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  1. The (not so) Brilliant Shard Breakdown: Endo/Etc!

    Didn't know you can trade shards for focus...
  2. Can confirm, happens to me too. How to replicate: 1. Get a Zaw of any kind and equip it. 2. Enter the "upgrade" menu and equip a stance mod. 3. Exit the upgrade menu. 4. Exit the arsenal. 5. Return to the arsenal and enter the upgrade menu of the Zaw again. 6. The stance is not equiped anymore.
  3. Decent Shotgun for someone who isn't MR12?

    The regular Tigris and the Hek are good as they are. I also heard the Sobek is nice but last time I had this weapon it was before the buff to shotguns. I can't tell for sure.
  4. So how Dark Souls III became successful? The animation and the gameplay in the trailers say more about the game than the enemies design. Once you get into the game you relize why the enemies look like that.
  5. A question about Prime vs. normal

    If the balancing have anything to give for the regualr warframes, I think, is that the primes and the regulars will have the same stats. I see no resone to give anything in favor of the regular over the primes in any condition. Once again, only apply to warframes, not weapons.
  6. A question about Prime vs. normal

    No, not true. Primes are better in some stats compared to the regular ones. There is no differense in mobility, only in sprint speed and the advantage goes to the primes. In other words, if it's a prime - it's better than it's regular version. It only apply to warframes tho, weapons works differently.
  7. And Unairu, now...

    I think these affect the operator's armor and health, not sure about the warframe because I didn't see any change in the Warframe's energy pool with Zanurik...
  8. I didn't think it is possible, but I joined a squad in PoE at the same time that they finished. The moment I got in I got the summery UI and the game went dark, I couldn't see anything or do anything but forcing the game to shut from the task manager. How to replicate: 1. On the squad side that was already there (made of 1, 2 or 3 members), all team members but one need to wait of the last one to go out in the gates of Cetus. 2. On the guy with the bug, go to Cetus. 3. Make sure matchmaking is on "public". 4. Go to the plains alone and without any bounty. 5. The moment a squad has found, the last team member who was there gets through the gate to finish the mission. This done while the game still loading for the guy outside. 6. The game should now freeze for a moment. 7. Now the game stops freezing and the screen gos black. 8. Summery window should appear with nothing inside. 9. Pressing ESC should close the summery window as intended but the screen stays dark. Players shouldn't be able to join a squad while someone is waiting to go out.
  9. Can anyone help me out with Loki prime?

    Only by trading, I already sold the sets I had for about 400 plats.
  10. Allow us to farm Focus with Operators

    I do believe that focus should be gained through operator kills, but I think 50% is a little too much. I think 20% or even 15% is enough considering the amount of xp you can get in a single mission is extremely high sometimes.
  11. Between the Hyekka master and Kela De Thaym are the defectors.
  12. What is the price of my riven?

    The crit chance and damage is amazing for this weapon. Heat is ok. The -33% magazing capacity hurts this weapon badly because the Amprex eat ammo fast. I would give it 150-200 plats, I'm not a master with pricing and especially rivens. Your choise.
  13. Status or Crit/Damage

    For the Tigris Prime status is better because of only 10% critical chance but 30% status chance. It will shred armor and health in no time. The Vaykor Hek however can benefit from both critical and status (both at 25%). This one is a personal taste and what you like more: critical or status. I won't tell you how to build, I can only help you get better understanding. Both weapons hit like a truck anyway.
  14. Weapons you seem to use but no one else does

    Glaive Prime, or most throwing melees to be honest... I find them powerful and useful in every situation... And no, I have no riven for... Any melee... I have no luck getting one...
  15. Talk about Gara

    As I said, I don't have a problem with it as I move a lot anyway, but I played with players who does have a problem with those kind of things (Snow Globe blocks your fire). It depends a lot on where you put it.