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  1. Can we get an insight into the making of Grendels sound effects? EDIT: Any chance for news on new kuva lich voicelines?
  2. Bryuf

    Warframe Builder

    Not sure if this has been reported but kuva weapons don't have the formaing mechanics they are supposed to. I can see that paracesis gains 2 lvls per forma but not the kuva weapons.
  3. Can we get a slider for ephemera intensity? Something to adjust the amount of particles generated by the ephemera - In my specific case I find that the vengeful charge ephemera generates too many sparks and lightning bolts, cluttering the frame. It would be a nice customisation feature to have. Edit: Just realised this should probably go in the section for visual feedback
  4. If you want a realistic reason shrapnel. Makes a lot of sense as a way to upgrade it - Add dangerous shrapnel to the rockets so they lacerate enemies upon impact
  5. The ability to link liches (Similar to Look Link but showing the codex for the lich) would be nice QoL. Useful for trading liches and those who, like me, just wants to see all the cool and different liches people get.
  6. Overall update has some great QoL and cool new weapons. The not-dying-when-stabbing makes the gameplay a lot smoother and less tiresome but it feels lacking. You stab your lich, they don't die and then they just disappear, poof. Some new voicelines or the like would be great to actually make it clear that the lich dies when stabbed and then gets rebirthed later with more power because it doesn't feel like that. It feels like they just vanish, almost as a glitch. Something to make this little interaction more meaningful and intense would greatly help.
  7. The idea with enemy types matching the element was kinda what I went for with element enhancement, but I can see how your idea differs, sounds nice! It also gave me another idea for a modifier where the lich employs tactical defenses such as arc traps, landmines, sensor bars, Reth Rollers and Seekers in missions. Could call it tactician or something like it
  8. The new lich rework coming soon is great (imo) and has a lot of needed technical QoL. But a thing I'd like to see later down the line is more lich variation. I understand this is not the most urgent thing as it's important to have solid mechanics to build it on, but I still think it's a rather important part of the system as it allows for higher replayability by making each lich more unique. So here's some ideas for making each lich more varied (It's basically more modifiers to the existing modifier system) More personalities: A pretty basic but important factor. Seeing the same single personality for each gender gets dull after a few liches. Quirks add a bit of variation but not enough. More quirks: Same as the above but less important. I've seen some forum posts with ideas for quirks, some of which are pretty good (others are... weird) Troop modifiers: A new parameter that affects the troops in lich missions (Not just thralls, all enemies) and increases with lich level. These modifiers can either be buffs as seen in sorties or what types of enemies spawn. A few examples: Elemental enhancement: Same as the sortie modifier e.g. enemies deal +cold and are immune to cold procs. The element corresponds to the liches type. Ghouls: Ghouls can spawn in lich missions (Not on ships tho) and spawn rate increases with lich level. Executioner: Adds a rare chance for Rathuum executions to spawn in missions. Maybe related to liches birthed at Sedna? Eximus units: Lich nodes act as eximus strongholds in sorties. Spawnrate increases with level. Royalist: Normal enemies are replaced by their kuva variation. This is mostly visual as their stats don't change but for some mobs the weapon (and dmg output) do. It also allows for unique mobs like bailiffs to spawn. Beastmaster: Higher chance of hyekka and drahk masters. Melee specialist: More melee units, including guardsmen and bailiffs. More abilities: More warframe-based lich abilities. Adding more well-defined ability pools means more variation for different frames. It feels weird to get a frame progenitored by Hydroid with only mag abilites. A minor rework of how the liches gain the abilities would also be nice. Something along these lines: When birthed a lich has two abilites, a movement ability and one based on the progenitor frame. When levelling up (failed parazon attack) the lich gains a new ability. Unsure if this should be based on the progenitor again or the frame that failed the stab. The last option allows for more influence and variation in the movesets but could lead to OP scenarios. These are the ideas I could come up with so far, let me hear yours (If this should rather be in the feedback section, please move it. I was unsure where to place it)
  9. That was likely just Pablo teasing. They didn't mention anything about it on the devstream
  10. Kuva bramma looks like the lovechild of lenz and kulstar and I love it. Pretty excited about the kuva nukor too, such a weird weapon
  11. I like to pump my liches full of resources and loot by doing missions in their territories just because it's so satisfying once you kill/convert them and see those bucketloads of loot you get
  12. Don't forgot Bramma (Not sure on the spelling), the grineer equivalent of the Lenz.
  13. It could be really fun to see some more single weapons made into twin versions (Like dubba-stubba). Weapons like twin kulstar, twin machete or even twin jat kittag are some I'd love to see. Could also be cool to see some of the weapons currently ingame but only as enemy weapons, like the nox gun, the ghoul saw and the carver twin saws.
  14. I wouldn't take that as 100% reliable data tho. It's a quick UI mock-up Pablo made, one that also 'leaks' railjack-fissure-syndicate missions in void, simply because it needed to showcase as much as possible. You can see stats such as crewships sabotaged (RJ) and medallions found (syndicate), and loot includes prime parts (fissure) and argon crystals (void) I wouldn't really trust too much in that UI, but who knows.
  15. Kuva Twin Hek and Kuva Halikar. Jokes aside, I'm pretty certain at least one of them will be a melee, if not both, since we only have one of those so far (Shildeg). I also have a feeling it'll more likely be old weapons instead of completely new (Like Ayanga, shildeg and Chakkhurr). Personally I've been hoping for weapons like Kuva Ripkas, Kuva Jat Kittag (Unlikely since there is a hammer already) and Kuva Jat Kusar.
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