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Unreachable Ayatan Treasure


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I just played a void sabotage alert and I was lucky enough to stumble upon an ayatan treasure (considering I wasn't looking very hard at the time), but I quickly found out that I couldn't pick it up. No matter what position I put myself in, it never gave the prompt to pick it up.




It's in the tile immediately after going through the portal to Earth, in a side room along with a couple of loot boxes. The first image shows the position of the ayatan treasure, the second confirms that it is real, and the third shows the room entrance on the left side of the screen, in relation to the portal room. Hopefully one of the developers sees this and is able to tweak the position of the spawn so that there isn't any more lost endo.

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I reckon they should allow a codex scanner, -or if they really want a more justified alternative- a synthesis scanner to be able to complete bugged pick-ups like this; as it has a tendency to happen even to mission-vital objectives; I've had capture targets get downed in really uneven and precarious locations and no one in the squad was able to get them, so we almost always have to start over (or the host has to abandon mission to try and reset the tileset).

They can make the synthesis capture/pick up a little more complex to differentiate it, e.g. capture targets, you have to do multiple scans like synthesis targets, and for rare item pickups, you scanning the object 3 times would pick it up.

This way, we don't have a bunch of future space ninjas all frantically failing to screw a lightbulb (which is terribly discouraging for the future and ninjas), and have a workaround for a bug that shows up relatively persistently and possibly eliminate a portion of the submitted support tickets.

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