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  1. But can Peacemaker hit the targets on the wall? You still need to aim.
  2. I personally like to take tanky warframes because I trust my aim enough to target Kela without Mesa's Peacemaker. Tanky warframes because you will be stationary a lot and won't move as much as you usually do. There are parts in the fight that require you to stand on a pad and shoot at other pads on the walls. If you move from the pad before hitting all targets, it resets and you need to do it again. There are enemies there that can stagger you and it can get annoying because it's just enough to move you off the pad. A warframe that can resist is advised, like Rhino.
  3. I see no reason for not stabbing your lich at any time. Stabbing gives more murmur then thralls if you fail the sequence. After the last update, liches doesn't kill you. They drop kuva if they are not rank 5. By taking Requiem mods and stabbing, you either: Get lucky, either vanquesh or convert your lich and can more on to the next lich. You fail and know a sequence that doesn't work. You can switch up the mods and repeat, narrowing you options and increase your chance of a lucky success. You can bring your lich to your knees and not stab him/her. The lich will just leave after three times without ranking up but you won't get the above.
  4. It mostly depends on what you like doing in the game. I for example is a "collector"/"Achiever". I for example want to own every warframe, weapon, companian and whatever. I want to get all the ephemeras even though I probubly won't use some of them. I scan everything. There is the achevement section in the profile, I want to complete all of them. Those kind of stuff. You are also at the point of min-maxing your builds, starting to get the most out of your weapons and warframes. Spend forma, spend a potato. You do you.
  5. Miss clicks are a thing. You have no idea how many times I miss clicked on what I wanted to forge in railjack missions and the "hold to confirm" saved me. I bet I'm not the only one. Hold to confirm a forma does sounds noce.
  6. I personaly think the syndicates and the affinity should be seperated. I barely care about the syndicates as I maxed out 4 of them, but I almost always care about affinity. At the very least, have the affinity BEFORE the syndicates. I don't like the new resource section. It looks cramped and a mess. At the very least sort the rewards. Maybe hiding all of the information under categories: "Mods", "Resources", "Relics" and "Other". Hovering over one will reveal the rewarded items under this category. We farm spesific items in the game and we sometimes don't care what we got other then one item we were looking for. For example: I don't care what mods I get from the missions while I farm for Argon Crystals. What I look for in every mission I do, is usualy for one specific item or resource, the rest is noise. What we need is to find that one item quickly in the sea of rewards we got. By orginizing the rewards under categories, hiding the rewards, and hovering with the mouse over a category to show the related rewards, you will remove noise from our eyes and make it easier for us to find it. Credits doesn't need to be big and take a lot of space because we always get it. It can always be shown to the players in that case. I took a little time and designed a new UI: I streamlined a bit the ability to find specific items in this screen while removing noise. Most of the time, by my experiance, players are looking for two things: Affinity Always visible. Syndicates standing is not something we constantly look for compared to affinity and resources, so I seperated it from the affinity and made the section smaller. Resources. The issue we have with the current UI and the new suggested UI, is the sheer quantity of different items we get. It gets more messy as we get closer to the end game and makes it harder for us to find specific items in this mess. Instead of having it constently visible like the affinity section, I did the exact opposite and hid the resources under categories to remove the noise. Players will hover with their mouse over the blocks to show only the related items in this category (optionally clicking to keep the window open?). If we farmed for argon crystals for example, we don't need to see the mods we got. We need to find what we farmed for quickly. "Mods" block shows only the mods we got. "Resources" block shows only the resources we got. "Other" block shows whatever does not answer the other two categories: prime parts, blueprints, endo, relics, etc. It have the same structure of the Resources window.
  7. First of all, congrats on your first kill. Second, it was awsome to read your epic tale. I'm a sucker of these kind of stories, make something casual sound way better then it is. Third. I think it depends a little on your experiance with the game and how far in you are. There are quite a lot of people who got rid of their first lich on the first day. I guess you don't have everything in the game yet so I can totaly see how it is a grind. For someone like me at the time, I could affordt focusing on my lich because I had nothing else to grind. I was done with my first lich in less then a week. Here is the deal tho. Liches are designed to be a big part of your journey because it is your personal nemesis. We suppose to develop a deep relationship with the lich. I didn't get to develop this kind of memerable moments with my first lich because I defeated her so fast. I defeated my second lich in a day or two. I barely remember anything of my first lich beside the fact she dropped an awsome weapon which I should use more. You on the other hand did develop relationship with the lich. Without it, you couldn't tell this epic story. You will remember this lich and what it means for you. I also want to tell stories about my adventures with my first lich. Treasrue this experiance, many others like me don't have this kind of experiance. Last. You said your lich had a funny name. One of my was named "Bekk Fackemoff". Top that. The sad part is that this is the only name I remember, this is because she dropped the archgun and I see this weapon every time I finish a mission...
  8. ^^ Adding to this: I also played a few archwing missions and didn't have any issues with the crew memebers when it comes to roles. The host is the captain and usualy the pilot, the second to join the seassion run around the ship and infultrate enemy crew ships every once in a while. Third to join either stay with the ship or an away crew, splitting the role the guy before him has. This also apply to the fourth guy. We just know what need to be done and let the rest do what they are currently doing. Sometimes the captain tell someone to focus on a spesific role or give a task that need to be done and the guy who suppose to do it can't at the moment. I'm yet to meet someone that isn't fine with that. I agree that there are roles and tasks that need to be done, it's also better to know your place on the ship and do what must be done to complete the mission. My issue with what you suggested is implementing it. I don't like it when the game tells me what the crew need. For example the game tell me that I am the engineer on board so I must focus on maintence, if I won't do that something will happen. I'm not sure you if you mean implementing this kind of feature, I just mentioned it in case it crosses someone's mind. The game also has instrinsics that allow each player to choose his own specialties. What if I join a public squad with high piloting and barely anything on the rest? What if the rest of the squad mates have the exact same specialties as me? Giving perks with assigned roles apon join the squad will help it, but then we lose the whole point of having intrinsics. Why have intrinsics if the game tell us what to do anyway? Railjack is about coop, it mean we all must accept each other and do our job for a common goal reguardless of our roles and intrensics. We need to communicate. If one is doing whatever he wants and doesn't communicate then we have a problem, hopefully it will teach him to communicate better next time.
  9. Your choise, I shared my opinion. Don't worry too much about losing your Ash Prime, he just so happend to be unvaulted for a limited time.
  10. Welcome to end game Warframe. Wally would like to -TERIFFY- know you, "kiddo". It's normal. Your ship is haunted and this is all you have to know for now. Keep playing.
  11. Don't create a new account just yet. My friend just so happen to had the exact same issue as you with the email being too old and inactive it got deleted, happened just last month. My friend got a response in a week or two, you don't wait as long as you think. Just make sure you add in your support ticket the new email and verify it works.
  12. Nullifier concept. Used my skills in Blender to make a model. I'm not an artist, I'm a programmer and designer that happens to know Blender... I got better since then. Tried to use augment mods to make him an extremely versitle frame that can be either a glass cannon, a tank or something in between. No huntress concept. Never posted. Khora was announced before I could get a more solid concept. Didn't manage to find the metal warframe, I don't remember the name either. EDIT: Nullifier warframe is nearly 4 years ago, this is actually before I started learning game design.
  13. Once saw a concept about a molten metal warframe that I think can be great. It got archived and I can't find it or even remember it's name. I used to have a concept about a hawk huntress, but then Khora became a thing so I scrapped it. Used to have a concept about a nullifier warframe, probubly the best one I had. He was a combination of current Vauban and Excalibur. I had this concept like three years ago and about when I started learning game design. Now that I think about it, I think I can combine the molten metal and the nullifier warframes. I think I'll go with that.
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