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  1. sam686

    Very pixelated everything in open world areas?

    What is your dynamic resolution and anti-alias settings? I found that anti-alias = TAA (high) and dynamic resolution = auto look somewhat bad when used together. Try to change one of them to something else.
  2. The game shows a message of abandoning objective. Half of the visuals go missing when too far away.
  3. sam686

    WARNING! Baruuk - Causes Epileptic attacks!

    Baruuk, appearance, energy color. The color of the side lights can be changed with energy color. Maybe different colors or very dark energy color may make it less noticeable, the darkest is near black in smoke colors. But, this dark energy color may only produce some black or dark side effects. More problem is, most colors are locked and requires platinum to unlock. Edit: unless lucky enough that void trader might sell some color palettes. Now I have Baruuk. What was DE thinking? Make the appearance of Baruuk look very bad while Elude is on with Medium/High particle system quality? This effect appears to cover a very large 20% of the screen while aiming. Appears to get worst at 144 fps on my 144 Hz monitor with anti aliasing off, depth of field off, motion blur off in graphics settings. Some other warframe passive ability are far less of an annoyance. Oberon Renewal (third) ability have a nice and small blinking green outline while aiming weapon, and Nekros Desecrate (third) ability have minimal to no visual changes.
  4. sam686

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    For me, 24.2.9 have affected the ability to bullet jump when not sprinting using crouch+jump, only doing regular jump most of the time. With the revert on I can now bullet jump all the time without requiring to sprint first.
  5. sam686

    The Laggiest Pipe on Planet Earth

    Same problem, but worst problem for me on AMD RX 550 4GB graphics card, AMD Ryzen 2400g 32GB. It will only get worst when using integrated Vega 11 graphics. Though, I often don't use 2560x1440 (AMD super resolution enabled) on a 1920x1080 monitor. Turning off high shader quality helps go up to 30 FPS, while also help go up to 50 FPS on all other locations. so this area is still bad. I am not sure where to upload screenshot. The screenshot shows the following information when using a downloaded HxD editor on a screenshot. /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Grineer/GrineerForestExterminate/E8iAM1BnOD+HMXFhAQA.lp Zone: /Lotus/Levels/GrineerForestRemastered/GftForestConnector02 P: 95, 30, -8.9 H:116 Log: 4273.600
  6. sam686

    Rain stacking in Plains causing massive fps issues!

    Check the dates of reply (Jan 4), and the date of PC update 24.2.7 (newer, Jan 9). Update 24.2.7 shows "Fixed Rain FX in the Plains of Eidolon appearing to stack".
  7. sam686

    Failed to join session, host not found

    I found my problem, it is caused by duplicating all UDP packets. But why does the problem only happens when trying to connect to some players but not all? My router is.... a Linux Debian with AMD FX-4100 CPU with multiple PCI-E gigabit ethernet cards. I had it duplicate all UDP packets. When duplicate all packets was on (this time without knowing it was on), "Failed to join" "Host not found" problem happens. When I don't duplicate packets, I often see countdown to start mission sometimes is horribly lagging and get stuck on one number like if the game cannot handle a small percentage of packet drops. After it loaded into mission, it was mostly fine without connection problems. Once it was so bad, the countdown won't start after everyone in 3 player squad have check-mark on mission vote and just lost connection with "Host disbanded", when it actually started for 2 players in squad. It did host migration on mission start, that doesn't connect me to new host at all, just "Host disbanded". How do I duplicate or delay packets? Shown in "Spoiler" for more exact commands used in Linux.
  8. Not working while in relay. Only when I return to orbiter, i can install Orokin Catalyst.
  9. Got a green extraction bug that won't extract while in "eliminate all targets" in Spy Nightmare alert. Alarms on all 3 vault rooms goes to exterminate. I throw specter, green extraction on map goes away, specters are enemies in Nightmare, kill them, and extraction marker returns. I repeated this a few more times, but other players were killing enemies far away so I am not sure if this was working at all. No numbers of enemy left so this is a question. Does nightmare specters count as enemies eliminated? Here is a video of what I was doing.
  10. Over a past few days, I am unable to join some specific players with "host not found" error that pops up in less then 0.2 seconds of accepting invites. Trying to join through a specific person in friends list also fails with host not found, yet this friend can successfully join on me. The recruitment chat mostly do not want to join me because they already have a group of 2 or 3, although one did successfully join on me when i got failed to join, host not found. I have both UDP port forwarded correctly as listed in options, gameplay (4960 & 4965). I am not sure why this game fails to join at all. Trying to join through recruitment chat is very poor. Why bother when all I get is failed to join "Host not found"?
  11. sam686

    Is Stalker A Random Occurance?

    Completing mission too fast (less then 2 minutes) will lower the chance of Stalker spawns. I sometimes see stalker show up too late while extracting. Stalker Beacon. This can make Stalker show up every time this is used.
  12. GTX 970 have memory split and speed problem when game use more then 3.5 GB of GPU memory. In graphics options, try using "Texture Memory" of Low. Warframe really need to have better "Texture Memory" options of 512 MB, 1 GB , 2 GB , 3 GB, 4 GB, and so on. Some programs like GPU-Z, and windows 10 task manager's performance tab can see GPU usage in percentage, and GPU memory used. Is GPU usage being maxed out or GPU memory pushing higher then 3.5 GB? Warframe update 24.2.8 have some fixes to both memory leak and slow performance problems, mostly with repeated enter/exit of Orb Vallis without ship flying loading screen. Does this update fix anything? I should test this some day later.
  13. 1. New Warframe account, complete the first mission. 2. install Arsenal segment as told to do so. 3. While mods are offline, go to Arsenal, upgrade, mods. Nothing shows up. Stuck and soft-locks game. 4. Game controller can open up menu, but for new Warframe account, there is nothing there to get it unstuck. No navigation, no codex, no foundry, and arsenal does nothing. Still stuck. Can only quit game. Again, this problem only happens to new Warframe account that have mods offline. Problem does not occur when mods and arsenal are both online and usable.
  14. The hosting player is the number 1 white circle near player/warframe name, but may not apply to Conclave dedicated game server. The other player might have looked at the wrong number "Time" instead of "Ping". A similar problem have happened to my squad as well. Too many "Ratel" allies doing nothing, no enemies, stuck on wave 11. I was host, number 1. Turn off network, Alt+F4 or force close from task manager, then turn on network and start up game, allows me to reconnect after they host migrated, now as a client number 4, and game went on to next waves.
  15. sam686

    Plains, no fish ?

    Warframe launcher settings, verify download cache. There is at least a few others where verify downloads fixed their problems. Try solo mode to see if any fish shows up. Some abilities in some Warframes might kill all nearby fish instantly, turn those abilities off.