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No need to bail out or Arbitrations



I think something hasn't been made sufficiently clear about Arbitrations: when you die or fail the mission you keep all the rotation rewards you've already acquired (if you have completed any rotation of course) the only thing you loose when you're out are the enemy drops, so there's really no need to bail out at the first rotation, unless you're worried about keeping some alloy plate drops that is). I'm commenting that because in all of the public Arbitrations I've done so far everybody just ran away as soon as rotation A is done and I think is because they belive they'll lose their progress if they push forward. Remember there is only one every hour, please try to get to your breaking point, you can go further! 💪 I understand extracting as soon as possible if something valuable like a Condition Overload drops but if else, the rotation rewards will clearly be worth the risk. 

What do you think? Was this poing clear enough? If you knew this and have left an Arbitration right after the first rotation, would you share why?

Thanks all!

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