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Fixing Equipment Usage stats, and possibly Rivens too!


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It's no secret that Weapon/Warframe/Companion Usage stats are incredibly wonky (Vets especially know this) and I'm not sure quite why that is. Side-note, I recently learned from a past thread on Rivens that there "is" an system in place to automatically calculate their dispositions. That clearly doesn't work, so I propose a change that might fix both issues:

  1. Reset all usage stats for players. If possible, keep their XP/Kills stats for players who like to see just how much they've done with their trusty ol' gear.
  2. Change how usage is calculated. Instead of functioning off kills, time carried, or just pure XP, measure usage SOLELY by how much XP the weapon itself earns (no passive bonus XP from allies), and ONLY whilst at R30. This way, you eliminate not just the first 0-30 leveling, but any forma put in after that. A lot of players forma a weapon just to get it to reach some level of potential, but then shelve the weapon instead of making use of its newfound potential. The XP it earns AFTER reaching R30 again is the truest value of how much a player uses the weapon.
  3. Have a 'grace period' for Rivens before updating them to their new usage value. Giving a reasonable amount of time (a month or two, perhaps) would make sure that more of the playerbase contributes their data for the weapons they use the most. The result would be a clearer estimate of what is or isn't powerful or part of a 'meta' strategy, and the new dispositions would update from there.
  4. If that works, calculate usage daily/weekly, and automatically update dispositions on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. Whilst yes, this means that new weapons that surge into popularity (like Gram Prime, with 5/5 disposition and the best heavy blade stats in the game) will get reliably reduced in disposition, it also allows weapons to go back UP over time. Anyone remember Tonkor? It still has 1/5 disposition despite being incredibly seldom used these days (suffering the same fate as all Launchers now). Surely it would have gone up to 2/5 or 3/5 by now, by player usage. Updates could even show in preview. Perhaps Rivens should then all show the disposition of the weapon, and if the disposition is marked for change by the system, it could have an alternate colour/pattern of the dots to show what it's going to be changed to on the next update.
  5. Optionally calculate Riven dispositions solely within classes & sub-classes. Not sure how it's handled at the moment (whether it's just Primary/Secondary/Melee), but I think the best way would be to have some form of factor of weapon class, like separating Snipers, Shotguns, Rifles, Pistols, Thrown, and maybe a few classes for Melee

Just some ideas. It'd be a lot easier to come up with ideas to fix the system if it was clearer how the system worked.

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