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  1. I would say a few things could use some help in Railjack. 1. Several Intrinsics feel useless. The largest cultrate of this is the Tactical tree as nearly half of the Intrinics feel weak or pointless, for example the Rank 5 ability "Overseer", Overseer gives the "Crew Chase Camera" which still doesn't explain what it is or how to use it. Also the Rank 7 & Rank 9 (which both reduce cooldown of Tactical Avionics by 20%) feel weak as most Tactical Avionics feel weak. To top it all off (pun intended) the capstone abilities for both Tactical and Piloting are absolutely pointless. You need
  2. Than we actually agree, I was comparing Hydroid's current ability set vs Vauban's abilities. I do agree with your ideas for changes to Hydroid's abilities but I don't think they do enough. I believe that if Hydroid is in his puddle while he summons the Kraken, the tentacles should pull enemies they grab into the puddle (doing both tentacle AND puddle damage). They should also change the Augment to his 1 from simply doing Corrosive status procs to stripping armor because it suffered GREATLY when DE changed how status procs were calculated with the Damage 2.0 update.
  3. I would have to disagree. All of Hydroid's abilities are focused around Crowd Control, and when his 1, 2, & 4 have a tendency to either ragdoll or flail their targets around the entire tile, it becomes rather useless. Let's compare him to the poster warframe for Crows Control, Vauban. Without the use of Augment mods, Vauban can do everything Hydroid can do and more. A single Fletcher Orb and a single cast of Bastion is strong enough to kill multiple Exemus Bombards within seconds and that can be done with a simple balanced build. Hydroid would have trouble killing any targets he has put un
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