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  1. I know man, but iFlynn said that, as a partner (part of the comunity of partners) he was under some pression to not to say what he really wanted to say and these mass quitting will sound an alarm on DE. Even Steve already gave explanations on Twitter and for sure DE shaked a little bit.
  2. Look at the gap and what is changing: Today, even with gás city, railjack promisse to be release until 31 december this year, we can observe the "Modus Operandi" from DE that is: A very small quest (some don't even count as one in the index), a mini boss and new warframe from that boss and new materials to farm just to make the set of recent released content. Now, look back: Harrow, Limbo, Octávia, Atlas, Inaros, Nidus, Titania, all of them from quests, true and dense cotent, history, lore, The Second Dream quest man what was that? Awesome! And maybe you can ask: - Do you know that took years to release second dream too? Yes, i do, but, look to the past: Warframe wasn't so famous (he is now one of the most FTP games played), he now have a bigger team and look what they did with a small team and players and what they are doing with so much. I will keep playing, and i personaly think that DE will hear and observe what's happening to the game to be even better. Good games have dense lores imho.
  3. I think that [DE] will hear theyr reasons for leaving and will do something, based in their good relationship with the community. I personaly think that, even with railjack being developed, the DE team should redirect some of their efforts to bring stuff to atract these players that left the game, for example, to stop with these big gaps between updates, to bring more content with what we already have (orokin ruins and tower, more landers, more lore related, more npcs with more mini quests and events, warframes that we acquire from quests not only farming from missions, etc), etc. I think that they are very comfortable just bringing a new warframe, a objective-grind with audio history, without much relevance and weapons and skins sometimes. This being said, i need to let clear thar i don't want to leave either, but only that i could use to play more if they bring more for me to do, because being a lvl 27 in this game means that you can do what you choose to do and with our actual options it's not that atractive. Ty
  4. Hello DE and team, good morning! I have one issue about Wukong's Iron Staff Prime. Altough the other exalted weapons never appear in the Codex, Iron Staff Prime is there, unleveled, despite the 3 formas i already put on it. Pls fix it. The Crewman (research) that before the att was found in gas city tilests isn't appearing anymore there (i already have ran avery mission in jupter). He moved to anywhere else or just dissapeared? thank you and good day!
  5. [DE] good evening! The Crewman (Research) target from Simaris isn't appearing anymore in gas city tilesets, i have ran every mission searching and he is gone. Pls fix this so i can complete the hunt. Thank you
  6. Nice! I persolnaly think that we have a lot of content unexplored, sincee the Orbiter that can improve it interior (we have broken wires since the launch of the game and lots of empty spaces in the operator room), only 3 landers (no Cetus lander, no Fortuna lander etc), no new companions from Cetus, new masks from Nakak, Archwings seems to have been abandoned, i don't see anyone playing arching missions, except to farm Atlas and grind for xp, and no new archwing model came too. I can make a extense list but i thing i have already exposed my p.o.v., we have a great game that create new stuff and then leave what they create behind sometimes leaving a feeling of emptyness even with a lot of things to do and this thoughts come to my mind everytime i look to my unfixed lander wall near the decorations room and to that unacessible tower in Cetus.
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