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  1. You know, i have idea... We have 10 seconds at mission end of whatever it used for... You can skip it solo, but not in group. If you really can't get rid of it, make it usefull. Just let it be 10 seconds of shinee showoff. Aaaand, if you really collect some metadata... Just left even less space, but flood it with IMPORTANT data. For example, if you pick mod first time how many of resourses/credits you get. Based on most wanted resourses everybody farm. How many Focus you collect by schools, not specific weapon If weapon get 3+ rank show it small icon and diff. Why not always? Becouse then you not powerleveling, that's doesnt really matter. Same time, show if weapon hit rank 30. For forma and mastery. With a cool animation. Couse it's matter. E t.c. If you love the idea, just PM me, i will try to provide all cases, and even rank em by imprortancy. ACTUALLY it will be win-win situation. This 10 seconds now nearly useless. But, if you try a bit, we all can be happy. Who need detailed info will get it nice and ez, who don't... Actually everybody will be pleased, then you able to get info what you need fast. And DE will have this comercial for cosmetic. Let's pretend i do not spend more time coloring frames that an average mission last. So yes, it will be cool if FASHIONFRAME will get some attention. P.S. So, 10 seconds of cool animation (and yes, please, if even ability screens have this S#&$, just make it COOL ANIMATIONS. At least use idle) with maybe even less space for info, but you should do some work and this be really wanted info. And after you are on Liset, you have detailed stats with button to back for "useless" screen.
  2. Can you please show us ONE of this type message? Just one single person who says "let's add TAB button for a screen with no info at all". One person who think "oh, nice, i can't see mission type then i click on planet, that's so much more better" Exuse me, but i don't believe you. Let me guess... For consistency? I'm talking about the end of mission screens now. When you clicked on the relic, you didn't see anything but a picture. Colorcoding?... What is it? Who need it, if we have small arrows? What a dumb idea to have mod rarity with different colors. Clean UI? 90% of our items have very recognizable icons? Yes, i'm very recoanize i get a credit(s?) after mission. And the system... You just delete major info why this screen exist. What are we should talking about? That's a pretty good explanation why confirmation windows does not exist in railjack... Exept they are still there. You just adding stuff for consistency without any reasons. If window does not content info you think it should... Just add this info. Is this a rocket science? Should it be discussed? Do you really prefer to have same button with an opposite interaction? Hold to apply, tap to change. Why this was implemented to a worst possibe place? Just right in time then it was not needed mostly. You know you can see mods stats right before you lvling 'em? Not a big deal, untill we have 3 schools with different drain and diff stats. And you actually WANT now to check 'em before confirmation. But, now for a "safety" reason you can't. Just like chech how much space-endo will be spend. Funny, in opposite, then you know what are you doing it now much slower. Instead of tap-tap-tap-done-confirm, you need to wait each time. Do you think this tedios procedure will save from mistakes? Is there a real person in a universe who will call it more precesion action? One time check vs. tedios repetetive (!) action? Hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-hoooold-ohwaitthatwasonemoreholdthanideedhowtorevertit?
  3. Do you understand why ppl use Serration? Or you keep using "whatever mod suits you"? That's really strange question, armor is armor. You dont need to get it crazy, 300 armor is not a high value, but already a 50% DR. Serration point (~66% DR) of special cornflaking is 600. This is Heavy Gunner lvl 16! -- But i can strip it! Sure you are. But why you want to do it? What the point of landing Slash shot in armor, and waiting for proсs? What the point of switching viral or gas for corrosive? What a magic aura you are using to even think about it? This question is like "why i should wear pants, i'm not duying without it. If i get cold, i can run. Why are you not just running?", or "Why do people use an umbrella? I checked, and I don't melt from the rain."
  4. And, there you get this FREE TO GET plat? I got only 50 and it's untradable.
  5. The real question is why you CAN spend 50 plat to hit timegate. Anyway, answer to you question is — couse it pointless. You can't fly anythere for now untill real update comes.
  6. You need 15 argon. So, to keep it in a day 5 you need 15x2x2x2x2x=240 for today. P.S. have no idea how you think it work, but it cut in half at second and every next day.
  7. Oh, nice. Now then i want to get specific weapon, i will have to deal with 1/12 instead of 1/13. Let me check math. So for 90% sure (mean 1 of 10 players will still be reducted) It changed from 0.9=1- (1-1/13)^x X=28.8 to 0.9=1- (1-1/12)^x X=26.5 runs. I believe that's a great reduction! P.S. Do you love trading, Bear? Will you be happy to read another S#&$ ton of offers WTS impact 25% Seer only 5000platinum? I don't want to play trade chat! I want progression. I want to at least be able pick a weapon before run! Invent some spy rumors, or whatever like syndicate standing with murmurs, so you trade converted Lich for a special badge, witch garantee spawn of specific weapon. And even this still mean you need to do it over and over again to get a desent bonus. Same with ephemera. I don't know, how somebody even get idea to join damage bonus with effects. But what was bad, bad, bad idea. That's even worst than a random weapon with a random %. Random on top of the random, with some random addition in the middle is already not intertating much. But pushing players to farm something completely useless just to CHANCE of getting cosmetic. That's evil! Is there somekind of pain-meter in your office? So, at one day you get alarm "players stop suffering from a Riven system" and RNG department in panic just invent as many mechanics as they could. And, before they have a chance to expain, all of this was added to the game at the same time. Anyway, it's feels exactly like this. BTW, killing me becouse i guess wrong is really creative! If somebody ask me to put RNG and punishing players for a right behavior I couldn't have invented anything what do it in a same time!
  8. That's just a new game mode — Warframe racing. PVP crashcourse. Ones i went back i see how 3 poor guys beating dead larlving. Not actually dead, he became immortal. But i never feel so bad in Warframe.
  9. Megan: Please, please, leave evac point, i want to kill my Lich. Everybody: No, you nerf our murmur, so doen't deserve this.
  10. Why we can't have nice things? This is a co-op game or that?
  11. LOL. I can't spawn any Larvling solo and hope they fix this. But, i guess it came so fast only then drop is bugged.
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