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  1. I don't know why it is not changable in game options. This can still be changed by other ways. Quit game, open EE.cfg, located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe in windows file address. Graphics.SSAO=0 Save and start Warframe.
  2. Lost nearly all control when "Onkko?" was selected. Why make something that can be repeated, but not skippable? The only keyboard buttons that responds is: F6 (in-game screenshot), alt+tab (switch windows program, bright white screen for a few seconds), and alt+F4 (closes game). This may only last for a few minutes, but why? At this point it is faster to Alt+F4 (close) and restart the game.
  3. Your screenshot shows a third monitor, what refresh rate is that at? What is the windows scaling set at for each monitors? Anything other then 100% might be part of the problem, maybe. Windows 10 and windows 8 have a problem with mixed refresh rate, being slowed down or go stutter if there is anything constantly updating on the slowest refresh rates. This, sadly, slows down or stutters the games in borderless or windowed mode. Windows 7 can turn off windows Aero DWM to avoid most of this problem. Here is a video of mixing 60Hz and 24Hz refresh rates. The same problem happens to higher refresh rate monitors as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p10OMGDXolQ
  4. Problem: While in orbiter and viewing Red Veil syndicate, at the bottom right it shows square on PS4 controller or X on Xbox controller, to visit Red Veil or some other syndicates. This button does nothing like it does not work. Cannot point at bottom right and press a button on game controller, it is not clickable for game controller buttons. Small annoyance: Used to be able to press square (X on xbox) to open offerings while at a standing screen. Now game controller have to point and press X on PS4 controller, A on xbox. Applies to anything that requires going through standings to view offerings.
  5. Happens with Tranq Rifle and returned to Fortuna / Cetus. Workaround is, always switch to regular weapon when going to return to Fortuna / Cetus. When returned, open gear wheel while at Cetus / Fortuna to make sure it isn't bugged. Yet another PC controller bug that spreads to console platforms. My old topic with video in it on PC platform:
  6. Other problems is: 1. Migrating hosts does not pause the game. My very old topic: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1037365-host-migration-death-fails-to-pause-while-host-migrating/ If there was no more lives left, the game will instantly fail the mission in a middle of ship flying "Migrating Hosts". 2. Some other players may connect to new host too slow when the new host extract too fast. Did the other player lost all rewards? Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/426679063 Combine both problems, and we have a problem. Here is what I am guessing what happens. 3 or 4 players squad in Arbitration. Host quit or extract. Host migrating. Then, 1 second into the ship flying "Migrating host", new host dies by enemies attacking behind the ship flying screen, and fails the mission because other players didn't connect to new host yet. A few seconds later, other players finally connects to new host... into Orbiter. Only the new host have XP, focus, and some Arbitration rotation rewards saved. No rewards for other players as a client that was too slow to connect to new host.
  7. Death in a middle of host migration? Happens to me. No more lives left? My very old topic with video: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1037365-host-migration-death-fails-to-pause-while-host-migrating/ Probably the host have extremely slow computer that takes too long to load, it just timed out. If you mostly take 1 minute to load, then maybe your computer is too slow with too small of system RAM, and slow HDD. Faster SSD may help. This problem happens to more then just a slow PC. A similar problem happens on several PS4 consoles. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/988037-every-first-mission-session-unavailable-video-included/ There is this host migration problem. Others players are too slow to join new host when the new host (me) extracted immediately after host migration is done, probably losing all rewards for that player that was too slow to connect to new host.
  8. Happened to me as well. My topic about the same problem: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1091730-stuck-after-melee-attack/
  9. Nightwave with random Wolf spawns on nearly any weapon, slowing down missions. Wolf random spawn got annoying, slowing down the missions. This will only get more annoying when we got nearly all possible drops from Wolf, only wasting our time. Then, season 1 ends. No Nightwave, no wolf spawn. The next season did not appear to start. The complete lack of any wolf spawn is very nice. I want only Nightwave daily and weekly. I do not want random wolf spawn to nearly any regular and relic missions, because I cannot access Arsenal in a middle of mission. I did like a few days of Wolf alert that I like to see this happen again, this is good enough to be prepared with good loadout in Arsenal. Nightwave weekly "With Friends" needs to go away. there was a few times it didn't count because I have had an OOPS, didn't accept friend request because the games says something like already added as friend when I try to add as friend.
  10. Maybe use Warframe launcher, open settings, get logs, wait a minute, then click the big red "Open".
  11. Probably put in both EE.log and EE.cfg to give them the most information.
  12. Maybe delete or move all Warframe user files out of there. Go to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe in address bar, or (fill in the blank): C:\Users\_______\AppData\Local\Warframe In launcher settings, turn off full screen, then start game. If that fails... Maybe you could scroll down to "Support", top right "Submit a Requst", and attach log files to see if their support might help.
  13. It may run with intel graphics, but probably not very good at Orb Vallis. Look at some YouTube videos from search results: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=warframe+on+uhd+630+fortuna Multiple different benchmark website, one of them is userbenchmark.com, they are good to look at to compare both CPU and GPU. If you have option to go AMD, maybe go with what I use for 1080p at about 55 fps in Orb Vallis with dynamic resolution off, everything on and high except motion blur off, depth of field off: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g with Vega 11 integrated graphics, 16 GB RAM, 2x 8 GB for faster dual channel, running at 2933 speed, Motherboard, Asus Rog B450-F, though almost any with B450 X470 or better chipset may work, with DisplayPort and HDMI for FreeSync variable refresh rate monitors. But, if you will add graphics card (NVidia or AMD) later on, maybe just use a somewhat faster intel CPU that have full 16 lane PCI-E for graphics card. AMD Ryzen 2400g only have 8 lanes for PCI-E graphics card.
  14. Full screen minimize (alt+tab or by anything) too fast or too many times? That will bug out this game. Still happens to me recently. Most other games do not have this problem, looks like this problem is limited to this game unable to correctly handle minimizing it. The mastery 24 hour wait problem after endless loading, annoying. Load relay first to confirm it still loads after it was minimized, then, start mastery test.
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