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  1. As i see, you fix Stars with Peetain... So you read replies. Please, for a glory of Lotus, do not add this extra B rotation. I know for some point it's mean same time investment, but 1. There is no reason to do it same, couse you know, we kinda talk about buffs. 2. This inconsistancy already trigger me. One way you make same rotation as all nodes, and this make it unique in some pretty weird way for some weird reasons. That's like part in code from older version nobody know why it here and how it works. That's not even about droprates*, or extra 5 mins. That's about mentally health! *for example Adaptation outcome for 1000 30 min runs will change from 0.015*2000+0.02*2000+0.025*2000=120 to 0.015*2000+0.02*1000+0.025*3000=125 And this will became even less noticeable for longer runs.
  2. LOL. So, for some reason you "decided against" majority of PvE game and leave no chance to get this skins not even after few years? Well, how about at least allowing the Universal Medallion became for other game mode source of Standing? Now it's just a joke. Let's say you need 100k Rep. 3min*20rounds( couse 5%)*100= 100 hours. For something this rare it should give 5k standing each to be barely usefull.
  3. So close to drag-n-drop, so close...
  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/rRAWgAk Dunno why you read this page, but now you will at least know that is Reb talking about.
  5. Wow, wow, wow. Can we chill here? Do you understand you are going to ban best players for your own mistakes? There is actually a small comunity, and it's amaizing in a first place how they keep themself alife for a 2 years. It's bad enough when you throw the words "exploit", "bug fix". The fact that we have lost the interaction of Hydroid and Necros for strange reasons is disgusting. But at least we haven't banned anyone. Of course, you can't ban almost everyone and Rebecca first. But if you ban those who are jealous of the majority, you will even get a little approval. When you take control abilities from all frames, but it stays with Loki, can I use it? What if it's not Loki? And if I can kill with this ability? And if on any other tileset the enemy can not be thrown beyond the borders, but here begins the event and you can do almost nothing with a mob. But, for some reason you can transpose em. And, say, this map flies at a huge height... Don't get me wrong. This is your game and you define the rules of the game. If you want - reduce the effective amount of loot, if you want to define the rules of the event. But, please, you don't have to scare people with a ban, just for the fact that they want to get the best result. I believe that you have the best intentions. But Warframe just doesn't allow you to say for sure if you're using a bug now, or if it's a mechanic's idea. Actually, you write about it yourself: But, for some mystical reason, this means that not only will players not be compensated for not being counted, but they will also be excluded from the competition in the future. Is it legal to use telepathy to learn the rules of the game? Because I may have to, but I'm afraid. Of course, when we talk about obvious software errors, as a negative damage is one thing. But when you write that "and now we will set a different definition of illicit and punish everyone who did not know that we would do so"... Don't you feel that something is wrong? P.S. And in fact, I would be the first to be happy if you really managed to set the boundaries. Last time I had to spend 16 hours just to be able to write about it two years later. And I doubt there's a single person out there, other than those we fought against, who would appreciate it. Unfortunately, your promise on the stream "do it faster to be the best" didn't come true. And we have another endurance run. P.P.S. You understand that there will be TOP clans anyway? And the only definition here is the ability and desire to use all the features of the game. That's kind of the point. For the average player in some sense it is even better to know that they are all cheaters and exploiters. Because even after cleaning the table, there will always be some results that are beyond compare.
  6. Can we have an option to you turn all this off?
  7. So you're saying that not only do I have to take care of the weak, untrained members of the random group (if we're talking about host migration), but I'm also getting a debuff for my efforts, not an award? Sounds legit. I'm sure everything they're gonna do to help, risking their lives. It will be especially helpful to know that if I am the only one who is ready to help, I will have to carry all five sacrificial stones around my neck. Simultaneously. Oh, i have so many questions here! 1. Does anyone on your team know that your scalping system is broken a little less than completely? This is especially true for the armor. Don't get me wrong, personally I don't care at all. I can handle it. Current Health = Base Health × ( 1 + ( Current Level − Base Level )2 × 0.015 ) This is your formula. What does it mean? Let's take Heavy Gunner as an example. Base LVL8, 300 HP LVL8 — 300 HP LVL60 — 12464 HP LVL80 — 23628 HP LVL100 — 38388 HP LVL120 — 56748 HP LVL140 — 78708 HP LVL160 — 104268 HP So, lvl60-80 mean dispersion in numbers is twice as high. But is looks like only quater, or only 20 levels. And dont foget about armor! Check this out, wiki now have cute feature! EHP calculator at every page! So, from 140000 EHP at lvl60 we are going to 2000000 at lvl160. Wonderful, isn't it? 2. It seems to me that when someone made a decision to reduse level growing, he had that as a reason. Or me and my friends are the only ones who stop because this mode is surprisingly tedious and you have statistics about the long runs for a few hours? Are you sure you're up for it? 3. Is this mode really so rewarding that no alleviation is possible without drawbacks? So, to summarize. Those who have gone through this mode without problems get more troubles with outgoing and incoming damage without anything in return, except a difficult moral choice. Should I revive this poor Tenno, who died three minutes after starting this mission? Is it worth the time? And in the end, am I ready to die in the process? At the same time, people for whom this mode presented some difficulties (as probably should be) get a unique opportunity to die once or twice by accident. In exchange for a significant worsening of conditions for them and as a result - the reduction of the award (long run -- more C rotation). Honestly, i don't think permadeath is a problem in any way. It was fun, after all. Maybe I'll feel a little better knowing I might die. Or I'll lose the pleasure of knowing that I was working at the limit and won. And someone will lose the opportunity to think that their defeat is just an accident.
  8. That's was one of the best orgasm in my life!
  9. Whoa! No more remidner my mom left me untill next quest forever!
  10. BTW Well, i guess, from now, much less ppl will use rivens then they need to give plat for somebody. And this data will be a bit more accurate later. Sorry, i don't believe anybody will pay 1000p for unrolled viper riven. Or Stubba. Stddev 1091, lol. itemType "Pistol Riven Mod" compatibility "STUBBA" rerolled false avg 395.5 stddev 1091.2167357064 min 10 max 4300 pop 0.0421
  11. Couse your ban politics is maximum unclear. People get bans for open Cheat Engine, they lost plat if they trade with somebody who bough plat from 3rd part. You didn't even can't clearly say can we use macros in mouse and KB, or not. Now, you even set up autoban in trade for 2 weeks. Maybe, there are reasons, but i guess, nobody who get lucky with cat don't know about it. Just like anyone else. And (exuse me if i mistaken here), once even clan giveaways was a reason for a ban. So, ppl try to avoid any kind of attension. Just in case.
  12. WHAT? I was thinking there is some FAKE FORMA in Sumulacrum, but they are REAL. I'm just use one and get unranked weapon. How is this a fix something?
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