confirm or debunk this?
  6. They're not cosmetics, but I'd love to see syndicate archguns too or just more syndicate weapons
  7. If I've understood correctly, the new way of doing devstreams is one at the end of each month. April comes to an end this week but AFAIK, nothing has been mentioned about this weeks devstream. Have I missed something or is there just no devstream? Note: I can understand if they don't have enough to show on a devstream so soon after major launch they just usually communicate when there is and isn't a stream
  8. I don't know if this is a bug or intentional design, but I find it highly annoying that while Sevagoth's Shadow passively earns affinity when using Sevagoth it doesn't work the other way. Any experience earned while in the Shadow form bypasses the frame completely. Not only does this feel counter intuitive IMO, it also feels like you're being punished for wanting to enjoy Sevagoth's full kit while leveling
  9. Could be sentients too. IIRC, their point of entry into the Origin System was the Outer Terminus on Pluto. It could be that they decided to annihilate Charon for whatever reason, maybe just as a show of power or because they mistook it for Pluto itself. Either way, it's really interesting to stumble upon something like this
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