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  1. — I feel like you are playing some different game... 1) Last world boss i saw was Wolf of Saturn Six... Dunno why i need to keep range, even if he is almost melee only. To make melee "borderline unusable" DE need to implement weak points. Or what you are even talking about? 2) Now about "one-shot territory". To be in this brave world, we need to have something with no charge rate, no reloading, meaningless firerate e.tc. Something at least like Soma Prime, but not only for Mercury. Otherwise this is just oversimplified picture. 3) Range is good by default just becouse m
  2. But... you are litterally first one who named Tensent. And i will explain. Everything else is fine in one way, or another. PA doesn't have exlusives besides glyph. And this glyph is basically bage "i gave money to DE". This is fine. PA have separate offer for cosmetics. And this is always something intresting. It doesn't feel like somebody make you pay for something you don't want. You just have this price for unique cosmetic and some free boosters to feel good. Because usually you don't have them active all the time. Deluxe is a little gimmic, if you want weapon s
  3. WOW. There did you find this ppl? THREE IN ONE PARTY. Does this really happend? Or you just imagine this to proof your point? Becouse this is never, never, never, never, never, happend to me for 5 years. Everytime somebody rush to point and fail it ASAP. And by ASAP i mean it. I've still at A and somebody already trigger B. And another situation, man deside he is the greates spy, and walk into room ignoring somebody already in. Surprisingly this cause fail. Always. Rarely. One person. Is intelegent enough to think "maybe i can just give this guys few second, before i rush and f
  4. LOL. How about have Market with more oblivious BPs? Do you really have many plat from a "wow, market! I should buy everything, there is my wallet"? I'm not sure, but IMHO this only leads to "this game is rediculos, i will delete it right now!".
  5. Good point, but we already have butterfly... From a very beginning. Naberus, and spider web... Tbh, art style™ is dead. Problem with wings — this is just plain vulgar. We are now generic MMO.
  6. So, how much time did you invest into your Aksomati riven? That's how F2P game economy works. Somebody invest time, somebody invest money. Nobody care, there you earn your plat, on full time job, or in game. Untill somebody actually buying some plat, cause if nobody does — there is no plat. The only way to make rivens disconnected from plat is to make them untradable. Of course this does not solve any problem itself. But pretty much will force DE to make riven rolling more reasonbale. Currently this is totally BS if you need to invest equivalent of 10k+ plat into the best roll
  7. I've just done this. Data from mr30 only. https://www.warframe.com/2020stats Prime frames are megred with regular. And almost noone actually use non-prime version. Tiers are just grouped by numbers No sorting within tiers. All value in % of total. TIER I'll go wherever you will go Inaros 7.84 Wukong 7.5 A bit surprising, but we have what we have. Just a simple nobrain pick. Nothing fancy. TIER Khora Khora 6.29 TIER That's what i'm talking about! Hildryn 4.25 Saryn 3.84 Mesa 4.08 Nekros 4.38
  8. Check link for a high rank players usage. I guess you are joking, but maybe you are not so lonely in your picks.
  9. WOW. You are not joking? The dream of orokin open world is real!
  10. Yeah, i'm aware. I mean "treat multishot as" not expain anything. Is should work in 82% istead of 90%. But just never work.
  11. I've tested this. And this doesn't make much sence. It is just bugged with it. 10% to stagger, let's say 3 instances. 1- (1-0.1)^3=0.271. Only 27% With just a casual Split Chamber 1 - (1-0.1)(1-0.09)=0.181 Only 18% I am pro. 18%!=100%
  12. Warframe.market advertising is not suspended itself. At least you can use links in QnA channel. If you not hide from us part there you blaim whole trade chat as scammers, maybe you get ban as a spammer. P.S. to check current prices visit I don't think this can be the case, but me, personally, recommend to use something more neutral. Like "for more real ppl offers that can lead to better prices" or something. Couse "scam" is really not a right term, and "current prices" do not exists at all.
  13. That's intresting. 30% almost never use rivens, and 30% more only somethimes. And this is for "high" ranks and active playerbase. I can say more. I did use rivens all the time (mostly) but want them to leave forever, with passion. I hate everything about it. Market, rng, stupidity of balancing, the way DE work with (like new guns now suxx just because). And yeah, i don't think about this as a contradiction. That's a major idea behind this game — create the best mod config. I will follow this idea, but i don't like the way i should do it.
  14. The real question is why you should, since 3 of the 4 ppl are meant to not use own RJ.
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