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Day of the Dead Kavat armor bug


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Since I got this armor from Baro, it's been giving me trouble.  Someone suggested it could be server lag, but even after waiting a bit it doesn't fix itself.  So what happens is I log in, come back from missions, or whatever, and my kavat has her normal armor on.  Sometimes it shows in the colors I added to the Day of the Dead armor, sometimes normal.  I go into appearance to fix it, and it sometimes immediately fixes it.  However most of the time it doesn't, and at times, when it shows the Day of the Dead armor, it'll show it in the colors applied to the other armor I normally use (the one with wings and spikes.  I forget the name).

Today when I was trying to fix it, even when I clicked it, it showed the normal armor.  Then it showed the normal armor in the day of the dead colors I picked.  Then it would show day of the dead armor but in the other armor's colors.  It never showed it right until I exited out completely and started walking the ship again.

It's been an ongoing issue and I can't figure out what the deal is.  Everything was fine until I got that armor from Baro.

I took some snapshots so you can see what I mean:


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