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  1. Is that a new Eidolon easter egg?

    DE are full of surprises, who knows...
  2. How far "ignore a player" goes ?

    I never used this system so I can't tell for sure. Can you answer?
  3. Use skins on Zaws

    I remember reading a post asking about Zaw skins as well and one of DE's stuff answered there. He noted that the Zaw works differently from other weapons and because of this unique system and mesh it's not easy to apply a code that will support skins for Zaws, at least from the kind that change the model (mesh). In other words: possible, but not any time soon due to difficulties.
  4. How far "ignore a player" goes ?

    You will also won't get a match with them. It's like they doesn't exist for you.
  5. Ohh, it's there... I havn't used this website in a long time because I usually price by myself...
  6. Just ask him to contact support. It's too easy to trigger this bunning system. I heard about a guy that got banned from having Hamachi open. Give it a week or two and most chances he will get his account back.
  7. There is a rep system???? I'm selling stuff for ages and find it just now???
  8. Small Zephyr tweak (turbulence)

    Makes some sense with physics, but not when it comes to game design. If you can't get hit by bullets (both projectile based and hit-scan), this is an amazing ability. Making it ragdoll nearby enemies makes it too strong as now you can't also get hit with a melee attacks which is the only kind of damage dealing mechnism that can hit you when it's on. Thats makes you just invinsible, even stronger than Valkyr's Hysteria as Zephyr is not limited to melee.
  9. Exodia!?

    If it have red, it's for Zaws. Which are the best I don't know because I only ever tried two, kinda boring to farm resources to craft them... The Exodia Contagion allows you to unleash a projectile that deals more damage it it travels for more than 30 meters, it's like having a Penta with a melee. I like this one. The Exodia Epidemic sends a shockwave forward with slam attacks. The shockwave slows enemies like with Rhino's Stomp and deals a little damage. Exodia Force sounds interesting and Exodia Might give you a chance to lifesteal with finishers. Exodia Hunt have something interesting and the other 3 are trash (channeling dependent).
  10. Warframe concpet: Mechnata

    This^^ Adding to it: Stats: I hope it's when you're maxed out, because this is alot even for a tanky frame like Chroma or Valkyr. Also, what is this "armor type"? What does it do? How is it different than the regualr armor? Isn't it enough for a passive? Passive: I might just didn't get it, but this passive is not good: you start bleeding out, and keep playing like nothing happened? Is there a timer or something like regualr bleedout so you face death like any other frame? Why the fast moving, people now will try reviving you and you can just keep running? This is a recapie for salt as people will try reviving you, you keep running and don't get revived because you're just running like a madman and your team mates need to keep up with you. Then you wander why your team is trolling you by starting to revive and not finishing it... 1: So a much more powerful and relyable Ballistinc Battery? People will spend the entire mission in this mode killing enemies because it's so easy. Damn, this will one shot endurance level enemies... 2: This is the only ability that makes some sence here. I will keep it as it is. 3: What? What does "consuming" means? Is it killing the enemy? Is it just damaging? What is happening here? There is not enough information here on how it's working, but is sounds broken as hell. 4: So a much more mobile and powerful Absorb? Like the augment for Absorb wasn't powerful enough... I think the passive is good here instead. Overwhole, sounds broken as hell. The whole point in warframe is to have a different set of skills and different gameplay, but keeing the balanace between all of them so no frame is better than another. Your idea is just streight up powerful than the rest. If I got this frame, why will I take any other frame? Think about it.
  11. Coming Soon: Devstream #108!

    Any news on Sacrifice?

    will probuby be my first prime access that I buy instead of grind.
  13. One way of retaining new players

    As a veteran player, I never really thought about it. I jump into an alert and can't tell the difference if it's a nightmare or not because I',m the one how one shot everything and not the enemies.. I think it's a good idea to note it's a nightmare mission in the alerts pannel.
  14. It really depends on what DE add for Venus. DE mentioned in their devstream that they're thinking how to keep PoE relevant if I'm not mistaking so it doesn't worry me too much. My guess that in the first month or two we will have more player in Venus, it might make PoE barren, but player will return to PoE at one point.
  15. Limit of mods and MR

    And untill then, DE will already have a solution.