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New focus schools and more!

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read over a new section of Warframe that I will be introducing to you today.
This game has given me great joy, and I would like to see it continue to flourish. The game itself has an impressive amount of content. It surprises many to see a game developed in reverse fashion. Meaning, When a game first comes out, it is well received, and has an explosive release... In the best cases. Destiny, Monster Hunter, The Division, and so on. However, normally these games find it hard to continue holding on to their respective numbers as the game eventually ends, and there is nothing left to do.
Warframe first came out with a small player base, and has grown to become one of the most played games of all time. The gaming industry overall has seen this as well as consumers, but I am starting to see many frames and weapons being left behind. I do not mean to insult, however, I am just passing an observation. The introduction of new frames and weapons is great, but at this point it is starting to become a problem for older frames and weapons. Nyx, Mag, and Vauban are just a few examples I will give. They are great frames, but there are better frames replacing them, and in a since the game is starting to become flooded with too much competing content. Powers are starting to become reused, overpowered, or underpowered. No one wants to see their favorite frame get left behind, and although I do not have a permanent solution to the problem, I do have an Idea that will expand on current content and hopefully give way to a new branch of game play based around the operator instead of adding more water to the flood of warframes.
Digging deep into the games lore, I pulled out two names that seemed to be left behind. Two focus schools known as Penjaga, and Koneksi.
My idea revolves around the "lost school of Penjaga". The idea is to introduce a new quest giver to the player and introduce a new play style into the game as well. I have a basic outline below;

    The Penjaga focusing school will allow the operator to use transference on more than just Warframes. Instead of using full transference, it will show the operator how to use that ability to focus into mainframes, override security systems and in some cases, manipulate cephalons. This focus tree will enhance the stealth and hacking abilities of the operator and warframes as well.
It would also introduce a new type of operator suit that would come with "brackets" The idea in this would be to create new challenges for players. Instead of loading into a map with a warframe, the operator would load into a map on his/her own.
These brackets would allow for armor to be "snapped into place" giving the operator better movement, more armor, shields, health, or stealth. Ideally you would also be able to mix and match the pieces to create a custom setup for missions requiring the use of just your operator.
Armor pieces would include but are not limited to:
1.) Chest
2.) Arms
3.) Legs
4.) Capes and/or Sashes

Perhaps to introduce this new form of combat and get the player acclimated to its changes, a mission could start out with the use of a warframe, however in order to progress in that mission a certain area has to be accessed via the use of the operator. If this is a welcome change, then the full introduction of operator missions can hopefully be included into the game at some point.

The Warframes, though fun, have become a hindrance to the game in some ways, such as the abundance of different frames. Old frames are being drowned out by new frames, and the warframes abilities are getting to the point where they are being reused and too overpowered, or too underpowered. This would hopefully free up writers fatigue in the content creators as well as give the players something new to grind for.
The operator could also have weapons other than just the amps. Amps could be a specialized form of weapon to choose from. The operator would be aloud to use two weapons at a time. A primary weapon such as an amp, pistol, rifle, or anything light. Also a type of Melee weapon such as a saber, chain, dagger, or anything fairly small that would be believable for a "real person" to be able to use. The weapons could be powered by the natural powers the tenno use, "the void" hence the new schools transference teachings.
With heavy attacks replacing channeling for warframes, perhaps channeling could be something the operators could use instead of heavy attacks. "Melee only of course"

    The introduction of this new quest giver could be done through The Arbiters of Hexis. That is my idea anyway. They have yet to have a questline associated with them, and this presents the perfect opportunity to fill in a gap, as well as give the Arbiters of Hexis some history. The leader of the Arbiters as of now has been undefined as well. Below is a sample line that could be used as the leader of the Arbiters of Hexis introduces himself to the players operator;

    "Ah yes, welcome. I am Teriel Penjaga. One of the seven founders of your focus schools.
I'm sure you've heard of most of them, but perhaps you didn't know that there were two more schools that your lotus kept hidden from you. The Schools of Koneksi, and my school, the school of Penjaga.
I cant say where Koneksi is now, but we were both banished from the citadel for trying to free the Tenno from the slumber that former Archimedian Margulis put you into. We agreed that the children of the Zariman could be so much more than the warriors our Orokin brothers and sisters were turning them into. So, we introduced things in our teachings that gave rise to a train of thought that would eventually culminate in the Orokin Empires demise.
Thankfully, we weren't there. Unfortunately however, the masters of Unairu, Zenurik, Naramon, Vazarin, and Madurai had their places at the great hall. They perished in the ensuing slaughter. When Koneksi and I heard what had happened, we split up. Fearing for our lives at the time, we went into hiding. After some time I heard that the children had been put to bed once again by the daughter of Hunhow. I did some digging and found out that she was playing mother to the ones she was now calling "The Tenno". I'm sure she found out by then that she couldn't have any offspring, so I cant blame her for wanting to adopt.
Feeling that the Tenno would someday awaken, I founded the Arbiters of Hexis. My hope was that when they did awake again I would be able to continue my teachings and show them that there was much more to their lives than what the Orokin were using them for. After some time I had to leave however. My continuity was calling, and I had to abandon my Arbiters of Hexis for a time. I had no idea they would develop the type of zealousness and devotion to the Tenno Ideals that they currently display.
I cant say I fully disapprove however as they did guide you to me after all. Now, here you stand ready to learn the forgotten ways of the Panjaga focusing school.
Are you ready Tenno, to learn about the depths of transference?"

"Final note: The Koneksi school could teach the use of elemental binding in the operators weapons. That focus school may allow selection for certain elements as well as bonuses for equipped armor."

This concludes my Ideas on the proposed expansion. In review, this would introduce an operator only game mode, new weapons, armor, and under suit for the operator, a new quest giver, new lore, expanding lore for the orokin, as well as the Arbiters of Hexis, and introduce one possibly two new focus schools for the operator.
Thank you again for taking the time to read over my preposals, and I hope to hear what the community thinks down below. Have a good day!

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