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  1. My immortal skins does not work no more with prime frames. Pls fix.
  2. Exuse me, but your logic is broken. Somehow from a "no answer" we came not to "get answer" but to "group that has relics". First off all i dont think you can expect everyone will just report to a random guy what relics they are use. Secondly -- you can't expect this to be true. Like guy who has relic has no motivation to keep leacher in group, and nobody can stop me from baiting and saying "yeah, i have %nidus% relic". This will lead us to the state, there doing public fissures just to get specific drop absolutely unreliable. You can't leave mission and be sure there was no %nidus% relic, you can't stay at mission and be sure there is %nidus% relic. This is how it will work. If I hadn't met you before, I would have thought it was just fat trolling. Now I know it's just an honest mistake. This whole topic is about preventing the behavior of people who expect special effect from public missions. And why are you wrong? Because "start a mission, complete a mission, extract" is not "the SOME way". This is just the way. The bare minimum. If someone has reasons to leave mission this is bad game design and should be solved. And yes, no one cares that you personally don't like Frost and Wisp and can't just explain to people why. That has nothing to do with the topic at all. If you think this is game problem and not yours/players problem, you can try to invent solution. But "there is problem X, so we don't need to deal with problem Y" just make no sense. P.S. And thats not only "i have less options to choose" problem. You have to collect reactant. If someone is forced to join in the middle of a mission it can lead to a problem. And I don't think creating an environment where players objectively make everyone else's game worse is a good idea.
  3. So, clever use of ability (the only actuall use for Switch Teleport in game) is now bug? Can you at least put this as "change" to be fair with yourself at least?
  4. Well... yes? I mean you pay for Syandana and insane Necramech skin. And 3rd item is just newish addition. We have fur pattern and Shawsin before. Do you want to exchange (half)infested orbiter for Shawsin?
  5. Well, i tell you. Hydron is the place for fast leveling. If you dont want to lvl up fast, you can just play any other node. It's not like this is the only place with affinity gain. If you use tools to speed up mission you are doing things right. If you are slow down process unintensenionally, you are just not smart. If you have been informed and keep doing the same -- you are troll. Is this really rocket science for anyone?
  6. Not really. Just piece of look which exclude normal sayndana using. And we got at least Banshee Soprana skin with a shoulder slot. It just not possible to fit with any armor piece. Other solution -- lock this slot. But instead we already get option. To replace it.
  7. Glad my feeling of RNG is on right side. p.s. 25-29 is only 5 results vs. 10,10,11. So it's even more heavily distributed than it looks like.
  8. You are joking, right? Did you even read what you are responding too? I can only repeat again. The entire system wasnt builded around this restriction. There were no major rebalance in capacity to keep this idea. Do you know even rivens are not forever in this game? And still there are numerous of weapons which is not follow this, as you stated, general rule. You can't defend further, cause you are not even started. You just saw problem and typed "working as intended", ignoring your own voice "but Tenet?..." "Quite oblivios" Primed firestorm Introduced Hotfix 29.5.6 (2020-12-01). As I said, for many years such a problem simply could not exist. Just because there were no such mods. Isn't it obvious to you? Didn't it become a little more obvious after I wrote about it the first time? Doesn't this not became a little more oblivios after i pointed this out first time? What is yours native language? What is even more fun, you are telling this is designed to make some restriction... But suggest to add 10% damage to bypass this restriction. Does it even make ANY sence?
  9. Did you just invented this? I mean, it wasn't the case for many years. It just DE adding new mods with more and more demand in capacity and it finally overflowed for a 1 (one, uno). And if you are goind to defend your point, pls explain Kuva and Tenet guns existance. Not just "i'm avare it exist", but reasons.
  10. You have quoting from moderators respond, and it's mentioning clans. And i can explain why. In the future event (which may come) you can have benefits from having another player to get rewards or placing in ranked tables. As a player i can make 74% sure suggestion nobody will ever care about your alt. Still, will not do it myself ever. As a human beeing i will recomend to ask http://support.warframe.com to be 100% sure.
  11. Yeah) You just got lucky every time. Just calculate how many missions you need to first circle, divide 1 by this number. This is your chance to meet someone stabbing Sister instead of ignoring. A bit better, cause they have same chance before and need less missions total. Am i wrong, or in reality it's much better? And can you please wrote about Oull few more times? But yeah, I was overly categorical, my bad. You have 12.5% to make blind guess. You have 33% to not be able to use Oull if you guess right on Venus. And If your Lich doesnt show up again it's mean rage meter is not high anyway, so you have not so much to lose. I'm not saying you are totally wrong. But the point of consistant profit is not focused to the simple NEVER.
  12. That's the only reason i have to write about it, you know. And sure, if you are talking only about your lich its "alot vs a little". But what if everyone act same way? Don't you think your gaining of murmur is faster than rage lvl only because of stabbing? It's imposisible to "not have reasons". To change disposition you need to have 2 full circles. And you will not. You keep rage lvl high, exactly to stab lich right after filling first circle, didn't you?
  13. And how is your reality related to a real life? I mean we discussing blind guess vs what? Versus the wolrd there we can't collect murmur at all? I mean full first circle. So 12.5% vs 33%. We calculating "chances this exactly mod is in the current position". And now, then i see the contradiction, i can understood the way you thinking maybe. Still, this is totally different procents. You shouldn't multiply em. If you have 100 mods it doent affect the one you already know, it will be affected only by numbers of positions (3 currently). And if you have 8 mods, it doesnt affected by number of possitions. Like if you have 1000000 slots, you still need only 8 attempts to guess first one. Your 2(!) in 3 chance is not related to anything. I mean if i'm wrong, describe what it will mean to you. And this too doesnt mean anything. In "reality" if you pick correct mod it doesnt mean anything by itself. It can be in second or third position. And you will need to multiplicate chances of guessing it by first position. Like 1/8*1/8=1/64 to guess mod in second position.
  14. No, i don't. I'm talking exactly about this downside. Sure, if we are about "nearaly garanteed" or moving toward this point, we have less and less difference of murmur loss. "But i can Oull". Sure, but i will know another requiem and have 33% (first correct/not) to test 2 mods same time. And, if it does, i do my kill cause i have Oull too.
  15. We all are in same position. So assuming "i will not stab" you should think of "no one will stab". And this comes with "no extra murmur for anyone". So yeah, you slow down everyone. And generally unfair. It's not like you get great advantage. You just move the window of opportuniny. Less murmur, less chance for another meeting to know right mod, so another hesitation for even less murmur. Do not forget the chance of blind guess. This is pretty exiting and 12.5% is already better chances than half things in the game. I'm confused what are you calculating. Blind guess is ALWAYS 1 of 8. There should be some mod in any specific place, there is only 8 requiem mods. It can't be less than that.
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