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Paracesis capacity bug


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Update! After reading the information from the wiki, I learned the following:
"Polarizing the weapon increases its max Rank by 2, up to a maximum of 10 additional Ranks after 5 polarizations. The additional Ranks after 30 adds damage to Sentients and mod capacity.",
but I did not polarize Paracesis. I received 90 capacities just for pumping equipment during the mission, when the rank began to exceed 30. I do not know why this happened, but apparently it was because of this error that the mods did not work.

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4 часа назад, Winter-DOS сказал:

First mod slot doesn't work if you have all other slots in use. Also combos doesn't work..


  Показать контент


  Показать контент




Additional capacity should appear only after polarization. If you have a capacity of 90, but not polarized Paracesis, then the first mods stop working: first the Stance stops working, then the upper left, then the next, etc. If you revise the video, you will see: when I equipped Sacrificial Mods, three slots stopped working for me - the stance, the first and the second.
Now I am polarizing and pumping Paracesis. If all the slots start working, then I will inform you. Hopefully DE will fix this bug.

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