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  1. A cosmic room A golden room Entrati Center Large hall Cosmos Armory UFO Guest hall Salvador Dali Sand garden Altar of Ascensi Dry Dock Thor's Bridge Inspiron Corridor of patience Cave
  2. It is enough to install a panel with a list of clans participating in the competition in the Dojo, so that each player can cast a vote. Three points for a gold trophy, two for silver, and one for bronze. I think the idea is noteworthy
  3. Maybe it's time for players to choose the most interesting Dojo, because the last choice is some failure. You can install a voting panel in any Dojo and make it possible for everyone to vote for contestants in such a way that the clan cannot vote for themselves. As a reward should be decorations that no other clan has, it would distinguish the best. The Dojo could also list the winners so that everyone could visit the clans that won the highest trophy
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