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  1. I believe Alad V and possibly also knows. Alad V actually looked how the inside of a warframe looks like and was confused enough to conclude there is more to it than he thinks. I can give you one better: Considering how many times we transferred in and out of our warframes mid-battle, I won't be surprised if literally everyone knows.
  2. While people mentioned the clunky movement and slow animations, I think the main issue is the hitbox on that thing. Sometimes I swing it and it doesn't seem to register contact... Even when I use the back + block stance surrounded by enemies close it me, only some of them get hit... I'm fine with slow speed and even the damage, but the practicality of the animations and hitbox is off.
  3. Plague Star is best known for the Zaw weapons which are some of the best melee in the game, and very easy forma if you already have that.
  4. Why let it die and why Orcus in particular?
  5. This option randomizes the entire loadout though. If you want to randomize your warframes or one of your weapons, you can't.
  6. I didn't read some of this but from the little I did I agree and I think this is Warframe's main challenge to overcome. New players don't need new content to attract them, new players need clarity, the how and why. The system I think that need the most clarity is modding. You might had it with your friend (I didn't read), I had it with countless new players I nearly made a tutorial to copy and paste every time I see someone who needs it. Modding it the first real roadblock of new players because the only time the game tells the players about modding it the Vor's Prize quest, and even that is more of "there is modding, now to the next mission". You have no idea how many players quit because at one point the game gets too hard and the reason is poor modding without them knowing. It's also consistent enough to actually tell: between Phobos Junction and Jupiter Junction. Exactly where a beginner becomes a novice. Second issue is skill gap. It's huge, way more than you think. Now, it's expected to have a gap between a new player and a veteran. I remember an argument with someone on the forum about fixing the skill gap. I claimed the best fix for the skill gap is new player experience and how the game pretty much throws them into the water expecting them to swim. New players with clearer path and access to information will lead to players staying longer in the game and willing to learn how to play better, by that DE will have clearer information about power creep and knowledge to balance the game better if everyone are thinking the same, by that making the skill gap smaller. The other guy's reason is purely power creep and how veteran players have the knowledge and resources to actually progress the game, something new players doesn't have. While yes, fixing power creep will help, it won't be a fix for the long run. Here is the kicker: there is also a huge gap between veterans. The guy I was arguing with decided to pull the "veteran card" to prove his knowledge, about 1000 hours at the time. Claimed the game is very challenging in the late game which is fine. I however had more than 2000 hours in "mission time" (not Steam time) at the time, yet the game is easy for me in the late game. Now, 1000 hours and 2000 hours should be the same in terms of skills and knowledge, we're talking about a lot of time spent playing for both of us, there shouldn't be a huge difference and if there is it's meaningless. But why the game is played so differently for both of us? Power creep? Both of us should have the knowledge and resources for things like that equally. If even veterans can't agree about the difficulty of the game, how can DE? What DE need to do is exactly what you suggested: fixing new player experience. Make it clearer. Give proper directions and a clear route to follow. Teach how and why. This will bring new players into the mindset of a veteran, by that balancing the game when the players think mostly the same. This is actually easy to fix considering part of the reason there is no clear direction is the mystery. All you got to do is to animate the lines on the star chart, having something glowing and moving on the line towards Sedna. By the time they reach Sedna the players will know what's up. Giving an actual clue and direction they need to go. Maybe add more lines to Ordis talking about plans to reach somewhere, "I'm getting a signal from somewhere, I marked a route to destination on your map".
  7. Only proving OP's point. It doesn't matter what Helminth ability is good on her, what matters is her base kit on it's own. As of now, it's not good.
  8. Adding to your test: While I didn't test her intensively like you did, I can confirm it was a nightmare to rank her up. I struggled to stay alive in lower level missions than Mot. Her 1 is a joke. I could shoot the enemies and kill them faster than that. Her 2 is cool, but doesn't stay alive long enough to matter and it's hard to control in narrow spaces (which is most missions in Warframe). Her 3 is her best ability in my opinion, but it's still doesn't scale well into high level missions. Also, one wandering nullifier is enough to screw up this ability. Her 4 is not good. It kills low level enemies, but it scales off to high level missions even worse than her 3. The damage is not high enough to kill and while it gathers enemies in one place, they are still a little too scattered in my taste. Her passive is nice, but it will be better with a little delay whenever Yareli stops moving. Just 1 or 2 seconds delay is enough to make this passive incredible. For those of you who are about to say that by switching one of her abilities with another ability will make her strong, you're just proving OP's point that Yareli's kit is bad. Yareli shouldn't rely on Helminth to make her strong, like any other warframe in the game. Yareli need to be strong without it and Helminth just gives different ways to play.
  9. Forma per configuration and not per weapon? No thank you. This sounds like using three times more forma than people already use and I lost count after 300 formas about two years ago. Even with the current system I think there need to be more ways to earn forma.
  10. Chromatic Blade for your Excalibur, use a red/orange/yellow energy color for Heat. Will help stripping armor. I would personally pick Gara over Excalibur and get a build that will allow me to just ignore the rest of the enemies. Building to stack up Splinter Storm will both give you damage reduction and destroy trash enemies by just be near them.
  11. As someone with limited play windows, I agree.
  12. Others before me already told you how to get Dread. I just want to point out that getting other weapon blueprints is even better. Dread is just the common drop and the meme is that it's too common. As @AlyxisPrimesaid: you don't find the Dread, the Dread finds you.
  13. What it sounds like to me is that the rubberband got the game thinking a 3rd party software is running. Holding a joystick in the exact direction for an entire hour is suspicious and something that only two things can do: a rubberband on the controller and a 3rd party software. Either ways, using something to keep a button pressed for a long time is something you do only to cheat the system, in your friend's case it was to not trigger the AFK timer which is considered "cheating the system". In short, your friend technicly cheated and this is the cause for the ban. I think permaban is too harsh in this case but I'm not the one to judge. Next time, if he knows he will be gone for more than 10 minutes, just abort the mission. He will earn nothing no matter what he will do so the best thing he can do is to just take the "Mission Failed" and get over it. We all had to do it at one point.
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