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  1. I'd love to see a big rotating corpus laser minigun as an archweapon, something like the corpus response to grattler
  2. Another leak? Can you give a hint of this implied first leak?
  3. None of those are actual aliens tho. All known factions in warframe origined in the Sol system and none of them would be here without the Orokin
  4. Frost is lovely but he's also hopelessly behind when compared to most other warframes. His whole defense gimmick which is the only thing that's really left for him is pretty much being taken over by more capable defenders and the fact that the need for defensive abilties is being reduced by how OP offense is isn't helping. Frost was my first aquired frame and the one I used for all the main story quests so he has a special place in my heart but man, he needs an overhaul to make him up to date in the current meta
  5. As has already been stated, Cy is a cephalon and all cephalons are/was humans. He is a human consciousness in the body of a ship. The pod does not contain the body of Cy, it contains the severed finger of TMINTW (as others have also explained). My theory on the line "Something touches me. Impossible." goes like this: In one of the Cephalon Fragments Ordis explains how the ship is his body. He is not just a disembodied conscience piloting a ship, he is the ship with 'limbs of iron of fire' and 'lungs that clean old air' (air condition). I believe the same goes for Cy, his human body is lon
  6. Oh man, I just realised that I should totally have written 'Frost' in the rework section instead of what I wrote. He really desperatly needs a lift up, something like Ember got (As in something just as extensive and fun)
  7. Because the Entrati maintain the Heart. Nuke Deimos and the Heart, and by extension all things void, stops forever. Not even the Grineer are dumb enough to risk that
  8. It's worth noting that the Entrati are infested with the grey strain, an ancient strain of infestation that seems to be focused on Deimos (probably because Deimos was presumably hidden in the void until recently). Alad on the other hand, was infested by the mutalist strain, which he himself made (IIRC), making it much more recent. It's pretty plausible that his cure wouldn't do the trick for the Entrati
  9. Based on the fragment lore for Pluto I'd rather guess that it's some sort of super factory/shipyard. Iirc Pluto is to the Corpus what Ceres is to the Grineer, the heart of their production chain
  10. Did they actually confirm that it was a nee mech and not a skin?
  11. Oh great point, I don't know how I missed that. The story goes that she fell into a pit of vipers while running from a satyr she encountered at her (and Orpheus') wedding. So yeah, snakes and venom definitely fit well into the picture
  12. Could be that some of the corpus researchers at Deimos (AKA good 'ol Latrox Une) messed up and has introduced the grey stain to other parts of the system maybe? It sure would be a pity if Alad had both the Sentients and a 'new' strain of infestation on his already troubled mind
  13. It could also be like Scarlet Spear where there are two missions for those with and without railjacks (in this case necramechs) Hmm, very interesting. Perhaps the Lavos Draught acts as an antidote to the Orphix Venom? It could make sense that it's some sort of infested neurotoxin that destroys neural networks
  14. oh good point, I totally forgot about that. Snakes and venom seems a pretty solid connection. However, I do think they are called Ouroboros (from the alchemical symbol) not orphix
  15. So yesterday it was revealed that the upcoming operation that presumably involves using necramechs in missions is called Operation: Orphix Venom. Naturally, this got me thinking so I went and did some digging on what the name could refer to. Well first of all Orphix is the name of a consulting firm and some musiscian so googling it doesn't really help much. My main theory at the moment is that the name has some connection to Orpheus, the mythical greek poet who went into the underworld and back. This makes sense when you assume that the event is probably related to the Entrati somehow (be
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