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  1. FrostedMike

    The exergis worth it?

    I personally like it a lot, my new go-to shotgun. A little slow for most players, but it match my playstyle. I use it for Profit Taker a lot because it have 4 base damage types (IPS and Radiation). Unlike other people here in this thread, I do believe it have a place in high level missions. I say you grab it, if you don't like it you at least get mastery points.
  2. FrostedMike

    Button Mapping For Different Warframes

    I can feel you in this one. I also have my melee attack on LMB and I freak out when it's a different key.
  3. FrostedMike

    Button Mapping For Different Warframes

    Which is the best solution for the problem. To avoid as many problems as possible you need to remap the whole key binding. The more you think of it, the main issues will come with the point of doing so. If for example I changed my fire button or quick melee button to a different key, then the player will have to adapt his muscle memory for a single warframe. Now it's up to the player to remember how he mapped every single warframe / loadout, which hurt muscle memory. It's find and all when it's just one warframe, but let's say he use other warframes with the default key binding, then return to the custom mapped warframe, now he need ot remember his fire button or ability button is somewhere else. Sharing similar key binding helps the player to adapt to different mechanics and new upcominig mechanics, if it's in Warframe or not. Taking Warframe for example, when a new warframe will be added, players already knows how to play and they only need to adapt to the new abilities. New key binding is like learning a new game. In short, possible to implement, not sure about how wise it is both from development perspective and design perspective.
  4. FrostedMike

    So I ran into a problem on warframe

    both of you relog. If this doesn't work, send a support ticket.
  5. FrostedMike

    Button Mapping For Different Warframes

    Costum keybinding is not an issue, the gaming indastry is doing it for ages, the only difficuly is I don't know what does it mean "custom key binding" in the context OP gave us. Does it mean just the abilities or more? Like movement and weapon management? If it's just abilities that it's no problem to make: I can just add buttons under "Abilities" in the Arsenal that each takes a key code. Don't worry about the server, I don't think there is anything to do with it. Another difficuly is overlapping keys. For example. I want my first ability to be left click on the mouse, but in my default key binding I set under Options I also have Fire Weapon in left click. Where does Fire Weapon goes? I can't use an ability and shoot at the same time, this is not how this game works. How does the game know what to do? I also have another warframe with another custom key binding that have his first ability on 5 which is transference in my default key binding, what the game is doing now?
  6. FrostedMike

    I want to apply for working as a “noob helper”

    This ^^ Adding to it, do you know what does it mean to be a Guide of the Lotus? You need a lot of knowladge of every aspect of the game, need a lot of experiance, need to be respectful (don't use the word "noob" as a start) and I'm not sure what else. Everything you need to know is provided in the link in the comment I quoted. Judging from the fact you had to ask and didn't know it's called Guide of the Lotus, I guess you don't have enough experiance to apply just yet. Play more, gain experiance and get knowladge, we might see you as a guide in the future. If you want it, now it's the time to start training. Good luck.
  7. FrostedMike

    Button Mapping For Different Warframes

    By unique mapping you mean what? Movement? Abilities only? Weapons usage? All of them? As someone who made a custom keybinding for a small game, it can go from easy to difficult to implement very quickly because of the ever growing amount of warframes available to use and how many keys there are in the game, not to mention having two of the same warframe. If it's just abilities than it's easy enough. Implementation aside, how exaclty does this kind of system help the player? You mentioned limited hardware, can you explain? I never played Overwatch so I don't know this system.
  8. FrostedMike

    Joction of ceres

    I can't see what is in the picture. Can you explain?
  9. FrostedMike

    How does one mod?

    How to mod weapons 101: Something I recommand to check is your mods rank, you can have an amazing build but it will mean nothing without ranks. I saw so many people fall for not ranking up mods. The order of what I say is by proirity. The top of the list will be your first mods to put in, the buttom are your last mods. 1. Damage. The very first mods to add are damage mods, more spesificly Serration for rifles and bows, Point Blank (Primed if you have) for shotguns, Hornet Strike for secondaries and Pressure Point (Primed) for melee. More damage is always good and you have no reason not to use them. 2. Multyshot. Doesn't apply to melee because it doesn't use it. Multyshot says how many bullets/pellets are launched with every shot. For example, a bow with no multyshot mods will always shoot one arrow at a time because it have 0% multyshot, with maxed Split Chamber it will give you 90% multyshot which mean you have 90% chance to shoot two arrows instead of one, without wasting ammo. 100% multyshot you will shoot two arrows all the times, 200% for three arrows, you get the idea. Multyshot also give more damage and status chance. There is alot of math behind the status chance multyshot give but don't let it bother you how it works. With that said, it's like another damage mod, mo reason not to use it. 3. Attack speed and fire rate. Faster shooting and faster swinging, just applying damage faster. Not much need to explain more, you're smart enough. Do watch out with weapons that already have high fire rate, the consume a lot of ammo and more fire rate means you will run out of ammo faster. My recommandation is to not give more fire rate for weapons with 15 fire rate or more. 4. Critical and Status This is the complicated one and what will make your weapons good. Critical: Most weapons have some chance to land a critical hit. For example, a weapon with 10% ciritical chance will have 10% chance to land a "critical hit" with every swing/bullet, a little more complicated with shotguns but nothing to worry about and for you it's the same. The amount of damage a critical hit will do is determend by the critical multyplier. For example, a critical hit from a weapon with 100 base total damage and 2.3 critical multyplier will deal 100 x 2.3 = 230 damage. For basic modding: every weapon with 20% critical chance minimum is worth modding for critical hits, 15% is the bare minimum to be able to do it but not always worth it. Add critical chance mods and critical multyplier mods to increase the chance to lande mroe powerful hits and make these hits more powerful. For melee, its worth to replace Fury (attack speed mod) to Berserker (increase attack speed with critical hits). Don't worry if you don't have it, you use what you got. Status: Status chance is the chance you got to proc a status condition with every hit. This one is a little more complicated to talk about here but what you need to know for now is that it weakens the enemies you hit in some way or another depends on the damamge types the weapon have. 20% and above is good for a status build. The popular types of damage people use in the meta are Slash, Viral and Corrosive mostly, more spesific reason to use the rest but these three are good for most cases. Slash cause bleeding, dealing damage over time to enemies. Viral reduce the maximum health of the enemies by 50% for a short amount of duration. Corrosive reduces current armor by 25% permanently (for 8 seconds if you got this proc). A weapon with 100% status chance will always proc a status effect. 5. Elemetal Damage Yes, it's a damage mod which I listed at the top of the list but this time you need to be smart about it. You can't just put all of the mods and jump into a mission, you need to know how to combine them right because you will get different results with how you put them on your weapons. Elemental Damage are more spesificly those that give Heat, Cold, Electric and Toxin damage. You can ignore most of the IPS (Impact, Puncture, Slash) mods in most cases, there are some cases the Slash mod worth it but you can ignore it for now. Enemies have weaknesses to damage types so you can mod your weapon to be good against a spesific types of enemies. Most armored enemies (yellow health bar) are weak to Corrosive damage or Radiation damage, Shielded enemies (red bar and a blue bar together) are weak to Magnetic damage, those without any defenses (just a red health bar) depends on faction and type of enemy. The most importent thing to know when modding an elemental damage is how you combine them into a secondary damage type. The mods are applied from the left slot, runs on all the row going right, and do it again on the row below (left to right, top to buttom). The elemental mods will give you a new damage type depends how you added them: for example I put Cold damage on the top right slot and a Toxin damage on the buttom left slot, I will get Viral damage instead of Cold and Toxin. For more information about how to combine and what is the proc each type deals, see this: Now, it's usually enough to use the 90% damage mods (all are uncommon), but a weapon with a good status chance will do better with the dual status mods (rare mods, have only 60% of the damage but also give 60% status chance). Two mods are enough (one secondary damage type), add a third one if you have space and if you think it's worth it, 4 is usually too much. Some more mods worth checking out for more melee builds: Body Count Blood Rush Weeping Wounds Argon Scope Maiming Strike Reach / Primed Reach (worth it on long reach weapons).
  10. FrostedMike

    What is that HUD icon?

    Can you tell us what mods do you have on this loadout? All of them on the warframe, weapons and companian. There are some mods that share the same icon, I know that. EDIT: More accurate, but still doesn't explain 81%. It shows that Blood Rush and Mischief have this icon. EDIT 2: Blood Rush cannot have 81% exactly, but it's close: Mischief doesn't reach 81% no matter what. Post above me says it's the new Synth set mods and it seems like the only other way to get this icon to appear.
  11. FrostedMike

    Can I relearn how to play?

    Isn't that the default keys? You can go to Options and reset any keybind you have. You should have character movement with WASD and aiming with the mouse. You can also attach a controller if you like it. About what there is to learn. Not much changed in terms of core gameplay since the last time you played, if I understand correctly from the time you said you didn't play. It should be familiar to you. In any case, I think the best way for you to get back in is to do some short missions alone, this is so you won't rely on anyone's skills or have someone just running forward and you're trying to keep up with him instead of learning how to move again. You should be able to parkour again in no time. Some htings I recommand keeping an eye on: There were some major reworks to all weapons beside melee (coming soon). With rework I mean stat changes and how beam weapons apply damage. The meta you used to know is not the same today. Open worlds, don't let it take all of your time. If you was in the end game before leaving, this is something for you to do. Else, wait with it. There is always someone willing to help you when you need it, chat is your friend. Most things should come to you, play casually and you will be back in shape. This is my opinion. Feel free to quote me if you want and ask questions, I will answer when I can.
  12. FrostedMike

    So PC players....

    I like Chroma. If you want a squad, take more Chroma. I saw a lot of Inaros too so I suggest Chroma and Inaros, no matter how many from each. I like to run public matchs because everyone on the same mind set. Something I recommand doing first is take as many damage types as possible. Melee doesn't work but you can cheat it with a gunblade. I recommand the Exergis for primery because it have 4 built in damage types (IPS and Radiation), any secondary (Hystrix's ability to change damage type doesn't work on Profit Taker) and a gunblade (I know the Redeemer have built in Blast damage on shots). As far as arch-gun, I like the Imperator Vandal, didn't try the rest yet so I can't tell you how good they all are. Give it some damage types you missed but don't count on it to be accessable every time like the rest of your weapons.
  13. FrostedMike

    A New Warframe idea

    EDIT: Damn it, lost two hours of answering you... Give me another day to do it all over again...
  14. FrostedMike

    A New Warframe idea

    I do feel a difference, I don't know what mods you got there. Now, before deciding the stats, you should edit your post properly. It's a little hard to read with these blocks of texts. A good design starts with a good description which is easy to read and understand. You have no idea how many times my teachers at collage tell us to write our design documents properly.
  15. FrostedMike

    A New Warframe idea

    Exalted weapons take stats depends on what DE gave them. Ivara's Artemis Bow take stats from primery weapons for example. Titania's Dex Pixia used to take from primery but changed to secondary because of the dual wielding. Mesa's Regulators only make sence to take from secondary because this is Mesa and she's all about pistols. The rest are melee weapons. The only reason I see Orian's machine gun not being affected by arch gun weapons is because of the change in archwing mode, but coming myself with programming experiance there shouldn't be too much of a problem (It only make sence for "ArchGunWeapon" class, "PrimeryWeapon" class and "SecondaryWeapon" class to inherit from the same source. This is how I would design it). I will replay again tomorow, only had time for this short thing today.