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  1. Noticed this somewhere last month and complained to no end, as nobody I asked to confirm actually managed to confirm it. I have profusely tested in both missions and simulacrum, but ended up "deciding" it solely applies to swords. What I notice in the screenshot of the original post however is Kronen Prime - a rare weapon I have had zero issues with (actually favourite ingame weapon, so I've used it A LOT). So let's try to compare what we were doing and what could be the cause of this. Personal testing included: - Being host or client - Being in mission, simulacrum or captura - Having autotargeting on and off - Having enemies aware/unaware, stunned/asleep - Hitting objects - Various melee weapons (details below) - Sword stances: Vengeful Revenant, Crimson Dervish, Iron Phoenix, Swooping Falcon and no stance - Range mods equipped and unequipped - Riven mods that alter range equipped and unequipped - Riven mods that alter damage equipped and unequipped (at one point seemed like the only thing tested swords had in common) - Warframe abilities active and unused (from exalted melee such as Khora's whip to Rhino's Roar) No issues detected with (all) stances of: - Tonfas - Polearms - Staves - Scythes - Dual Swords - Heavy Blades - Whips - Held Glaives (just Kestrel but all stances) - Dual Daggers (although admittedly, they already had a short range so went on from memory and expectation) * Note that I haven't tested everything so more input is always welcome. What I've noticed is that this particular issue occurs almost always with the very first swing rather than continued attacks. Made a few videos to portray the problem that nobody I've so far asked had the chance or luck to replicate. Second edit: Before claiming that something is bugged, please confirm that you can replicate the issue and are able to define your experience coherently, so that people would possibly manage to assist with the problem. Once you do, depending on its nature, either write about it in the bug report section of the official Warframe forums or contact Warframe support. Game glitches and game bugs go to the appropriate bug report section of the forums while exploits, account issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players to support. Condensed bug reporting guidelines are found in the first post of the most recent megathread titled with the build name while the official topic on the matter can be found here.
  2. Primal Fury is not a mod you can fuse. It is a "stance" of an exalted weapon. It levels with the use of this ability.
  3. Game glitches and game bugs should be written in the appropriate bug report section of the official Forums, according to the official bug reporting guidelines. Exploits, account issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players to Support.
  4. If you are submitting a bug report, despite this being an online forum and seemingly more casual, it is still the only official location for bug submissions, so it is needed to define your experience coherently, supply every detail regarding the problem, from build number to methods of replication, additional software status and visual evidence, as well as logs to Support if requested. The basic required steps are listed in the reporting protocol of the first post of the most recent megathread titled with the build name and expanded in the official bug reporting guidelines. It is also advised to inspect the bug report section of the official forums for existing open threads that may already address the issue at hand. The search bar in the upper right corner of the forums' inner header has some extra options in addition to keyword searching. The reported issue is not a bug. Each time the UI updates, such as with the update which expanded the favourites menu, your selected colours are reset. There is also the issue of GeForce Experience being allowed to add its own settings, which sometimes overwrites the favourites. Without further detail though, it's difficult to know which cause you are suffering.
  5. When writing a bug report, be sure to follow the official bug reporting protocol and the guidelines written in the first post most recent megathread titled with the build name and please do it in a very detailed, coherent manner, so that the people expected to deal with your report could manage to see the issue directly and be able to follow the steps of replication to efficiently assist with the problem. The oculyst spawning is not affected by the selection of other quests. They will spawn regardless of even having Natah completed. Their spawn chance is however RNG-conditioned. You can set any active quest to active or not active in the Navigation menu's QUESTS tab.
  6. While this is a bit of a sensitive topic due to everyone having a lot of thoughts on the matter, and whenever such a thought doesn't match another's, pitchforks come to play, there is one thing that would "fix" the current state of the game. Information. From the very first confused newbie steps of not knowing weapon classification, currencies, resources and even commands, to those mechanics further in such as how to start a quest not displayed in the codex, which things will only respond to void energy, how to encounter a teralyst, and absolutely everything that the players need to rely on other players or the chat bot to find out. To add to which, hiding information behind menus, unexplained icons or special commands is not considered a solution by any user-accessibility standard. Where do players learn what a resource drone is in order to know how to match these two words with a a button hiding a nondescript icon on the star chart? Do they have this knowledge the moment they learn they need to farm alloy plate for the first time? How do they know, even after completing a codex entry for an enemy, what the icons shown in the description mean? A player seeing strange symbols in red or green will not make them wonder "what makes corrosive damage" and search for mods with the two statuses that need to be combined. No, they will first need to consult another player or an external source to learn what the symbol actually represents. Once they have, they will also be informed of the elements needed, so the issue of this only being written in the temporary rolling tips of the upgrade menu "disappears". However, facts stand, this info is not present ingame. A plethora of similar examples exist. Adding item descriptions to chat links was a good bandaid approach but even this has not been completed - not all items contain all of the information others do. In fact, some don't contain information at all. Inspect the Synthetic Eidolon Shard for example. Let's not even go into the grand deal of players being angry and raving about the game being broken because they do not understand what is going on exactly (e.g. "Limbo Theorem bugged" = nothing told me to craft the part I've obtained in order to proceed). This too can be blamed on the lack of data relating to the complication they've suffered. tl;dr Not providing basic information is what this game's main problem is. Fixing that in a proper manner will "fix the game".
  7. Due to being an issue of particular stances that not everyone uses, this issue is not a priority and, as such, persists even to this day. You can find demonstrations of various affected stances in the Bug Reports section if you're ever feeling like analyzing the specifics. In other words, it's not on your side and it's present with both controller and keyboard mapping. But there is a workaround - unequipping primary and secondary will "revert" the commands to what they used to be prior to autoblock/autoswitch. With a side dish of scanner, which, when used, behaves as one of them.
  8. You still can. Unequip primary and secondary. On the topic however, it would be good to have this as a toggle so that those that aren't melee only by choice can choose whether to persistently autoswitch or not.
  9. I'm not sure that the loud part of the community actually realizes how small the amount of people living off cheese actually is. The noise and the continued uneducated opinion recycling really over-exaggerates it. Zephyr: Melee only.
  10. There is only one type of Orbiter. There are multiple types of landing crafts. Landing crafts are vehicles used for landing to locations, parked within your orbiter. The types differ between looks and auxiliary support. Each landing craft has a different air support charge. Just as warframes and weapons, different landing craft "abilities" can be useful in different situations. Most used one would be Liset's override, as it deals with any sort of lockdown, regardless of mission difficulty - useful when hacking ciphers are not an option. However, it's strictly subjective whether you'll find something useful or not. People using something does not necessarily mean that you will find it useful. The opposite also applies. On another hand, this sort of question is a good thing to bring up with the staff regarding new player experience. There is little to no information on the differences of landing crafts, their abilities and the orbiter. The drop location of each seems to be possible to find strictly through chance or external sources. It's an excellent example that a very large number of game items follow. A good way of approaching the issue would be going through the entire catalogue of usable items and asking "does the player get told where to get this?". You will see just how many of the answers ends up being "no".
  11. The aim of this game would be having them all. Fill your arsenal so that you would have the appropriate tool for any occasion. Don't dismiss an opportunity to learn something that you otherwise might not expect by focusing on a single warframe. Don't take complete strangers' advice on what you will enjoy more. Go through warframes in the order of obtaining them - and each can be obtained through gameplay. Once you have your own experience to count on, decide whether you still wish to pick one over the others or perhaps keep the game interesting by changing things up and not letting the constant repetition bore you out of it.
  12. I'm afraid this is not indicative of the request at all. In fact, passing it through a few eyes confirms that it just looks either grammatically incorrect or misleading. -> "I need to find a mission that has nothing but lvl 30 enemies? Where's that?" A solution would be being clear and straight to the point. "Starting at level 30" should be sufficient even for those that do not have high English proficiency. However, the issue with this challenge does not end there. It doesn't seem to acknowledge the infested faction, or at least seems to be completing sporadically for clients alone - as shown in the threads of the Bug Reports section of the Forums, as well as the state of complaints chat in the recent nightwave missions have caused. Now this is a strange decision - the main source of complaints would be regarding audio indicators and colour coding, which have been deemed a bad design choice for decades now due to being difficult to register even for those without physical issues, in abundance of audio and visual content the game is throwing at them on a regular basis, and fully disregard the existence of players with particular needs in terms of perception. Leaving the enemy marker as the sole point of realization where the enemy is leaves still demands a lot of running in various directions in absence of other cues, but it left time for people to search for it on the map. Once found, they would have sufficient time to deal with it before it reaches its objective of destruction. Lowering the distance at which the enemy marker appears leaves less time to deal with the demolysts and will inevitably leave those without beefy equipment or knowledge on game dynamics at a loss. Increasing the distance at which the enemy marker spawns would be a solution, further than it originally was. Abandoning colour coding and audio indicators as a sole hint method would as well. Adding shapes to tower markers was a good step forward, although colourblind players still complain it's difficult to distinguish in a mess of enemies and trying to stay alive. Dismissing the polygonal frame around the shapes could solve this, or perhaps reshaping the entire marker into its respective shape. Perhaps somewhere in the future, the colour choices could be made accordingly to existing user-friendly design standards which would include those that cannot see certain tints against certain backgrounds.
  13. @Hawkstormz doing what I've advised will help us understand what is happening. I am having no issues with the command itself.
  14. Can confirm this in particular from the attempts of four people, myself included. Eris definitely doesn't work, whether regular or special exterminate. Oxomoco works fine for instance. Considering the actual request is no alarms being triggered, there should be no reason to employ heavy sneaking - as the corrupted had proven. It either needs to be reviewed as a challenge, if we're to account the several instances where people claim they've succeeded with full stealth, or the interface needs to be rewritten to fit the current requirement of it not being a mission majorly populated by the infestation. Ah and the mandatory info! Issue present in Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0 - Being a host or client is irrelevant - Being a regular, syndicate, fissure mission type is irrelevant - Equipment seems to be irrelevant (personally tested melee only: Cassowar) Tested exclusively on missions that start at least at level 30. All factions but infestation work fine. Steps of replication as easy as going into a mission of level 30 or higher, infested faction, and finishing it - there are no alarms to trigger in natively infested exterminate missions.
  15. @(XB1)Erudite Prime Check now.
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