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  1. To avoid player confusion and common complaints, add a descriptive line under each such as an indicator whether it can be repeated, information of the reward only being received week ("I've picked up the Ayatan treasure 5 times and got only one, game is buggy trash"), information of what the reward is (large number of questions such as "what do I get for helping Clem?" will be avoided). Be sure to leave a note on where to get this new currency that is not solely this very article in the forums and the update notes, since a lot of people will not even care to read let alone look for when logging in months after the patch is out. Perhaps it will be easier to make new things user-friendly and then slowly go backwards than just rework a bulk of old systems that are currently lacking. A candle will be lit for the Codex.
  2. As with all other services, when you do something you didn't intend to do, contact Support (underlined text leads to the help desk) and request a reversal of actions. In this case, also be sure not to use the item you have purchased.
  3. If the issue is no longer present when using a vpn, it lies in your connectivity rather than the game's programming. This is not a bug. You may contact Warframe Support (underlined text is linked to the help desk) if you desire a clarification.
  4. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Even speaking as someone who isn't particularly fond of anything that isn't a melee weapon, I can say that the Stug is fun and able. Try it in a Profit taker heist, you will see what I mean. But be sure you're away from ice cream balls prior to them exploding. On the other hand, its fun dynamics often cause glitches, depending on what they are used with, such as ghosting (host and client side but more visible by hosts), inability to attach to enemies which are under certain warframe effects, not exploding at all if stacked with other players' ice cream, or simply making a mess such as attaching to your companion and then happily being brought to you just in time to explode in your face. Some screenshots under the spoiler. Easily replicated. Still, pretty fun. Would recommend.
  5. It is. The more the people, the less common sense you'll encounter on average. Applies to all social environments. Well, I... uhh... I do that thing. The thing with the mod tools. In general, it's always good to go through the Terms and Guidelines again. Be certain you are up to date with potential changes and still in the know about what's acceptable and what isn't. Once that's been done, simply apply this knowledge whenever something seems out of order. Document such instances thoroughly and elaborate why you consider it inappropriate, then send what you've gathered to Support. They know what to do. In fact, it's their job to do it, so you're pretty much making their duties easier while simultaneously making the community more pleasant for its participants, yourself included.
  6. @SoupCakes that's why the Forums are as convenient as they are - the entire community can assist in pinpointing the problem, making bug hunting easier, faster and even fun at times. I will see to assist through gathering player reports.
  7. This is rather interesting. Mind making a list of tested weapons? Include details such as - Build number - Equipped warframe and its active abilities (if any) - Location of testing (include both simulacrum and regular mission) - Companion and no companion - Mods and no mods - Additional info on circumstances specific to the testing itself And save the log in which this was tested, just in case. Will likely not be needed but still, it's good to cover all angles. Edit the first post with this information as it's being done. Takes less time for the staff to cover it once they know what was already checked and what is yet to deal with.
  8. Acrid's unmodded ammo capacity is 210. Your video in the Simulacrum shows 262. Please inspect an unmodded Acrid.
  9. You might or might not be aware that the astral body we inhibit is in fact not a planar surface and there are more people living outside of your timezone than within. In other words, what you are requesting the staff to do is already being done.
  10. Tell us, @FreyjaFX if you were to host a stream, would you do it when you have free time or when someone across the world, that is awake solely at a dead hour of your time, finds a window in their schedule?
  11. Archwing melee mods are - Not in Codex, even after being obtained. - Not linkable in chat. No way of seeing "final stats" that are "available in game" until obtained and examined in the mod inventory. No way of seeing how they are obtained prior to having them in the mission results.
  12. Account restrictions are a private matter between the account holder and Customer Support and are not discussed publicly or with other players. If you wish to make an appeal, know that wasting Support's time may result with extended suspension if there is evidence that you deserved more than you have received. Prior to sending a ticket, keep in mind that Support is addressing each ticket individually, and with as many customers as Warframe has, it is recommended that you offer patience. Please refrain from sending additional tickets, as it will not speed up the process.
  13. [ Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6 ] > Issue still present. - Choice of colour does not cater to visibility, whether you're colourblind or not - Light itself blends in with environmental illumination - Hologram is 2d and therefore majorly not visible from the sides - Hologram aesthetic is quite unfitting, from placement to design itself - Lacking side and back indicators Figure 1: Colour fully blending into the shine. Distinction between locked and unlocked locker near non-existent, especially when the player is on the move, which this game continuously demands. Settings used: No bloom, no colour correction, no depth of field, no motion blur. Issue augmented with above settings turned on, feel free to provide screenshots. Figure 2: Looking at lockers from the side will not allow you to see the hologram until under a certain angle. Quite an ineffective indicator considering most lockers are positioned sideways alongside walls between which the player is expected to run. Clicking on the image will expand it.
  14. Similar first thought here. The former one, while simplistic and "bland" had proper traits that have made it user-friendly. Functional. Pros: - They somewhat fit the newly acclaimed Corpus aesthetic - They seem a bit sturdier than the previous one - The opening animation is more interesting - Not colour-coded Cons: - Extremely bulky and, when fit into smaller areas, they take up enough of screen real estate to make them feel intrusive - Lacking indicators of being open further than the light on the front so one cannot know of it being open unless standing in front. - Light indicator does not stand out at all unless in a dark area. - No actual emittance of said light either so you will not see it unless standing in front - Choice of light colour not different from environmental shine for the colourblind due to the strength of light Solutions: If you plan to use color coding to convey content, you should ensure that there is a second mechanism (e.g. different shapes or text labels) to provide the information to audiences who cannot perceive the color changing including the blind and color deficient users. Color coding should always be supplemented with some other mechanism such as a shape or symbol. Using various shades of a single colour instead of multiple colours is of course the most sure-fire way to avoid colour blindness issues. If you intend on using light as a source indicator, test its visibility in all of the game's tilesets, both facing towards and away from light sources. As was the case with mining in the Orb Vallis, you might have noticed that white-on-white doesn't quite help with achieving results.
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