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Limbo's Stasis gets canceled


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The first phase of today's sortie was a (Grineer) Mobile Defense on Ruskala Sedna. Public teammates had already activated the first terminal when I'd loaded into the tileset. I noticed several instances of my stasis ending prematurely, i.e. before the timer hit 0 (I realize Stasis's duration was halved due to his rework). My first thought was that the other Limbo's stasis was overwriting mine. 

I told my clan what happened and a friend said he'd experienced the same phenomenon during his own sortie earlier. His sortie also included two Limbos. So after I finished the Mobile Defense, we tried to replicate the stasis bug in the Simulacrum. Alas, to no avail. After giving up on the simulacrum, we entered the Ruskala Sortie on Friends-Only Mode to attempt at replicating the bug. I saw my own Stasis cancelled twice, but we were unable to replicate it consistently. 

I personally suspect the bug is somehow involved with the activation of the Mobile Defense data-terminals. My friend suspects the bug is an interaction between the two Limbos where the code becomes confused about an ability's ownership. 

Another hypothesis was that Limbo's rework hadn't removed his Bullet Cap. But from our time in the Simulacrum, we were able to determine that the bullet cap no longer exists. 

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What I can reply with immediately is that I have not experienced this issue in either of the missions whether I was the client or host of the mission. However, I do not play with enough different people to be able to claim my experience is the one that should be taken as a benchmark.
Now, prior to reporting a bug, remember the golden rule - If the issue happened once, it is not a bug. If it happened twice, it's a coincidence. But if it happened three times it is worth of worry. This eliminates all doubt and need to hypothesize.
When writing a bug report thread, make sure to follow the reporting protocol written in the first post of the most recent megathread titled with the build name and please do it in a very detailed, coherent manner, so that the people expected to deal with what you've written can manage to follow the steps of replication and assist with the problem in the most efficient manner. Define your experience with every possible detail surrounding the problem, from host/client status, network health, game build number, additional software running and visual evidence in form, of screenshots, animated images or videos. Save your EE.log in case it is requested by Support.
Steps of replication are also very important - if you describe what you did to get into the problem situation, others can try it too and see whether it happens to them or not.


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