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Leaving arbitration after death.


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I'm also noticing this... now I'm not 100% for certain if we are getting these rewards without notification either, (not likely), but I have been sticking in the rounds until the squad finishes or fails in order to keep my rewards... the issue with that is the AFK / inactivity situation is kicking in on the mission, so I can understand not getting the reward for the round that the squad completed because I died, but the wait is pretty brutal if you say made it through A/B but died on the 3rd wave of C and 7 to go... also this play seems to be brutally slower than normal... maybe its just me.


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16 hours ago, Spectorizer said:

can confirm. this happened to me yesterday after almost 40 minutes. sad.

happened to me numerous times.....after 36 mins in survival i went down...stuck around,the host died just after me and left and i have nothing....mission progress goes back to the one before it...like i just wasted 40 mins of my time for nothing.....this keeps up im out playing arbitrations til DE gets that bug out.


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