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  1. ...And an easy way to remember: You want to increase the speed, so use + You want to decrease the speed, so use - If you think about the speed and not the reload, it makes better sense. "Faster" is an increase in speed.
  2. Yes. Only the prime weapons added with the warframe will enter the vault with the warframe. Equinox Prime is next so Tipedo Prime and Stradavvar Prime will go with her for sure, and only those weapons. The same goes for unvaulting. If a warframe is going to be unvaulted so you know for a fact that the weapons originally added with this warframe will be unvaulted with the warframe and will be included in a boundle to buy. With an unvault the cosmetics will be there as well.
  3. I just saw the notification on this thread's update and I'm blown away by the long comments. I don't feel like reading all of the comments but I at least read the updated abilities. To keep my comment short and to the point I'll just quote this: I agree this rework feels too complex. Most of my comments here are just to understand what is going on BEFORE the last update of this tread. I now read it and I'm getting overwhelmed again. I thank you @(PSN)IIFrost_GhostII for helping me understand better, but this recent update made things worse in my opinion. There is too much complexity
  4. Imagin placing str → str → dur → rng → str altars next to one another. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Cassiopeia doesn't buff itself at least with more strength. Placing duration 3rd helps with the little duration that actually matters, placing range next to increase the range of the next altar which will be strength. Effectivly maximizing the effect of this ability. it's easy to pull this off with max efficiency, but max strength is indeed more scary and evet at the base cost of 60 enery it seems balanced. It's deciding between spending less energy for good results or spending a lot of ener
  5. I like it. I suggested the energy cost changes for Cassiopeia because of max efficiency builds making it spammable. The other kind of issue is the importence of power duration that I didn't see much and I just need clearence. Cassiopeia doesn't need duration as it seems health based. I believe Solar Winds speed is affected by power duration and so does Orion's orb speed and Orbit's sparks speed. If the major impact of power duration is in how fast things are going, and the speed is already fast enough (not very fast but it gets the job done in a reasonable time) without mods, then just
  6. That clears a lot, thanks. It's rare to see a warframe concept in which the writer knows that he needs to explain the behaviour more than anything. Not only that, but actually making it readable and understandable. I had a teacher who would schold us if we failed to explain properly. "If you can't sum it up in a single sentance, it's too complicated". For my final feedback after understanding the mechanics: Stats: Made it clear that the intention is for a caster that relys heavily on his abilities and can't take a hit properly. Celestial Vision: While interesting I personall
  7. I like the concept a lot, but I have an issue. From the start up to the passive abilities (including) you made it very clear who Cepheus is, what his role is and general intended playstyle. Awesome concept with unique gimmics which are very easy to understand. 10/10. Then I started reading the abilities and I encountered a problem: I had a very hard time understanding the mechanics. Ability 1 - Orbit. Ability 2- Orion. Ability 3 - Solar Wind. This one is fairly easy to understand. Good ability but I still want to know what happens with the rest of the abilitie
  8. There are a few people here already who gave you fantastic answers. I want to expend a bit on the modding subject because I also think it is the first major road block for new players. I might one day just make an actual tutorial so I won't have to write it all every time someone asks. I want to share my way of modding so it might help you or anyone else who reads and looking for an advise. General Notes: In this "kind of" tutorial I plan on teaching you how to mod yourself and judge by yourself. Someone may share a build with you and this is alright, just remember only you can
  9. Good news for you, maybe. There is a wraith based warframe being added to the game at the end of the month - early March. This warframe's name is Sevagoth and he is pretty close in his theme to your suggestion. Check him out in this link.
  10. I couldn't find a clear answer either. Based on what I found and what I know from the game, I think you can get a Kuva Lich during MR5 as you expect. However, in order to actually use the weapon your lich drops, you will need to be MR13. When vanquishing a lich, you will get the weapon through the foundery. This is for two reason I guess: one is if you don't have an open slot to claim, the second reason is for MR requirement. In short, you will get the weapon but won't be able to claim it from the foundery untill you reach MR13. It won't disappear from there and will safely wait there. If in
  11. Care to add more details. I'm interested in knowing more but there is not enough information here. From what I understand if we keep it short and to the point, this warframe is a combination of four warframes of your choise. These four warframe each gives one of their abilities and the shapeshifting warframe can use these abilities. This is an interesting concept but I'm having troubles getting a picture of it in my mind.
  12. It takes practice. The hate for hacking machanics is not new to the game and it's understandable, we came to this game to run like the wind and kill stuff after all. There are cyphers you can use as someone here suggested, I still recommend practicing as this won't get easier as time goes on. You can go to one of the relays in Caphalon Simaris room, there is an area there to practice every possible mastery test. There will be a time in the future when you will look back and remember how you struggled, telling yourself "I can't believe I had this much troubles with this test. It's so eas
  13. So it's a toggle ability. I thought it's a "press and forget". It got an on and off states and there is an additional effect when deactivating. The confusion came because it is named "Ice Wave" but the actual wave comes only when deactivating. There are also ice spikes most of the time. The name is missleading as I expected a better Ice Wave but in reality it's something else. I think it will be better to rename it. This ability stores up damage when hitting enemies, then releasing it in a powerful way. It's Toxic Lash / Xata's Whisper but the damage bonus comes in a single powerful strike r
  14. What I had in mind for Ice Wave was a hazzard, didn't relize by "spikes" you ment for a visual effect for those enemies that can be insta killed. If it's just a visual effect, then there is no need to describe it. It's confusing. I still think you overcomplicated it because I'm still having troubles understanding. Or at least didn't explain it properly. Try to describe it with as least words as possible, it might help. From what I understand, Ice Wave just deals damage to enemies and instantly kills those at 1/5 health or less. Just different math for damage calculation. If that is the case,
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