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  1. You know for all this talk. DE explicitly has never had Bursas in sorties, and manics are myths now. They quite decided against the CC immune and resistant enemies, for some unfathomable reason that resembles what the rest of the people playing want...
  2. You know, this is the same reason people swear by manual hand touch labor, that the effort going into it makes the item somehow more important. Much like when they say manual gear shift is so much better than automatic, right before jackrabbiting into the traffic light and stripping the transmission, for the 15th time that year. Versus the people who use automatics since they are more effective in the 99.99% use cases.
  3. Nah, they need to rework Rhino so he isn't a press 2 frame. Like really, that's all people want with Rhino, he's pretty much the second frame people get, and such behavior shouldn't be encouraged. Of course given he is the crutch frame for DEAC, its not surprising.
  4. Right, so long build time on keys for beta. Couldn't you make like a beta key with only crap drops but lets us actually get in and test without using precious resources or being time walled?
  5. Because they are keeping separate entries without references and pointers. A simple answer would be to show entries and let people know what is there, if worried about dataminers and that future knowledge, just keep padding with fake stuff. Part of transparency would be to show actual postpatch parts and allow people to see and inspect on their own, particularly as this is a beta. Mistakes happen and the player base will find them far more quickly and can validate that it is an issue and not just poor rng, or worse improper rng. THis happens in even root certificate authorities and should be validated.
  6. Best mechanics method would be to require 4 keys and drop quadruple rewards at once. Perhaps hack the sabotage reroll mechanic and have a little console at the start of a key mission ala the vault door where the more keys the more rerolls you get. Add 3 consoles, since host always has key, presto rewards. Of course since the void blows up next month tentatively, this great and wonderful idea is not worth it. In so far as you OP, go play EVE Online, go play commodities, go play Ebay, and quality control for South Asian distributors. You'll realize the world is exactly this, and you are the subject of P T Barnum's famous saying.
  7. So when it became apparent you were the target, why didn't you just swap to friends only mode? Don't you have friends in this coop game?
  8. So wait, you're pushing yourself up against a lady, and when she tries to get away from you, you're upset? Or the ability denoted by giant neon glows and is listed as being the point of a jump pad is now trolling? Hey DE, could you make restores only function for the person who uses them? Its unfair that other people get the benefit without giving anything in return.
  9. Was there a thread or released reason for removing the idea of team bouncing with tonkor?
  10. He isn't corrupted in the void or present on Earth and Mercury.
  11. All you need is 4 valkyrs, just go and Hysteria your way through the vaults, you get to ignore the traps and other issues with ripline.
  12. Hmm, tommorow is April 1st and a Wednesday. Does this mean we will see a Trinity buff and a Rhino nerf?
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