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  1. Stuck at mr 19 for the last 3 years or so. Doing railjack this morning and was told "what MR19 noob doing end game content " by bunch of mr 28 in the ship. I be like Awkward walrus
  2. One of my pc still running window 7. And playing warframe in it.
  3. I got zekti with 1.3 second recharge delay. Im doing earth solo. And it's pretty good in my opinion. I stilll need a good reactor to make it battle ready tho
  4. For 500 ish point. Urghhhh.. Lower the cost or change for something worthwhile
  5. Rhino roar will probably patched out. I don't think it's intended to work with railjack. Or any other warframe skill
  6. I just need vidar sigma engine to make my ship battle worthy. Oh yeah need them avionics to. Seriously tho the RNG is insane. You need rng for it to drop. Then rng again for the stats. I kinda want to give up on railjack now
  7. DE not gonna change the resources requirements. It stated before. And even my dead clan give up on it long time ago. It's just 1 weapons you can live without it
  8. DE railjack rng currently. Farm ship parts. The loot table based on RNG. The stat of the item based on RNG. Sounds simple. But that like pulling the handle on jackpot machine and hope for 7 7 7 on a single pull. Which never gonna happen unless you got lucky
  9. It's tedious and boring. I quit on my 2nd lich. And now i got 1 more linger around. At least he is indifferent... and welcoming.. unlike lotus
  10. Just do it normal with pugs. You got resources. Parts and intrinsic. On ny way to 500 intrinsic point. I got 29.7% damage vidar weapon and 58.9% damage ice shotgun. Finish my shedu. Some avionics and enough resources to build 2 ship parts. Got troll so many time by rng on those vidar sigma generator tho
  11. Well i cant say. Because i don't even have half of those mods or avionics you mention. Still trying to get my jack battle ready.
  12. Well how about posting in the feedback section instead. That will definitely help
  13. You in a box. The loot is outside the box. 1% chance drop rate for certain mods. 50% chance of player manually get the loot. 90% chance of not seeing the loot. Added RNG for parts drop. DE : Profit
  14. I hope we dont need railjack. The grind for skill mods and parts to fly that thing and make it decent is a pain.
  15. I was able to build 1 shield today. Just 1 and all other parts are a standard one. Still get wrecked tho. At least i can decorated my ship
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