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  1. It's Orokin "era". That doesn't mean made by the Orokin. This suggests the corpus were around for quite a while. But you'd think the current Detron would be better than the older models the corpus made.
  2. The nully crewmen are an awesome enemy. One time I had a two Nullies and arctic eximuses(eximi?) all grouped together. And all I had on me was my Telos Akbolto. It was literally impossible to break through the quad shield they had going on. The Nully shield acted as a sort of vanguard. Once the Nully shield got too small the eximus globes blocked all of my shots til the nullies had time to regen their shields. Used up all my revives and failed the mission. It was great :D...well...sort of...I kinda died...so maybe...not so great?
  3. I got 4 helmets in a row too. Fortunately I had one piece already and 7 keys.
  4. I guess having more things to interact with in the environment overall would be a plus.
  5. They can't disarm your melee...so...Sword Alone? Although I could be wrong. I never had my melee disarmed though.
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