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Sanctuary Onslaught/host migration


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So I just finished 8 rounds of sanctuary onslaught and was amazed that after weeks of grinding I FINALLY got Khora systems.

So I didn't go into the portal to progress, as I wanted to leave. So did the other people there.

Just as the mission was about to end, the host left the game. Don't know how or why. But it then went into a host migration, with 1 second left on the clock.

After the migration, my game was simultaneously in round 9 and on the completion/rewards screen. A couple of seconds pass and it goes to the mission leaving screen, and finally back to the orbiter. there the host leaves and it goes through the usual squad disbanding stuff while the progress rewards are still up. When it gets back, I click escape as I usually do to exit the rewards screen to go to my foundry and finally complete Khora again after weeks (maybe even months) of doing sanctuary. But no, upon clicking exit I cannot use any controls and my camera is stuck looking at my banshee doing her usual thing.No key worked, I couldn't bring up any menu or move at all.

My only choice was to then use Alt+F4 to exit the game and hope that because I had returned to my orbiter progress was saved and I'd have my rewards. This was not the case.


As a side (hopefully to assist whoever gets this bug report) there was an issue before I started this mission where when I attempted to join the game before that, it was stuck in an infinite loading screen with people leaving and joining and us stuck just flying our orbiters. The host Alt+F4d to get out and I was returned to my orbiter. Maybe this has something to do with that.

Hope this very strange bug can get fixed, and that maybe someone will show sympathy and get me my systems? All her other parts are sitting there waiting and I don't have the mental resolve to start farming again.

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