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  1. What it sounds like to me is that the rubberband got the game thinking a 3rd party software is running. Holding a joystick in the exact direction for an entire hour is suspicious and something that only two things can do: a rubberband on the controller and a 3rd party software. Either ways, using something to keep a button pressed for a long time is something you do only to cheat the system, in your friend's case it was to not trigger the AFK timer which is considered "cheating the system". In short, your friend technicly cheated and this is the cause for the ban. I think permaban is too
  2. There can very well be more weapons. Here is something about Mara varient (according to the wiki): Take it with a grain of salt as this is not official. Mara varient according to this are actually Orokin era weapons, which implies it's closer to Prime variants and not Vandal or Prisma which are modded or improved weapons., and also that the Detron came after the Mara Detron. It also suggests the Mara Detron was designed outside the law. According to this we have two parameters for a weapon to get a Mara variant: Orokin Era. If it's outside the law, then a Tenno
  3. I think you're doing great if this is where you place it. I think you just had a bad luck and matched with toxic players.
  4. Never. The Epic Store skins are awarded only for PC version and when logged in from the Epic Store. Steam can get these skins by installing the game from Epic, logging in, claiming the skins, log out and log back in from Steam. This works because Steam and Epic have the exact same version of Warframe. Consoles doesn't use the same version and have a different market so it's impossible to get the Epic skins there. EDIT: Farther more, it's to incourage players to play from the Epic Store, similar idea of playing from Steam to get TennoGen skins.
  5. At one point you both will have all warframes and with a potato. Just don't feel rushed to get all of them. As for recommendations, I usually say "the one you're interested the most" because you can exel way more than you think with all of them with the right build (as @TheSixOfDiamondssuggested). It all depends on your playstyle. If you find yourself sticking to Gara, then you should probubly keep at it and master Gara. If you're at the point of fighting rank 60+ as you said, then she's also worth your potato. Note that in about three Prime Access rounds, she should be primed. It's
  6. Delete, posted another comment by accident
  7. Taking into account that every warframe is going solo and we are looking at it from the side and survive: Khora makes it painful and tortures, but it's not gruesome enough and someone have a kink for it. Gara and Splinter Storm, while gruesome, is too fast. There is no torture involved Valkyr is brutal, merciless, and makes it painful. It's the type of death that horrifies as it's not four bodies on four walls, but one body on four walls. My issue is still how fast it happens. Valkyr plays with her victims, but I still think the death is to quick. Valkyr is so full with rage t
  8. I believe the Burston is Tenno. It also makes more scene because it have a prime version. I can't recall a none Tenno weapon being primed with the exception of the Dakra Prime and the Euphona Prime which are Orokin only. EDIT: For more information: Prime = Orokin (Tenno original) Dex = Tenno Vandal = Corpus modded for the most parts. There are also Tenno weapons. Wraith = Grineer modded for the most parts. There are also Tenno weapons. Kuva = Grineer modded Prisma = Baro Ki'teer modded. Confirmed to not be limited to faction. "Mara" is theoreticly early Corpus design,
  9. You have to do a regulkar isolation vault first. Only then the arcana vault will be available and only from the same instance of Mother. If you started a regular iso vault from the Drift, the arcana bounty will be available from the exact same place after completing the iso vault. If you started from the Necralisk, you will have to remember which instance of Mother is which but it will still be available. All you got to do is complete a regular iso vault bounty first and don't leave the Drift.
  10. ...And an easy way to remember: You want to increase the speed, so use + You want to decrease the speed, so use - If you think about the speed and not the reload, it makes better sense. "Faster" is an increase in speed.
  11. Yes. Only the prime weapons added with the warframe will enter the vault with the warframe. Equinox Prime is next so Tipedo Prime and Stradavvar Prime will go with her for sure, and only those weapons. The same goes for unvaulting. If a warframe is going to be unvaulted so you know for a fact that the weapons originally added with this warframe will be unvaulted with the warframe and will be included in a boundle to buy. With an unvault the cosmetics will be there as well.
  12. I just saw the notification on this thread's update and I'm blown away by the long comments. I don't feel like reading all of the comments but I at least read the updated abilities. To keep my comment short and to the point I'll just quote this: I agree this rework feels too complex. Most of my comments here are just to understand what is going on BEFORE the last update of this tread. I now read it and I'm getting overwhelmed again. I thank you @(PSN)IIFrost_GhostII for helping me understand better, but this recent update made things worse in my opinion. There is too much complexity
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