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  1. Wukongs 5 levels of immortality works in dojo architect parkour rooms. Whenever you hit a red kill wal or any other trap that should kill you with wukong: Instead of dying and failing the course it triggers the 5 levels of immortality. (one of the levels even give 30s of pure kill wall and laser invulnerability) Intended behaviour should be to end the run whenever wukong is killed in a parkour architect room without triggering the 5 levels of immortality.
  2. Great, any chance the following will be looked into? Our clan is itching to race again.
  3. UPDATE: We've broken down and rebuild a dojo parkour architect room. This however did not fix the issue. All items placed a few meters from the entrance are moved to the middle of the room once you start the course. Currently our clan (Sages of the sun) is unable to do any of our custom obstacle courses. I tried to access some of the other featured dojo's and they did not have this issue. We did add a basement to have more room for the emperyan expansion recently, perhaps this could have caused this? Please take a look into this, we have a ew mambers that really love parkour runs. Thanks.
  4. Still no fix for custom obstacle courses? 😭
  5. It seems that obstacle courses are bugged currently. A clan member wanted to try one of my courses and saw that all decorations were cramped up together once he started the course. I verified it and got the same results: obsatcle course in dojo before activating the course obstacle course after activation, completely messed up I hope DE could fix this without making us lose these build rooms.
  6. Thanks for the update. Could you please look at custom parkour rooms in dojo's? They have been broken a few updates ago.
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