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  1. I like how everyone holds the assumed underdog's hand regardless of them being a complete stranger and having not a single strand of evidence other than their word. What a friendly community! On another note, the forums are owned by DE. The Support is DE. To be clear, the exact same people. Not receiving the desired reply from support and then posting here about it is a bit... hm. Undercooked?
  2. 1. Earth forest 2. Grineer settlement 3. Grineer shipyard 4. Grineer asteroid 5. Corpus outpost exterior 6. Lua Chance of spawning: RNG-conditioned. Threshcones appear most frequently, although still not guaranteed in smaller maps for instance. Specific missions for plants: Irrelevant. Avoid small maps. Use external timer or tile entry to check whether regular Earth missions are in night or day cycle. Cycle of regular missions changes every four hours. Source of claims: Personal experience. Been obsessively scanning plants even before the silver grove existed.
  3. In the past, back when it was given to the Guides of the Lotus. And here I was, thinking my headset broke. No longer trusting physical senses prior to further testing. But! Since I'm already here and writing in this particular thread, there's been a certain itch getting under the fine tissue of my nerves. A personal itch, if you will, but nevertheless demanding of some scratching. Have the lighting changes actually been passed through the entire QA collective or is it just going through the precious few that are working on them? Even if we disregard the fact that some of us are forming observational facts through the filter of increased focal sensitivity, there are some choices in Warframe that push gameplay efficiency far to the back seat whilst allowing dubious aesthetics to drive.
  4. CxLL

    Alias System Rework?

    Have you never had more than one person with the same name in your phonebook? Then needing to check which number fits which name? Then being forced to memorize multiple digits for each name? That's where you start editing the names. To be able to see who calls you by looking not by checking and comparing numbers. It's a problem. A problem that doesn't need to be created where it doesn't exist.
  5. Sadly you can't 100% get rid of it, as it has been "intended" at one point. For an experience without headaches, you'll need to turn off a good bunch of aesthetic effects. Starting from the top, colour correction (that you already have turned off) being the first, which, while it gives a frequently fitting overlay of colour in certain areas, just messes most of the maps up, and diminishes model detail due to an increase of artificial exposure. Next would be bloom, which will add a haze to each lit area making it brighter than normal and more difficult to see through, a very subtle mirror of having cataracts that a lot of people in the gaming community seem to find pleasing. You have this off too, in fact, greyed out, which makes me wonder whether your system might not be supporting all that the game provides, ending up with a shaved off version using generic brightness to compensate. Seen it in a few dedicated laptop screenshots. Dynamic lighting is the third. It shouldn't affect brightness in itself but has shown in several cases to be messing with shadows and effects to a point of being an unpleasant eyefull. Try it on or off, might solve some less relevant issues. Of course, adaptive exposure is what is the actual culprit of being blinded upon exiting darker areas, specifically troublesome in Orb Vallis, which was said to have been fixed mid last year, however your screenshots tell a different story. Turning it off will get rid of "eye adjustment" effect which attempts to add realism by replicating the issue of the iris needing time to contract when a bright light shines into it. Functionally pointless, especially if you're into playing the game but also fully irrelevant for screenshots. Glare, which you also have greyed out would be the last one I'd suggest turning off in terms of dealing with eyesores. It's not rendering properly and causes an accumulation of light in some cases, as was the issue with Tether Grenades, (which I honestly haven't seen being fixed in the notes, but haven't checked ingame), various ability/weapon combinations (1, 2, 3, 4), and some edge system cases of achieving the same with Simulor even after several fixes (if anyone cares, it has been noted on systems with integrated gpus, which do not seem to have been even affected by the changes). So, to recap, settings you will benefit from turning off are - Colour Correction - Bloom - Dynamic Lighting - Adaptive Exposure - Glare See whether it helps and post your results.
  6. You have a really, really long way to go. Good luck.
  7. Here's hoping they'll fix parental misguiding, political conflicts, resource deficiency, world hunger, climate disasters and all the illnesses out there~ Because that's when this universal growing anger caused by ruined lives due societies rotting will be diverted from a random f2p video game and the people who, despite capitalist pressure of corrupted 1st world values, keep providing for free. Come on, DE we're all waiting for these fixes! Hurry up!
  8. This is intended. The current substance of exalted weapon "stances" can even be dismissed as an interface cosmetic. They are an indicator of leveling progression rather than a mod.
  9. Can confirm, although not consistent. Pretty difficult to reproduce (counting failure for each run, though testing has been done more than half a year ago). Assuming that it is often reliant on the quality of the squad connection. The times I've seen and have been told about it happening also pulled the complaint of the game being "laggy". If anyone cares to run a few and put impressions on paper, please update this thread with your findings.
  10. This isn't a bad idea at all! Let's spread it from grineer to all NPCs even! I do love and appreciate the few that we have speaking in their own "language" (some can't even be called a language due to their robotic or infested nature) but then getting a translation below. It feels natural and similar to what one would expect happening in the maybe not so distant future - instead of learning a language, we simply have software that translates everything and gives live feedback. However... the community has shown in multiple occasions to be majorly against any sort of subtitles, text, information that requires reading in general. While it would make sense for those that appreciate the lore, it will likely not get the majority vote.
  11. Have you crafted the Oberon Systems blueprint?
  12. This is something to contact the Warframe Support about rather than fellow players. The guidelines are on the main page.
  13. "I don't have hearing issues" is not a valid argument against the suggestion made to improve the experience of those that do. The current sound of the caches has the exact alteration frequency and tonal pitch of my tinnitus. It has been supper weird for years now, and while I found it a funny coincidence, I admit not being able to use the audio cue at all, unless the game volume is set to max - which, as you might have noticed, also increases the volume of other sound effects. Definitely worth looking into a way of improving the experience in this field. There are many research articles regarding the topic. Willing to provide a handful if needed. But let's use this topic too to highlight the importance of not limiting hints to that which not all players can benefit from. If colour coding and audio indicators are your choice, at least add a secondary (or tertiary in the case of caches) option. Wasting a mod slot to deal with a physical disability is a bit backwards.
  14. You might have missed a big chunk on how the bug reporting actually works. In addition to what @peterc3 already added existing for the player side, keep in mind that the staff manually filters the forum posts using their own methods. As in all forums, elevated status offers additional privileges. Reports do not get ignored or forgotten as players like to insist happening due to annoyances persisting after they've been mentioned. Different problems demand different solutions and not all simple problems can be solved in a simple manner. On top of this, keep in mind that reports which have been properly submitted gain priority while not all reports belong in the Forums. Each update brings a megathread titled with the build name containing basic information regarding the issue reporting protocol. The most recent example can be found here. More information is written in the official bug-reporting guidelines and the official Support website. Underlined text is hotlinked for your convenience.
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