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  1. If I fail, it's usually with a squad and not solo. I usually the carry of the squad, so when there is a squad mate who is having troubles, it's getting difficult as I'm now focused on babysitting rather then the objective. It still happens in solo missions, but you will usually find me failing in level ~100 missions...
  2. Yes. A tip to help that I learned from one of my teachers at collage is to try and explain the entire thing you want to explain in a single sentece or two. If you got more, it's too complicated. You started off great with all of them by trying to make a paragraph that gives everything you need to know about the abilities, but it can use some work. About the 4, I still think a secondary weapon doesn't encurage a melee playstyle. All I see is ranged attacks and the melee part comes from the equipped melee weapon. This is a status support weapon with high damage. If you want to keep the ranged attacks, I think the best thing to do is to design a gunblade instead. Attack normaly to use melee attacks, hold to shoot a vine. Have some shots mixed in with the combos... If you want a melee playstyle, best thing to do is use a melee weapon.
  3. Decided not to edit my previous comment. Don't know why you would mention me here for the painter concept of yours, but thanks. I read through the abilities of this frame and first thing I want to say is how much I appriciate the way this concept is constructed. Got a sentence or two to summerise each ability and added the details in a spoiler tab under it. Not many people do that and it's the best thing you can do for making an actual HLD (High Level Design) for the game. I can't express how much happy I am that you're keeping it short and give details for those who want. Can use some work with the writinig, but it's amazing. For the actual feedback of mine: Overwhole I like it and looks like a well thought out concept. This overwhole concept remaind me of another game DE tried to make called "The Amazing Eternals". It's a hero based FPS, much like Overwatch and TF2, heard it's closer the Paladins because it got deck building elements. One of the characters in this game is Bristle, who is a living tree: Shame this game flopped. It had a lot of problems, but it was fun and I bought a founder pack for it back in the closed beta. Anyway, I find Persephone similar to Bristle. A melee tank made out of wood and plantation. Heck, Bristle also have a melee "weapon" that are carnivorous plant. I think there is quite a lot to learn from Bristle. Now my first problem and probubly my worst complaint: Stats. Without reading the abilities, those stats calls for a health tank like Nidus. The issue here is that a health tank worth nothing without armor. 75 armor is nothing for a health tank who is also focused around melee and have the slowest sprint speed out of all the warframes. ~250 seems better for the armor. Abilities: Passive is great. Not much to say here. Got a problem with the rest of the abilities that only one of them gives sap and the rest are too costly in sap. At least this is how it feels. Sow the Seeds have some small issues: It gives 5 sap per enemies affected? Killed? Corps? I didn't get what exactly trigger the sapping. What does the charges means for the Vigor fruit? You get the bonus power strength for the next X ability casts? Affinity bonus is useless at rank 30 unless you have lens. I think the fruit is better with another bonus. Augment is awsome. I think the plant just exploding when killing an enemy is enough. Parasitic Seed is short and easy. I like it. Vine Armor feels too complicated. Telling the truth, I didn't understand the details. Here is a proposal for making it much simpler and help with the sap cost: Persephone covers herlsef with vines to create an armor, costing ~20 sap. The vine armor have ~1000 HP and reduce 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% of incoming damage. Casting the ability while taking damage will increase the armor's health (much like Nezha's Warding Halo). Taking damage also reduce the armor's health untill it's gone. Recasting the ability will remove the armor completly and sends the vines forward, latching to enemies and holding them in place. Recasting also yeilds the sap used +0.1% of the armor's total health. If for example the armor got 2000 health from enemies damage while casting, recasting will give 22 sap (20 from cast + 0.1% of 2000). Losing the armor from damage will yeild 10 sap. Voracious Hydra. Is this a melee weapon or not? I didn't get it. The stats says ranged, but it doesn't have a magazine. You also noted it was designed for melee combat, and yet it doesn't seems like it. It also uses Condition Overload which is a melee mod. This is where I think we can learn from Bristle and his carnovorous hands (check the video lined for the example). Punch enemies and heal from it. This will help Persephone to stay alive and seems much simpler. Fists weapon. Can probubly use charge attacks for an extended reach attack (like in the game Arms). Stats seems overpowered. I think going with dominent status and low ciritcal fits the theme better. This is an awsome concept and I didn't even get to the rest of it. It needs some work with the abilities.
  4. I had no idea there is another concept by you. It will take me a while to comment on the abilities, I'll either edit this comment or make another comment.
  5. Catchmoon kitgun with the arcane that shoot particles when making a headshot, forgot the name. Take a tanky frame, gather around a bunch of enemies without using abilities or hurting them (you want them standing up). Make a bullet jump upwards and aim glide when reaching your maximum height. Headshot the guy under you, try to shoot more to make sure you get the other headshots you need. You should have enemeis diying from the arcane's particles even before you make your second shot. You can use mods that improve your aim glide if it's still hard.
  6. Yeah, it's a bug. It does't suppose to do that.
  7. Not sure about the skin getting stuck. Sounds like a bug. "Toggle Prime Details" appear only with TennoGen skins. The Graxx skins are TennoGen so it appears.
  8. This the main problem in Warframe in my eyes. There is no proper guideness for modding. With proper modding, your Volt, with your Boltor, and even your MK1-Furis can do much more. This mission is possible with your current gear (not including warframes as they're all pretty balanced in the hand of experianced players). Thing is, the people you asked and said this mission is easy is because they have mods. Myself included, I sneese in Valkyr's direction and she dies. You can do it as well and one day you will have a throw back of how you struggled with this part of the game (best kind of memories). I'll just write you the way I approche to modding with my weapons. It helped many before you and you will be the next. First thing to keep in mind: there is no "best build". No matter what people say, there are many ways to make a good build with the same weapon and none of them is better then the other. We will take your regular old Boltor as an example in this guide. "Does it worth a potato?" "Potato" is a common nickname for Orokin Reactors and Orokin Catalysts in case you don't know. It doubles your mod capacity. In my state in the game there no question, I add a potato to every single weapon I get because I can afford it. At your state you must think about it. If you don't see yourself using this weapon much in the future, don't bother adding a potato. If you like this weapon, do consider. I won't tell you how to play the game and on what to invest your potatos. Prioritse upgrading mods over adding more mods. Mentioned it before. Stronger mods are better then adding more mods. You don't have to fill every single slot you have to make a decent build. You do if you want to make the most out of the weapon, but at your state it isn't a must. Pure Damage. Now the actual modding. Most players prioritise pure damage mods over any mod. Mods like Serration and Pressure Point. The reason for it is simply because of how enemy scaling is working in the game. No reason not having a damage mod on your weapon. Multyshot. Skip this step with melee weapons as there is no multyshot with melee. Multyshot is the stat the decide the chance of shooting more bullets with each pull of the trigger (number of pellets if it's a shotgun). I don't know the full math behind the damage boost that it gives, but it's very noticeable in practice. This is the Split Chamber mod I mentioned. For example, the Boltor shoot one bullet with each round. Adding 50% multyshot will give it 50% chance to shoot two bullets instead of one with each round. 150% multyshot means two bullets with 50% chance for three. You get the idea. In short, it's damage boost, not reason not to have. It doesn't consume more bullets from your ammo pool. Attack Speed and Fire Rate. Not much to say, it's how fast you hit your enemies. Do note that faster shooting weapons eat your ammo faster. I personaly don't use fire rate mods on weapons with poor ammo capacity, you may want. Your choise. On melee weapons, I don't see a reason for not having one. I would add fire rate to the Boltor. Critical and Status. This is where the actuall weapon start to matter and the weapon really start to shine. Critical Chance is the chance for a hit to be enhanced (total damage X critical multiplier). Can be more then 100% for even more damage. Status Chance is the chance to proc status effects. Capped at 100%. Worth checking what each status effect does. Check your weapon's stats and see where are it's strengths: does it have more critical chance or status chance? Both are great? I make sure that the strong parts of the weapons will be even stronger and I don't bother with the weaker sides that much. Players usually consider 20%+ on either critical chance or status chance as good. The Boltor is actually a great example for something, it have only 10% critical chance and 14% status chance. Not worth investing on either sides and one reason why it is considered a low tier weapon ("Mastery Fodder" as we like to call it. Worth nothing but for the mastery points). If I were to mod the Boltor, I would just ignore both and go heavy on more damage. There is a way to make a somewhat decent crit build for every melee weapon, but you're not at that point of the game just yet and without a question don't have the mods for this kind of build (check the Blood Rush mod if you're really interested). Not worth it every time, but cool to mess around and amazing if you got a weapon with high crit chance. Elemental Damage. You have these mods that add damage for an elemental damage. This is the time to use them. This is not including IPS (Impact Punchture and Slash). There are two commonly used types of elemental damage mods: "90% Elemental" (pure elemetal damage) and "Dual Status" (60% elemental damage and 60% status chance). I check the status chance again to decide which of the two types I take for my build, one is better for more damage and the other is better to kick in more status. I don't know if you have dual status mods so it might be irelevant for you. Simply put, I use dual status mods if I have a weapon with a good amount of status chance and the 90% if it doesn't. With the Boltor, I will take the 90%. Now I got to decide which elemetal damage to use. Each enemy have a weakness to some damage types, take advantage of that. There are 4 primery elements in the game: Toxin, Electirc, Cold and Heat. Combining two of them will create a secondary elemental damage. The way to combine is by the order of the slots which you pot the mods in. The game count the mods from top row first and buttom row seond, left to right. If for example I add toxin damage in the top right slot and heat damage on the top middle left slot, I will get gas damage. If I add electric damage in the slot between them, I will get corrosive damage and heat damage. Viral damage is popular (cold + toxin) with more slash damage. This combination halves the maximum health of the enemy and cause bleeding (half health from Viral and bleeding from slash). I personaly rock with corrisive + heat. Corrosive strips armor from enemies and heat to have something for corpus enemies. As of the devstream that was just two hours ago, seems like heat is getting an upgrade. You decide what to use. Utility. Taking care for what the weapon is weak at. Slow reloads, heavy recoil, ammo economy, even projectile flight speed. I take care of them last if I have the capacity. As far as warframes goes. Same basic idea. Take advantage the warframe's strengths and make them batter. Each warframe is unique so it's very hard to make a guide for it.
  9. The Lex is awsome, at least my personal recommandation. It's Prime version is top teir, but you don't have the mastery rank for it. Prioritise damage and critical chance/damage for it. Got an awful reload speed but the damage worth it. You can counter that with Quickdraw if you have the space.
  10. No one knows when Guandao Prime will be added. Can be with the next prime access. It is a Tenno made weapon so there is no reason not to have one at one point. Nezha However need to wait a few more months. The release of prime warframes is Male-Male-Female-Female. Atlas Prime just got released so the next prime should be in 3 more months. Wukong Prime was before Atlas Prime, so the next two warframes to be primed are both females (most chances for Ivara next and Titania after as the oldest none prime takes priority). Each Prime access lasts 3 months, so add 6 to the 3 from Atlas Prime and we got 9 months at the very minimum. Funny thing is, Nezha is currently the oldest none prime male warframe (second oldest none prime as Ivara is the oldest none prime). So, the prediction says that Nezha Prime should be released in 9 months at the very minimum. Can't 100% confirm tho, I'm not the one deciding. After Nezha should be Inaros, and then two female warframes.
  11. Your mods are the problem. First and formost, did you rank up mods? It's better to have upgraded mods then to have many mods. Foir the builds: Volt Remove Steel Fiber and Redirection. They don't help much as Volt is a glass cannon. Add Vitality instead and rank it up. Boltor Remove Rifle Apitude, Ammo Drum and Fast Hands. The Boltor is a low teir weapon and to get the best out of it in mid-levels is by ramping up the damage. Add Serration and Split Chamber, add toxin damage if you have space. MK1-Furis Just get rid of this weapon. This is a beginner weapon, at the point you're at you should upgrade. Dark Sword Replace Organ Shatter with Fever Strike (the one that add toxin damage, don't remember it's name). Organ Shatter won't help you much without critical chance.
  12. This and trade tax. You can tax players who use this trading post for X amount of credits, no matter if the players are in your clan or not. You can use these credits only for the benefit of the clan.
  13. Seems like I was lucky. Took me about 4-5 runs total of 8 rounds each. Got the secondary on the second run and the primery on the last run. Thing is that this mission is easy for me so far and I feel like I can reach 10 rounds solo. Because of that, I need less runs to get it.
  14. 1. Defenetly a better secondary, at least in my opinion. Lex Prime even better. 2. Yes. I don't know if you have it or not so I didn't mention. I would personaly replace Stretch for Continuity, but add Stretch back in when you have the space. You can hover over the ability icons to see the changed stats for each ability. You think right about modding. Keep it up.
  15. So next quest for you is Chains of Harrow. This is the "horror" quest so if you want to get the full experiance, play in the dark. 😄 The codex should show you the requirements to start this quest.
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