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  1. Seems like it was my issue as well. It's possible to understand, but really hard.
  2. Got a notification, I know who you are :D Didn't see you in a while. I read through your concept and at some point I figured it will take too long to read through some feedbacks here. I'm writing mine around the fact I read only the concept and a bit of the feedbacks. Take that in mind. I copied the concept here so we won't have to go back to page 1 and read again. First off, explain what a "kitsune" is. It seems like most people here know what it is and so do I, but an explaination will be welcomes in case someone doesn't know. Actually, I remembered what a kitsune is only when re
  3. These answers if we're serious. ^^
  4. Valkyr was never a top notch warframe. It's mostly the meta that changed and left Valkyr behind to gether dust. These days she's a niche choise for a tank. She can get the job done, but there are many other warframes who can do her role better. Inaros is only good if you give him HP. He got no abilities worth your time. He's relevant because he's unkillable when modding for HP, but he got nothing more to offer. Unlike Valkyr, Inaros is not affected by nullifiers (because his abilities are not worth using).
  5. Hope so. He is the first Corpus who is actually frighning.
  6. This is the impression I got as well. Things is, I got the imression that Pravos is a potential ally and a potential enemy. He doesn't really have a reason to wage war with someone, but he also doesn't have a reason to support anyone. The Corpus backstabbed him, he can't even trust his own faction he founded. I figured he doesn't trust anyone in his current state so he doesn't make allies at all but takes notes. He just now got out of his Void pocket and need to learn how the system changed since the last time he walked freely. Also remember that he is a Corpus, it's all about making buisnes
  7. Awsome. What I had in mind is more like a belt holding those rings, but I like your idea more.
  8. You don't need to answer to each question seperately. Quote once and answer all questions. I got 4 notifications and was wandering for what... For the subject. I understand what the rings are doing and what is their purpose, but I don't quite get from where they're coming from. Are they part of the frame like Nezha's Chakram or Protea's gadgets, or the frame summons those rings? Another things I thought about is the second ability. I like the idea of contolling the enemies by moving them on a path, but then I got this thought: if the enemies are orbiting the frame, will it hurt visib
  9. I don't really regret buying anything. There are skins I'm not using anymore, but I don't regret buying them. Some immortal skins for example, they were nice when there weren't many options like tennogen skins.
  10. You keep mentioning "rings". What are those rings? It sounds like there are rings around the frame's body but you didn't make it clear before listing the abilities. You wrote it assuming we know what do you mean with "rings". I didn't get the passive. What is "Causes" increase gas damage? I believe you wanted to say: "Deals additional gas damage to all abilities and weapons". You got a few grammer and spelling issues, but overwhole it's possible to understand. I really like that you kept the description short so we understand exactly what each ability does and won't get tired of rea
  11. I don't know if you posted just to save your progress or not. If that is the case, at least start with sharing the theme you thought about and what is his role in a squad (damage dealer, support, tank, etc.).
  12. Everyone in this tread gave you a lot of good advices and tips. The quests are your guidlines for about half of your journey in the game. Look at them in the codex and check what you didn't complete yet. The rest of the game will come naturally as the quests tend to teach you most of the things you need to know. Don't feel pressured getting new weapons and warframes. We told you many times already to take your time and play at your own pase, players tend to forget it when getting new gear. You can always aim for a unique weapon you want to try. Just know that while farming for someth
  13. SoonTM Not kidding. We don't have an exact date but we know it's one of the next updates.
  14. I like it. I think the pink parts can be more red but it might be just me.
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