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  1. 1. Joined a squad in Void Oxomoco Steel Path and completed mission. 2. I left squad, while others start Void Belenus Steel Path. 3. I try to find players in Void Belenus Steel Path, but it fails and tries to start by myself. This is the same squad that I want it to join. 4. quit and restart game. Void Belenus Steel Path finally joined the same squad from a completed Void Oxomoco Steel Path. Do I really have to restart game for matchmaking to rejoin the same squad? EE,Log shows: 10478.021 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: MissionSelection::OnFindPublicSessionsComplete: fi
  2. A few problems with Dx12 I have found: 1. Some Dx12 crashes in Orb Vallis with enhanced rendering on, and Featured Dojo railjack room with enhanced rendering off. Edit: game update have some fixes to crash. 2. Micro-stuttering. The shader cache can help reduce the micro stutters, but there are always some extra stuttering that Dx11 don't have. Slow downs trying to search and load hundreds of shader cache? 3. HDR Output, when this option is changed on Dx12, will have broken colors and brightness like overbright or dim. Restart game with this option changed as a workaround. 4
  3. Update 29.5 have a bug fix... ... but what about the other bugs that blocked ESC pause menu? Don't make my destroy my keyboard's ESC menu with the game ignoring the button in too many cases. Apart from my first 6 bugs still have no fix as my earlier reply to this topic, I found yet another bug. 7. Fortuna K-drive room, when inside room and want to leave room, press a use button multiple times very quickly. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/809677882 8. 2 players in orbiter, host use invite to orbiter and other players accept, wait until player load in, then host use transfere
  4. Nvidia control panel, manage 3D settings, shader cache on? If the shader cache is off, there will always be high CPU usage on each loading screen. If on, it should only occur once for each area. To reset cache, delete: - C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache - %LocalAppData%\AMD\DxCache Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/393810271
  5. Graphics / GPU? Using DirectX 11 with feature level 11_0 or newer? Run Dxdiag to see feature level. Old GPU like intel Sandy Bridge integrated graphics are Dx10 only, and will be dropped soon. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1227957-psa-warframe-directx-10-support-ending-jan-2021-est/
  6. In the video, no arcane part was tested and shown only once for Mesa, once for Mesa Prime, so this may just be random for no arcane. When I test it, Level 40 Heavy Gunner, no mod, no arcane, about the same. Mesa, mostly between 4.0 to 4.8 seconds. Mesa Prime, between 4.0 to 4.8 seconds. The critical chance and status chance made this random. As for Arcane Velocity, yes I guess this is a bug with Mesa fire a lot faster then Mesa Prime. My Mesa Arcane Velocity fires a lot faster, Mesa Prime Arcane Velocity fire slower. This video only shows no arcane on both Mesa and Mesa Prime, at
  7. I sometimes see bugs with trade: Trade failed, often happens when both players tries to accept trade at the same time. Wait a few seconds or until other player trade accepted have reduced chance of trade failed problems. If the players don't retry and missed trade failed message, both will complain of not getting the items from the trade. The inventory and platinum amount can fail to update after trade successful. Load into relay/dojo and return to orbiter have updated inventory and platinum. Cannot trade Valkyr parts (not prime), only the Valkyr Prime blueprints can be trade
  8. If able to run Warframe Companion app https://www.warframe.com/mobile-app on Android or Apple, is a recovered act the same as current weekly act? Others have the problem with duplicate acts (recovered and current week) on app, and missing recovered act in game. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1188353-nightwave-recovered-acts-bug/ Possible workaround: Wait next week for new Nightwave acts, then more recovered acts can show up.
  9. What about download optimized shaders? I have 500 Mbps download speed. Download optimized shader would be a fast 17 second to download 1 GB of shaders with no excessive CPU usage and to minimize the amount of stutters. What about Vulkan? Steam have shader pre-caching option which does not work on DirectX on Windows 10, it only works on Vulkan and OpenGL. I have pre-cache option enabled with "0 MB pre-cached", sad. The shader cache CPU or stutter problem... To reset cache, delete: - C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache - %LocalAppData%\AMD\DxCache Then, start u
  10. View other player's profile. Move mouse pointer to mastery rank number. Always 0 missions and 0 The Steel Path Missions, and incorrect total mastery points. The only time it is not zero is if viewing own profile with some missions completed. I have 2063415 mastery, but if others view my profile ( /profile sam686 ) they say I have less mastery points.
  11. sam686

    Missing Squad Menu

    Often times, if I am host with fast loading screen (fast SSD), mission complete, then quickly put up a mission vote. Then, some other players with slow loading often complain about black screen, missing squad, or can't open menu bugs, then I have to either force start (bad for no relic equipped) or cancel mission vote. 1. The fastest loading screen is the host player 1, start mission. 2. Complete mission, and have the host quickly repeat mission or start any mission. 3. Very slow clients becomes possibly broken With no fix, this problem will likely spread to fast PS5 host with sl
  12. Looks like an update have changed the name of this settings, graphics engine in launcher settings. Classic or enhanced. I am guessing the shadow problem only happens on enhanced engine. EDIT: now the graphics engine option is in the in-game option, display.
  13. Deferred rendering was on in Warframe launcher settings? With deferred rendering off, does the problem go away? If no problem while off, there may be something wrong with Warframe deferred rendering which allows more dynamic shadows. EDIT: Maybe this deferred rendering shadow problem might only happen while raining in Plains in Eidolon.
  14. 1. Warframe lack of triple buffering with V-sync. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1159245-vsync-smooth-afr-glitch/ - Switchable graphics that render graphcis on AMD XT 5500 or Nvidia gt 1030, then output through Vega 11, allows V-sync to work better without frames per second abruptly cut in half. 2. Physx acceleration on NVidia GPU in some games (not warframe), while rendering on AMD 5500 XT, and video output to integrated graphics. 3. If I want less heat, I use NVidia Gt 1030. More heat, I can switch to AMD RX 5500, ideally without the blinking black screen of HDMI switch and me
  15. Remove lens would be nice option to have. Or maybe go back to old version (very old Warframe videos on YouTube) when there was no focus convergence, just a good old silent focus gains. This annoying yellow orb focus convergence that was added on update 18.4.10 is very loud and annoying. But, I also somewhat like to gain some focus without this annoying yellow convergence orb. I want focus convergence to be more silent. Yellow orb spawn: "Boom zap zap zap zap zap" and the yellow markers can get in the way. Yellow orb pickup: "Doing". Last 5 seconds of focus: "tick tick tick tick t
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