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     I have been thinking for a while about this but, I'd love to have more lore to things. There is a lot of history, but it's not enough. I personally think that history should be a thing, because warframe has that side to it were it just becomes a huge gap in explanations. And I am talking about doubts from in regards of moment zero. Where was Nidus actually created? Revenant, how was he born? This things should have an explanation. Why not delving deeper into the void? Hunhow. You don't even realize who Hunhow trully is in ANY of the quests he is displayed. There are many characters that appear in the background and are given no light, but are just way too important to be missed. What are riven mods? Who created them? (though this is known, there is no actual lore on it. just a name). Just saying. 

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