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  1. Yea maybe so. The foundry is one of those things that hasn't changed much over time either tbh
  2. I just enjoy the dark souls games personally and like the way they are laid out cuz they encourage player skill and they give enemies the same abilities and stuff as the player. But it doesn't have to be dark souls i think that's just a game most people know of lol. But yea it also has its flaws don't get me wrong and i don't want warframe to slow down like that i just think there are lessons that can be learned. Anyway about the chellenge and loadout strength well both can be important. With the complex mechanics or whatevs for enemies it could seriously change how much skill is required but ofc you dont want to erase loot either or gear. That's why a lot of enemy types would still stay the same. If every enemy required a mechanic to kill them it would be super skill focused but with gear it's like it is now with little to no skill needed, but with better ai just so the game isn't completely trivial and so enemies are just more interesting the enemies will just be better against warframes in general. But small buffs and stuff like when 20 fodder enemies are within 15m of eachother for example they get a damage and status buff, which is also almost non existent why don't enemies ever use status really?, with both of these contrasted enemies in the same place it creates a sort of tension and uhhh priority for certain targets and yea i already described the heavies but you also need to keep killing the fodder ones too and both enemies will require that you have at least decent gear. To keep fodder enemies from clumping up you'd want a good weapon and that wouldn't change much but with heavies you'd want to use more skill to kill them but even then you would need mods and stuff to kill enemies. For example if the heavy has a deployable shield you have to parkour around to shoot him then the faster you can kill the enemy the quicker you can move onto the fodder guys or get life support or whatever. I think both should matter and maybe you are right that they won't ever get to maxed potential but i think that's ok. I don't think the game needs to be one way completely either way but i think it should have a bit of both. You make a lot of good point and thanks for even taking time to talk about what i posted so far its nice to see different perspectives and opinions and i think you've helped me to see more then just my own opinion and i think that also helps DE.
  3. Most people dont pay anyways lol. Not only that it keeps them from getting more money from newer players because they don't stay long this being one of the reasons why. They make most of their money from primes and fashion frame im sure that's just there to stretch out content time so people can't go through things too quickly and shortening times on lower level stuff or doing what he said would help a bit, also multiple of small items would be great. They make less money if people don't stay but if they stay they will likely spend money on fashion or prime access anyways and with tennogen constantly bringing new fashion they don't even have to work to get extra cash from players.
  4. Also knocking down alies and taking their shields? Whyyy. That sounds like a troll mechanic xD if i read that right i don't think that will ever make it into the game.
  5. This is interesting but honestly i don't think its necessary for ash. He's in a really good spot but this would be interesting although it would change up his playstyle a bit and might be a bit OP. I will say this though i want a smoke bomb not invis, especially with the emphasis on fashion in warframe why would we want to be invisible the whole time? Plus it would make him more unique and useful so i think some things are a good idea but also might be better for a new frame possibly and a lot of balancing would need to be a thing.
  6. Warframe is in a very strange situation currently and it's very fast paced and unique so it needs to change a lot if they want endgame and challenge so that we don't hust steam roll things. But more importantly then that i don't think DE should take too much inspiration from other games. Adding raids would be nice but a raid with a layout like destiny wouldn't work in warframe most likely becuase it's a different type of game with a different pace. They have to make sure they adjust things so that it compliments the gameplay in warframe or else it'll be way too easy or it'll be so far removed from what people like about the game that a lot of people probably won't play it. But yea the boss rush things has been asked for multiple times, same with endless exterminate type modes but they kinda implemented that with eso. I think that warframe should just start with the foundations of the game and build from there. If the foundation is faulty or just isn't ideal the more content they create the more risk there will be with changing the foundations. Then they'll have to revisit tons of other systems to accommodate the changes. If we could just start with basic stuff after or even before they release railjack i think it would make the whole game a lot better but ofc others have their opinions too. I really don't want warframe just trying to shove other games stuff into the game though because most games aren't like warframe much at all and it just wouldn't work they'll need to find the core of those game modes and additions and apply them to warframe.
  7. The buffs could've been a great way to create a skill tree for weapons after they have been formad and you pump affinity into them and use kuva to unlock larger nodes on a skill tree or something like that. That would make people use weapons they like after they are maxed and improve them a bit. It would get rid of the rng. Give us some side progression to work on between updates and it would add bragging rights to having tons of affinity or time on a weapon. Instead they made slot machine type mods. Honestly they could even keep the mods and just add a progression system to them so that you pump affinity and kuva into the mod but it wouldn't be rng and it would be a lot more balanced amd could affect weapons in unique and interesting ways with various directions in the mod or skill tree so that you had to choose certain things over other giving more choice to builds it could've been so much more but they just kinda threw something together. I think the idea in itself wasn't terrible but the execution was poor but they can still change it. Warframe is always changing they can revamp the riven system but then a lot of people might get mad because they cant sell mods for tons of plat and they would feel like they wasted time and resources but honestly i think they could change it and it would improve the game as a whole. Honestly mods in general tend to be kinda messed. I mean mods for the most part are ok and stuff but things liek augments and stuff should be based on progression instead of just resources and rng that way players can change their builds without sacrificing mod slots all the time and once again it would give progression to the game and give people stuff to do and they could earn affinity however they want to. But i think they would also need to revisit how affinity is gained so that stealth mutipliers are still viable and usefull but staying and fighting super high level enemies or doing other missions and even being a good support char etc would give affinity so everyone doesn't end up doing the same stuff over and over. Ofc they could but with more sidegrade options it would open the other game modes up a bit and that would decrease burn out. There's so much DE can do with the current game we have they just need to try and make the game a bit more deep not just wide. DE is trying tho and that's better then most companies i just hope they see player feedback and threads so that the game improves the foundations so that the rest of the game improves naturally.
  8. I think i saw people asking for all non prime items or special items ,like wraith prisma etc, to have a lot lower build times. A lot of new players leave purely because the time gates, i almost did years ago because it can be frustrating at times. I think having some lower build times for weapons based on how good they are or mastery rank would be an interesting idea. Oooh or even better make mastery rank cool, give players a buff to build time the higher their mastery rank. Also set mastery rank build times like for anything for noobs the low leve/mastery itemsjust make them significantly faster to craft. Honestly a lot of new people leave because they think the game is p2w because blueprints aren't immediately seen so it looks like you have to buy plator because the time gates. Its really annoying having almost everything behind a time gate if they want to improve new player experience i think that would help a ton.
  9. I wouldn't say he's terrible but he could definitely flow better but more then that there are 2 things that keep me from playing revanent: 1.His design is kinda annoying and he doesn't suit my taste visually. 2. He's boringgggg. It doesn't matter how good a frame is in my opinion if he's boring. Ofc you dont want a fun bad frame but i also don't want a good boring frame. If he was just more enjoyable to play that would help a lot. I don't really know what changes to make to make him more enjoyable to play tbh but yea i think he's boring. Imo nezha is one of the most enjoyable frames to play atm but i don't really like the way either of his skins look but every now and then playing with him can be a lot of fun. I still think pablo is the frame GOAT cuz not only are his ideas effective and synergistic, but they tend to be fun at least for me anyways.
  10. Yea man a lot of people are talking about old warframe because back then we were a lot more limited and survivals were commonly run so people would kinda compete to get the longest run. The game was a lot more difficult and we couldn't just spam powers constantly and it gave you that feeling of fun because you had to be smart and master mechanics to win fights and stuff. You also had the feeling of achievement when you could solo a survival for 40mins easily or when you got to your first hour and some people went way further then that. I remember just doing solo survivals just because they were fun and challenging, not that those things didn't need improvements but the system was built to compliment the original idea of frames and movement so things worked together. But now things have changed in some areas and other areas are still ancient, with some innovations the foundations had to change but they didn't. The ai is still dumb, the enemies lack any weapon variety or mechanics for the most part, and endless game modes are useless to run and aren't fun due to the fact that they are way too easy now and since the scaling is out of wack. Now for basic content like fortuna and the star chart quest etc the game is pretty good or at least keeps you occupied for a bit but there was definitely a shift in the way you felt toward the game and stuff for a lot of people even though it has improved a lot it lost something along the way. I think it can easily be fixed with time and work but idk if it's worth it because so many people like the game where it's at. Also totally off topic but recently i noticed from old warframe vids wayyy back that some things just seemed better about the look and feel of the game. Like the game looked dark and griddy it lacks that look. It would be cool if we could get like a filter to add to the game for that darker kind of setting. Also rolling and running and and wall running just carried more weight now it kinda feels like we float more then anything. It's small thing and its complete preference but i think it would be cool to get that back somehow.
  11. Every game counters the players abilities in some way or tries to bring higher levels of skill out that's not the problem, the problem is that DE makes it to where it's oversaturated, and they tend to be very cheap or unfair. The cool thing about dark souls is that it was fair in the sense that enemies never cheated you, you died because you were careless or not ready. I think warframe could do the same thing, but often they just make it to where they literally take away out abilities instead of asking us to use them in more meaningful ways and varying tactics depending on the enemy and situation. No everything shouldn't be countered all at once that's dumb but having an enemy that is immune or resistant to melee but attacks you from long range for example while buffing alies in a radius wouldn't make you powerless it would cut off 1 form of combat for one enemy for short period of time asking you to rely on other forms to defeat the enemy. There's nothing wrong with that but ofc if there are 20 units in a room and one takes your energy, one keeps you from moving, and one reduces your damage ofc that wouldn't make sense. Look at games like emily wants to play the game is a scary game but its implementation of various mechanics was really smart. If a certain enemy popped up you couldn't move but another enemy would force you to move or he would catch you, they kept it balanced by giving a small period where you could move and not spawning both of them at the same time. Making a game where all you really do is walk really interesting. The same could be done in warframe where you have higher tier units that can block damage from one side or disable your powers in an area. It wouldn't make them invincible and wouldn't make your skills useless it would ask you to approach that enemy a different way and try to balance different mechanics so that you don't get put in a terrible spot. Ofc these are just suggestions there are probably better ones these are just off the top but taking away or resisting something the player can do isn't a bad thing. And like i said it would have a level requirement. If you are in a level 60 mission these enemies wouldn't pop up for example unless you were going for long duration endless missions. But obviously some people don't want that and that's ok. That's why i made the thread.
  12. Yea i agree DE tend to use cheap ways to make artificial difficulty i agree. I don't just want hard content ofc it would be fun but the thing is the game started slow and kinda clunky almost and enemies were built with that system in mind. But with innovations for players the enemies get little to none. Everyone hates armor and 1 shots it's not fun and it's not hard just annoying. The suggestions i made were ways to make the gameplay more engaging for the most part, add player skill rather then just better gear and the main changes would be with heavy enemies not all of them. I still think fodder enemies are supposed to be weak and should be taken out quickly blah blah, but improving ai as a whole and simply giving the enemies access to more mechanics similar to ours so we don't kill literally everything without a second thought would make the game more enjoyable to tons of players. Making telegraphs from enemies that shoot missiles that you have to dodge sometimes combined with enemies having weak points, or shields or something so that mobility and skill are required to outsmart the enemies and kill them quickly is a lot different then a stupid head that just makes everything invulnerable. Also giving fodder enemies buffs when they group together to make them a slight threat if you don't kill them quickly would make things interesting where you have to balance focusing on heavies and keeping the fodder enemies numbers short. It would just add tactics to the game. The gameplay would still be fast and ttk for enemies would be fairly short still butI. Instead of simply pressing 4 or shooting in a single direction all the time you would have to think about positioning and the types of enemies and how many there are. I even offered status changes for balance and simple ways to fix armor scaling and enemy damage so they aren't just 1 shotting people but so that they are a threat but still fair. Yes difficulty can exist in this game but it can't be a copy paste style from other games because few games have warframes mobility and damage potential so it takes a bit more thought. DE is fully capable i think but the thread was mainly about if the community would accept that or if they rather just stay with whats familiar. Just like the old days with coptering, people didn't want to change the movement system although it looked promising simply because it was different but today it is one of the best additions to the game imo but i think enemies need to adapt to that change you can't leave them where they are. Removing pointless or annoying mechanics would also help because ground slams from grineer heavies are useless and just annoying. I do think nullifiers aren't inherently bad though because they offer a change of pace and can easily be avoided and taken out maybe add physics so they cant go through walls tho.
  13. Please don't insult other people that's not nice plus this game has been around for years. But i see your perspective grinding wouldn't be harder though it would make gameplay more difficult after a certain level and mostly just more engaging.
  14. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including you but i don't think it's fair to tell people to basically stop sharing how they feel about the game. If you don't like it you dont have to read it btw just like you said we shouldn't play the game if we don't like it. Js. Anyways God bless dude have fun playing the game cx.
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