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  1. I don't know if this is a global problem but I'm having it as well Edit: Also noticed that no matter what the timer is stuck on 'Updates in 4 hours, x mins, x seconds' Edit 2: I just noticed this is in the ps4 forum, oh well, I guess I can confirm the bug is on pc too
  2. I can't really see what should be out there anyway, seeing as pluto seems to be the absolute outer reach of the orokin empire at it's peak (Not counting missions into deep space and void), with a sector called the Outer Terminus which is also referred to in lore-bits.
  3. I really hope they make something like this too, especially since that's what the codex description of Pluto makes it sound like. More unique proxies to replace crewmen would be nice, like how Jupiter got the Vapos crewmen, a special line of elite proxies could be found on Pluto As for other possible tilesets, I really hope that the Mars openworld (Which I assume will arrive at some point) counts as a crossfire zone with corpus in the north, grineer in the south and a native people caught inbetween.
  4. I also recently noticed that pyrana prime's accents are more mustard-yellow than gold. They hardly even shine
  5. Empyrean has been described as 'the glue that binds Warframe together' instead of another 'island' (OV/PoE) so I take it we can at least expect some sort of rewards that tie into the rest of the game and not just railjack upgrades and materials.
  6. I just want to say I love it. Especially the whole concept of shoulder-worn mini syandanas. Can we please get more of those in upcoming armourbundles? (And of course from different factions)
  7. Well, not always bad to be proven wrong, hey?
  8. Eh, it's still only noon for DE, they have plenty of time to release the update. Still around 5 hours of their workday left if I remember right
  9. First of all, going to another solar system isn't something you just do, not even with the tech of warframe because even the nearest stars are extremely far away. Secondly, the upcoming new quest (Next in the part of the main story) is very very likely to take us to the tau-system due to spoiler reasons
  10. With all the talk of upcoming of primary kitguns, is there any chance we could get a chance for dual zaws? Something like a special set of grips that come in pairs would be really nice.
  11. The new melee 1.99 is great! And Buried Debts is pretty exciting too, I've prepared some questions for you (Listen to that sweet rhyme) -The fluidity in M1.9 is fantastic, but could it be made so you can also go directly from melee to alt fire? (Right now you have to press LM to shift to melee, then alt fire) -Atlas deluxe when? -Panicbutton (Not the studio) waypoint back when? Been gone since Buried Debts -Any chance we'll ever see an archwing missile launcher? Preferably something big and shoulder held that looks badass when using gravimag -With melee 2.0 officially in progress, could there ever been an option to go full melee and choose 2 melee weapons instead of 1 melee and 2 firearms? -Any update on the futures of umbras? (Especially since the release of the forma)
  12. It's sad if true, but I begin to think you're right. Would be nice if they had confirmed it some time before.
  13. You know the primes are released on a fix schedule, right? It's based on the release date of the frames and with +/- 90 days between each release. A few of those you mentioned (Atlas and Equinox) are soon gonna get primed, according to that order.
  14. Some questions for you lovely people Any news on our delightfully chunky Atlas deluxe? Any kind of smidgen of information on the future of Umbra(s) Will there be more umbra frames? If so, will they each come with their own quest introduction and all? (IMO that isn't top necessary, just some quick lore-answer as to why they appear) And if so, will they each come with their own umbra weapons, primaries, secondaries or melees? (If so) Will they follow the prime order or another similar order, or just be released in bulk or whenever? Update on the teased Ordis quest? Just anything at all, progress, place in the bigger schedule, etc. Would be nice to know Can we get any more info on the future of kitguns (More recievers and barrels, primary yeah or nah?) Can we get an Orb Vallis vignette? There is both a stencil and vignette for PoE but only a stencil for OV Speaking of Orb Vallis/Plains of Eidolon - Can we get themed colourpacks? Some neon/snow camo and tribal/plains camo mixes in 2 different packs would be just loooovely 🙂 As others have said, some info on the thumper bot? Any chance of seeing a Thumper vs. Profit-Taker showdown? (Grineer invasion in Orb Vallis) Which frame is on next for the rework bench? Wukong rework, and even more important: Wukong ability visuals rework? The ironstaff could really do with a better model than a cylinder.
  15. Will there be devstream this week or next week? (Or is it in a more distant future?)
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