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Random Idea regarding SO and Void Fissures


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A lot of people are ranting a lot regarding fissures, eso, endless modes and other things recently.

So, going through the forums, this Frankenstein monster, stitched up of different parts, came to mind:

Cephalon Simaris has been kind enough to offer a new Void Fissure Simulation:

Starting Level of enemies is SO/ESO level, selected in the same manner as is currently, with the same requirements and rewards

Efficiency requirement drops faster and resets to 100% each wave, however is now personal, to avoid leeching. Efficiency is also now based on casting, moving and firing, not only kills. 

Waves drop 5 reactant each, 2 waves for opening a relic

Void Traces drop at 10/15 for SO/ESO for first opening and add 10/15 for any following opening. E.G. 10/15-20/30-30/45-40/60..etc.

Void Relics gain an increased chance for an uncommon and rare drop, based on the number of previous relics opened. For each previously opened relic, they gain 2/4% uncommon and 1/2% rare chance increase at the expense of the common drop % for SO/ESO. E.G. the current intact relic : 76% common, 22% uncommon, 2% rare. After one opening the chance would be 73%/24%/3% for SO or 70%/26%/4% for ESO.

In order to not make original SO/ESO obsolete, no focus orbs spawn in these modes.

This may work as a half baked solution to an endless mode, provide SO with more options and make the grind for E/SO rewards more bearable.

Edit: fix efficiency and keep old void fissures


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The idea of personal efficiency is not good. Think of someone who can't killed enough enemies because other people steal their kill. And what happen if one person in the squad depleted their efficiency? Will they just kick out? or they can still be in the squad until next gate appear but got kick out after that? If you're solo it won't be a problem. But when in squad, meaning we help each other out. Not competition to get more kill/efficiency.

About the Void trace and opening void relic I think current system is good enough. Your suggestion just added more unnecessary grinding.

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"Efficiency requirement is lowered, however is now personal, to avoid leeching "

So, if there's a Saryn in team, all others get kicked after a while because they got no enemies to kill?

I don't see this idea, really. There are different players, some like to play capture fissures, some like to play defense. There's no need to close that diversity and leave us with only a single way of opening relics. 

People were asking for rewards increasing with time spent in the mission for some time already. It's not like DE doesn't hear them - they just don't implement it (I don't remember their reasoning, but I think it was explained somewhere).

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