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  1. I looked your profile, /profile Learicorn On your Warframe game profile challenges you already have this completed. Is this just a Steam problem? Maybe caused by playing the game without Steam for some time? I do have similar problem with different achievement on Steam. Missing "We Share Our Tools" "Apply a Mod to a Weapon or Warframe", which I have done millions of times. Only the in-game profile shows this completed. Some others have the same problem. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1033957-missing-steam-achievements/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1033837-missing-and-bugged-achievements/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/939439-steam-achievements-not-unlocked-retroactively/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/816114-warframe-achievements-dont-sync-with-steam-achievements-properly/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/797918-missing-steam-achievement/ Warframe use their own login system. Maybe don't want to see thousands of achievements unlocked at the same time just by using a Warframe account with nearly all challenges complete, into a different Steam account with no Warframe Steam achievements.
  2. Which mission was this in? Arbitration? Which faction? Corpus? Grineer? infested? If this is in Arbitration, the arbitration drone and enemies near arbitration drone may not be affected by Warframe abilities. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arbitration_Shield_Drone So far, I have only seen this happen in Arbitration mission with Arbitration drones.
  3. This problem happens for years, also happens on jump and pickup at the same time that plays pick up sound but does not pick up.
  4. I see this happen with the host being in "friends only" mode. But then again, matchmaking should only join others in public, unless returned to Cetus without leaving squad, giving host the option to switch to friends or invite only. Sometime in Public a few months ago, mostly in Deck 12 Orb Vallis, I have seen instant kick out of lobby with connection to host lost. No host migration attempt, the game just shows this connection lost message.
  5. Is the conduct appearance always slow and is slow while in solo mode? If yes, might want to find a way to speed up your computer some way, like maybe more RAM if 4 GB or less, or faster SSD storage. What CPU and GPU you use? The old Sandy Bridge intel graphics have super slow loading on Warframe. For faster loading, need a better GPU graphics card. This sometimes happens to me in multiplayer squad. This is often someone's computer being very slow to load next conduit. As soon as some other players left behind and left squad so I am by myself in solo, conduit show up much faster in less then 2 seconds when time left hit 0:00.
  6. Are you sure primed parts are lost? Opened relics rewards, including primed parts, are kept on mission abort. Other rewards may be lost. As for Ratel ally bug, here are other recent topics of this problem. /topic/1166378-indestructible-ratel/ /topic/1164834-invulnerable-ratels-forced-abort-of-wave-20-tessera-defence/ /topic/1163094-ratels-on-phobos-gulliver-defense-map/ /topic/1161719-ratel-stuck-in-each-other-made-wave-pause/ /topic/1161236-grendel-defense-mission-chassis-mission-ratels-becoming-allied-on-last-wave-of-defense/ /topic/1159733-unkillable-rattel-in-arbitration-defense-mission/ /topic/1157590-ratel-ally-bug/ /topic/1155957-ally-ratels-cause-unwinnable-defense-missions/ /topic/1153151-friendly-ratel-corpus-defense-mission/ Here are older topics. /topic/1060974-friendly-ratel-a-serious-problem/ /topic/1061336-io-corpus-defense-bug-allied-ratels-block-mission/ /topic/1058986-corpus-ratel-ally-bug/ /topic/1056415-friendly-ratels/ /topic/1055336-defense-arbitration-failed-to-proceed-ratel-became-friendlies/ /topic/1054036-neutral-ratel-bug-and-possible-solutions/ /topic/1052860-ratels-become-friendly-targets-impossible-to-complete-defense-wave/ /topic/1051721-ratel-bug-defense-mission-corpus-stuck/ /topic/1047044-ratel-bug-has-returned-and-its-annoying-as-hell/ /topic/1023002-stuck-in-defense-ally-ratels/ /topic/1009362-survival-mission-broken-by-friendly-ratel/ More information: Update 24.2.15 shows a fix: "Fixed Ratels spawned from a Corpus Sniper shadow (Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead) not appearing purple or having a Health decay, thus resulting in an inability to progress through certain missions (Defense waves, etc)." Well... my guess is either the same bug came back on Update 27, or there are another bug that causes the same problem.
  7. This railjack permission stuff might scare away clients, and have too many hosts. Some host might be stuck alone, or only 2 players if lucky. Partly yes, but materials and items after save point may be lost. There are save points: 1. Empyrean: All objective complete, mission complete showing reward. 2. Fortuna and Cetus: Bounty step complete. Can abort a few seconds after save point and nearly everything was saved, including Syndicate standings. Can view own profile to see syndicate standings saved from a save point.
  8. What Graphics card do you have? Maybe your graphics card or Power Supply Unit (PSU) might be dying maybe. This CPU have integrated graphics. Are you using integrated graphics with monitor plugged into motherboard? If not, maybe try it. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/80807/intel-core-i7-4790k-processor-8m-cache-up-to-4-40-ghz.html To use integrated graphics while PCI-E graphics is in, enter motherboard settings (press DEL on power on), for Asus intel, this may be in Advaned, System Agent, Graphics, iGPU Multi-Monitor and Primary Display. After saving changes, plug in a monitor to the primary GPU. Try using both Furmark and Prime95 both at the same time. This will really heat up the computer and push the Power Supply Unit (PSU) to the limit.
  9. For desktop computer or computer without battery, maybe use uninterruptible power supply to keep the computer on during power outage for maybe 10 minutes, long enough to safely quit game and shut down. In North America, United States, I use APC BX1500G and it works fine for years over a few power outage, no sudden power off, giving me about 10 or more minutes to shut down desktop tower computer with no corruption. For the best chance to work, close down and exit Steam, restore manifest file, then start up Steam. As long as you didn't start downloading Steam Warframe this might work. I only had steam randomly uninstall Warframe (missing manifest file) after a few BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), caused by my CPU and RAM speed overclocked too much on Ryzen 2400g, now stable and works at lower clock speed. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/915496-warframe-deleted-itself/ Where are you installing Steam games in? C drive? D Drive? Try to change the location of install if you have multiple disk drive. Logged in with the correct Steam account with your games in it, and not the wrong Steam account with nothing owned?
  10. Pilot and cannon: Maybe allow the host or anyone to take over and replace with action button. Bad when an AFK / idling player controlling the pilot, doing nothing but preventing others to use it. Refine: Maybe it is best to not allow refine until the mission is completed, and automatically refine with going to Dry dock. When full, have it automatically partial refine so nothing is lost. Probably just have no refine button. Navigation: I don't know why there are still no individual extraction for clients in Empyrean, that is better then force dragging everyone out of the completed mission, with no votes to show. Maybe anyone can use navigation might be good when hosting player is dead with no lives. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1158400-host-dead-no-way-to-return-to-drydock/ The old topic where some say only the host should be the only one that can use navigation: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1153060-we-need-votekick-now-more-than-ever/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1157382-any-way-to-prevent-my-teammates-from-launching-the-railjack-post-mission/ Update 27.1.0
  11. sam686

    mod menu half gone

    Open Nightwave menu is a quick fix to see all mods. Happened to me about 4 times. Enter and exit Nightwave menu worked all the time for me to see all mods. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1166061-not-seeing-half-of-my-mods-in-modding-menu-or-rolls-for-my-riven-after-kuva-lich-changes/
  12. The teammate and ally somehow survives point blank short range damage of Ogris or some other weapons, yet this still does self damage? If the friendly fire always off in missions so cannot damage allies, why should self damage work? The self damage operator amp was sometimes useful. Getting stuck inside Lua speed puzzle room in solo mode. While warframe is outside the puzzle room and operator is stuck inside, requires to self damage down to 2 health, to return to Warframe and get unstuck. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1123423-lock-up-inside-speed-drift-challenge-room/ Maybe a "self damage" on or off option might help.
  13. Look at my low Vega 11 GPU usage, that goes lower with 34 FPS while looking at waterfall. At 3840x2160 resolution. My monitor is plugged into integrated graphics. Then, look at my AMD RX 580 GPU usage, maxed out at 100%. Were you looking at integrated GPU usage being very low, and not notice the high GPU usage of NVidia GPU? I use AMD RX 580 with Ryzen 2400g, 32 GB RAM. I also have NVidia GT 1030 that I sometimes use when at lower resolution. More to add: I also have optimized flip model enabled in warframe display options and using windows 10. Try to have this option on when using switchable graphics, where output GPU and render GPU are different, works fine for me. I also use v-sync as switchable graphics doesn't have FPS cut in half problem, unlike when using the same, single GPU for both render and output. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1159245-vsync-smooth-afr-glitch/
  14. With any mercy mods equipped, allow Mercy on some dead enemies. Do not disallow mercy just because enemy is dead. With no mercy mods equipped, mercy should be limited to only Thralls or Lich. This is to not waste time on useless mercy with no mercy mods.
  15. This tile with elevator appears to never show up in Capture or Survival. This tile may be limited to Exterminate and Sabotage. I have seen some Void syndicate missions have mark / seed / quittance / medallion / datum / insignia in the up high secret room of 3 vents, 1 open. There is another secret room in the same tile. Not my video, and this video shows both secret rooms. https://youtu.be/s_3tep5PbF0?t=580 (edit: 4 years old video with old wall running, that was now changed to hopping on the wall)
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