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  1. Slightly sad to see manual blocking go away. I'm one of those edgy 'melee mains', and I rely on blocking for some expanded mobility, like Block-gliding (aim gliding with melee. Good if you dont want the zoom in you get from aim-gliding with a gun.), and the ability to rapidly change the direction of my rolls (Blocking or aiming while rolling allows you to change the direction of your roll really easily.). Personally, I REALLY like most of the changes, but I would rather be able to choose when to block. Blood for the Blood god and all that.
  2. Any chance we could get a gore/dismemberment overhaul? I wanna be able to hack robots to pieces, blow a grineer to bloody chunks with an explosion, or blast massive holes in infested units with an Opticor. Tbh I just wanna see MORE blood and dismemberment in the game, not necessarily an overhaul. Blood for the Blood God!
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