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  1. Did you change your mind so fast? Or what exactly mean "cap follow"? I've read this as cap follow scaling and have same multipler. And what about your question.... Oh, did you read the post or at least listen Pablo? He pointed out we shouldn't worry about cap, because lvl 400 and you will close to never see this cap in action. Obliviosly this is not true. Oh, this is copy-paste... Sorry, i don't understood you at all. You just throw away part there problem is. "This only applies for really high enemies and units". << does this looks like the example? 400+ content mean
  2. So, you get the idea parazon kills became a viable option do deal actual damage. And impact feature is to work with this idea. But, somehow you decide rules should be changed is a certan treshold. Can somebody who invented this explain what is the point of the strategy if it stop work at some point? Sure, lets pretend you didnt forget about SP (didn't you?). How it is "dangerous"? And for whom exactly working strategy is dangerous and why it's not dangerous for this guy before lvl 400?
  3. The problem with it: Pablo didn't say a word about it. I believe it is pretty ez to forget at all about this — code is code. And somebody already conclude SP is a special world, so this is OK. So second problem — you can't be sure for 100%.
  4. Thanks from vets. Dunno if it good intensions or not, but ok. Now, to the point. Marking loot is great. but what if i dont want to? For a 2D map it is absolute good, but for the only option to flood the main screen?.. Skills overthinking... Doesn't look great. I mean you just put crafting restrictions. TBH i was sure idea is opposite. Make everything accesable. But not a big deal for me. At least you dont broke anything, right? Now i will craft 2 dome charges by default, right? Right? What the point of the dash restriction? Like ok, i can take Itzal Nerf, but this
  5. — I feel like you are playing some different game... 1) Last world boss i saw was Wolf of Saturn Six... Dunno why i need to keep range, even if he is almost melee only. To make melee "borderline unusable" DE need to implement weak points. Or what you are even talking about? 2) Now about "one-shot territory". To be in this brave world, we need to have something with no charge rate, no reloading, meaningless firerate e.tc. Something at least like Soma Prime, but not only for Mercury. Otherwise this is just oversimplified picture. 3) Range is good by default just becouse m
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