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[Clan bug] Random founding warlord promotion.


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Hello everyone,

First, I'm posting this in the Matchmaking section as there is no "Clan" or related bug section...

So, the problem is that one member of my clan got randomly promoted to "Founding warlord", he used to be a mere soldier.

This isn't a really bad problem as we are in good terms, we aren't a really active clan in the game, members just come back from times to times to play.

Our clan is pretty old, we started playing 4 years ago now... The member in question wasn't there at the start, he just logged today and found himself promoted to the top.

As i said, this isn't a problem for us, but I imagine that if this happened in a bigger clan, this could trigger some really nasty stuff... Therefore, I report.

Have a nice day all! Myn4s.

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This happens after a set inactivity of the Clan Leader. Not sure, I think it was 3 or 4 weeks.

Happend to me aswell. Had abbandoned the spot when I went afk for a long time as my PC broke years ago. Logged in 3 days ago after a loooong break, back on the leading position... (Were only 5 ppl anyways xD)



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