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  1. True, the ephemeras are not consistent with each other. We need this kind of fix.
  2. I agree with this. Assuming every single cosmetic, 1000 days is the minimum. Do note it's 1000 real life days you log in, not in-game hours you play. I will say completing the current main story line is at about 100-150 hours to The War Within, add about 10-25 hours to Chimera Prologue. Assuming you play to reach the end and less casually. With only casual play, I will say about 300 hours to The Second Dream, add another 100 hours to Chimera Prologue. This is only main quests. Play to get everything (not including login rewards): I will say about 1000-2000 hours, 3000 to never if you count conclave exclusive because barely anyone play conclave these days. Including mastering everything you have: 4000-5000 hours and growing. I'm just assuming. and I recommand playing casually.
  3. The corridors are what I wondered about when I saw this frame. It won't be easy to take these turns. This is why these "bursts" or speed there I guess. Seems like his first ability so you won't have to run fast if you don't want to. I guess DE won't leave him as just a fast runner but will give him abilities that help him differently. I will agree it will be a shame if they did leave him as no more than a fast runner. I like the concept, I just wish we knew more about him.
  4. Just correcting. Onslaught have no mob drops so no Oberon there. As for OP, I suggest what @(XB1)Skippy575 suggested. I personnay recommand Frost first out of what you suggested as this one is the easiest for you to get out of the frames you wanted. As of other recommandations, I suggest Rhino. Drops from Venus's boss fight. Rhino is a frame that will carry you through the entire game: easy to use, easy to get and just generaly good.
  5. It is a tought grind. Warframe is known to be grindy. A year is a lot of time. I think the missunderstanding is in perspective about the game (I personally don't agree with @Lutesque): I don't have much time to play like other players but I also don't have much reason to play. I reached the end game a while ago, ran out of things to forma, scanned everything in the codex, what I don't have? I want to play for the sake of having fun and not grinding, but real life have other plans so I need to decide what I'm playing and when. I maked in green a problem I saw a lot with the game and new player experiance. There is a lot of content in the game and it is intimidating. As the time pass, there is more content and stuff to grind. Because of this, players feel like they should have started sooner when there were less stuff to grind and don't feel like they need to catch up. It's the game's fault, not the players. I will just say that you can't be too late to join Warframe, there is no other way to for the game to grow. It's up to you to have fun the way you want. We all play at the end to have fun. As long as we all have fun then there is no problem at all. I like to play casually, Lutesque likes to play the way he want, you like to play how you want, just don't let other people tell you what is fun and what is not.
  6. Who said this is Warframe by design? So far every event "exclusive" weapon has returned with Baro or in other way. Plague Star happens every few months so everything related to that is here to get. Fomorian, Razorback, both return after completing a set amount of invation missions so you can get whatever is exclusive to them. Yes, all of these have a time window, but they return. Because so, you can get everything if you play enough. The reason I don't rush or getting burned out is because I can't rush. I only have about an hour a day to play and I spend this hour for other stuff. I only play about two or three times a week because of real life. What do you think I do in the times I play? I farm what I don't have, and this is the only interest I can have in the game as I have everything else. If I were to have these weapons, I won't even bother to log in untill the next update. What I marked in red is why you shouldn't rush the game. You rush, you miss other importent stuff. You rush, you don't learn or become better. You lose interest because you are not strong enough for the missions you farm in. You rush, you make your game shorter. A new player can set his mind on something, it's fine, but that way he miss a lot of other stuff. This is the player's problem mostly. The game's problem is that it's got to the point that it is intimidating for new players because there is so much to do. This is a talk for another time. What I marekd in green is the only reason I have to play the game. How much I want these weapons doesn't matter, I just don't want to run out of game and have no reason to play. Also, you have no idea how many times I tried to farm these weapons. You didn't ask me this question but I want to asnwer anyway. Keep on farming Rhino, join a clan to get vanilla Volt, but most importently, clear the start chart to have access to everything in the game. Do it in your own pase.
  7. Don't rush, because of what you mentioned. Rushing will get you burned out. I play for nearly five years now, for the whole last year or two I played casually mostly and I still run out of stuff to do in the game every now and then. You will probubly run into the same end game issue that there won't be enough content or stuff to get for you to play. You will have everything. I recommand as someone who reached the limit many times and waited for new content to drop just so I will have something to do, don't rush while you have content. Enjoy the game while you have a game. Most stuff that have a time window to get will return at one point in the future. About Volt Prime being a must have warframe: no. Having Volt Prime is needed to reach the current maximum mastery rank, but as a new player you shouldn't care about what you get to gain mastery points, but how much you get. Care more about having the vanilla warframes to get a taste of what each of them is doing and how they played. As a new player not even that, clear the start chart first. You might be surprised about what warframes you actually like to play. I remember I wanted Vauban like you do with Volt, thought he was awsome back in the day. Once I got him he was awsome in the first few days, but he still wasn't my favorate as I thought he would. Now look at Vauban getting outclassed by any other warframe out there, unable to catch up and fell victim to the game evolving. Volt, prime or not, have a place in the current meta as both a speed runner and as an eidolon hunter. Get Volt for those missions. Volt Prime is stronger, but not enough to make vanilla Volt useless comapred to him. You can build a vaulted warframe because vaulting doesn't mean removing. Vaulting prime items means removing the relics contaning the items from the drop table. If you have relics contening the vaulted items, you don't lose them, only the ability to get more of these relics. You can always crack open a vaulted relic and get a vaulted item from it. You craft them like any other item you craft in the game. I can talk about waiting a whole year because I'm a buisy man who got everything before I became this buisy. I have just enough time to play casually and still get what I want because I don't have much to look for anyway. Also because I know I don't need to get everything right now and it can wait a week or two, even a month, what I'm farming won't disappear any time soon. Currently speaking I'm only missing this new sparring weapon that drops from thumpers and the Stradavar Prime. These weapons can wait because I have enough time to get them.
  8. Just adding my opinion. I think you shouldn't rush anything. While Volt Prime is available now, it probubly will be unvaulted again another time in the future, just like we had Frost Prime unvaulted many times before. The current unvault brought back Volt Prime for the first time after being vaulted. Last time Loki Prime was unvaulted was about a year ago, so I guess Volt Prime will be unvaulted again in almost exactly a year from now, can't promise. Plenty of time to find yourself a warframe to "main", reach the end game and be sure about what to do next. I think you should focus more on finding a frame you like to play. Volt seems like a good pick according to how you described your play style, but note that there are more warframes that you might like and are yet to be vaulted. Nezha is another speedy warframe that you might like, and he doesn't have a prime yet. Zephyr Prime will be vaulted only in a few months. You can get their vanilla version from the same place as vanilla Volt. Join a clan and you can have all three of them at the same time. Heck, even the upcoming Wisp warframe seems like she can be built for a lot of speed. She is locked at the current end of the main quest line (Chimera Prologue), you will reach way beyond that untill she will be primed so you don't even need to rush.
  9. For once, I wish for a delay as I'm not around for a few days when the update drops...
  10. I think you're better off with a new computer. @SupremeDutchGamer said more before me so I will just add this: A new computer will be better for you in the long run. As time goes on, your computer which is already outdated (not sure if it's a laptop or not) will become even worse. I had a laptop with better specs than yours 6 years ago. The computer I have now is about 3 years old, got some outdated parts, but can still run extremely heavy games on ultra settings with no issues. Cost me about 1000$ including one part I upgraded, and I bet you can get for cheaper. I recommand a new computer, it will carry you for the next 5 years or so at the very least. I usually don't like recommanding something that cost money and will try to find a way to increase performance instead like you do, but I experianced both methods and I believe increasing performance is a temporary solution.
  11. Technicly speaking, they can. What you should do to help them is provide information about it. Most of your request is just asking. the rest is "Photon Torpedos secondary". Provide what do you mean by that: how does it work? Stats? Look? Sound? Something. Not everyone will understand what do you mean with "Photon Torpedos", I bet even no one. I tried to imagin what does it mean and all I saw is a Catchmoon in the shape of a shark...
  12. In the Void. You have a way to get there from Phobos. There are treasure rooms in these missions, Capture and Mobile Defense missions have the highest chances to spawn such room. It tests your parkour abilities under pressure, but the containers at the end have good chances to drop some basic mods like Streamline, Continuity and multyshot mods. There are also some enemies that drop these mods, you can get them casually. The Grustrag Three (G3) have good chances to drop multyshot mods, you get marked for death by them from doing invasion missions against the Grineer. They also drop parts for the Braak, a good secondary weapon. You might have troubles against them as a new player, but the reward worth it. You get undamaged mods after completing Vor's Prise quest. Actually, it's the other way around: Vor's Prise makes every mod you get damaged. If you completed this quest, you shouldn't worry about the mods being damaged.
  13. I can understand where you failed. The game does a terible job explaining something very importent that I found causes a common problem with new players: modding. Your builds and mods are horrible, in short. Starting things off: You have damaged mods on (those with the red mark). Remove them and get some that doesn't have them. Upgrade your mods. You are weak because you didn't upgrade. You're basicly have the build of a player who started today. Understand where your weapons and warframes are strong at, and improve these aspects. Understand what each mod does. Some of them might not worth it on your current warframe or weapon. Get Aura and Stance mods to increase your mod capacity. Getting into details: Your Warframe: Volt is a good frame but you didn't mod him in a way he can shine. Volt is a glass cannon, he is one of the fastest frames in the game, but he lacks durability. You modded your Volt mostly for durability to be able to take hits, something that doesn't help his strengths. In a way, you covered what is bad with him but did nothing with what he's good at. You have Vitality, Redirection and Steel Fiber on him. Only Vitality worth it on Volt as he still need to be able to take some hits once you reach the end game. Volt have a terrible armor to begin with and improving it won't help it enough. Something to know for next time is that below 200-300 armor doesn't worth the effort upgrading it. Hunter Andrenaline is a good mod to have, less effecting with Volt as he is having troubles taking hits. Still a good mod to slap in if you have nothing better. Stretch and Streamline are your only other mods you have there that worth a slot. Still get undamaged mods. To end the build, I would have these mods on: Streamline (power efficiancy) Vitality (health) Stretch (power range) Intesify (power strength) Contiuity (power duration) 3 extra mods to help with more strength / range mostly. Weapons: You have MK1 weapons. These are starter weapons that someone at your rank shouldn't use anymore. Get these to rank 30 and sell them away, you don't need them beyond mastery points. Get better weapons. Someone before me recommanded some good weapons for new players like the Hek. Still make sure you have at least one primery, one secondary and one melee. The Hel is especially good as it's strong for new players and will still be strong enough to use in the end game. It is that powerful. This weapon will carry you through the whole game. Modding ranged weapons 101: Always have damage and multyshot mods on. Damage will increase you damage output of course, multyshot will increase your chances to fire more than one bullet with every shot without using more ammo (one bullet becomes two). For melee, damage mods again. Your modding prosses should come in this order: Damage. Multyshot (not for melee). Attack Speed / Fire rate. Critical / Status (depends on the weapon's strong side). Elemental damage. Companian: Not much to say as there are not enough mods to make a diverse build. You have the right mods, I just wish you prioritized upgrading Maul and not Scavenge. EDIT: This ^^ Prioritze having strong mods over more mods. It doesn't matter how many slots you fill, but the quality of what you do have there. Even if you only have that damaged Stretch there and it maxed out, it will be a better build than what you currently have. Feel free to ask me more questions. Just quote me so I would know.
  14. Her teleporting might be affected by mods, at least I hope so. As for what her 1 and 3 does: Her 1 summons "Resevoir" or whatever it's called. There are 3 types that each give a different buff: Red give health and heal. Blue zaps enemies and apply electric procs (like Vauban's Tesla) Green give speed boost All three are work in progress and it's most likly going to change. The way it works, is Wisp summoning these resevoirs near her and they stay there forever, she and her allies can move near it and get a boost for some time. You don't have to stay near it to keep the bonus. Wispt can have 6 of these at any time, from which type she wants, but they don't stack if you got more then one of the same type. Her 3 just take these resevoirs and make them deal radial damage each time you press 3.
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