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  1. More confusion is, while at Fortuna or Relay, I joined a player located at Orbiter. The other player starts any mission like Sortie or anything, not related to Fortuna or Cetus. Complete mission and the game load me back into Fortuna and Cetus, no navigation. When I "return to orbiter" the game left squad. Why? Maroo's Bazaar also do not have navigation. The landing point of Maroo's Bazaar is mostly the same as other relays, yet no navigation. Dojo. While at Cetus, Fortuna, Maroo's Bazaar, or anywhere it isn't a mission, there is an option to load straight into Dojo without orbiter, and stay in squad. If not host, loading dojo won't bother anyone. If host went to Dojo or if host migrated to a player currently on Dojo, this will send other players into Dojo, including the matchmaking players from public missions that are now done. Dojo with Observatory have navigation which is good.
  2. Something might be overheated so it cuts off power. HWinfo64 can show a whole lot more sensors. CPU, VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) on motherboard, chipset on motherboard, or anything else might have gotten too hot. A quick test is to have more fans blowing into motherboard. Something might be faulty, maybe the PSU. Try different PSU with enough watts. Could maybe turn off intel turbo boost on motherboard settings for hopefully more stability maybe. I kind of not sure what else to say, other then something might be overheated or is faulty. Internet search have more possible reasons. https://www.google.com/search?q=computer+loses+power
  3. Try Furmark with Prime95. How does the computer crash? No signal on monitor or black screen with the computer still on? Computer lost power? Computer reset with no "Shutting down" or "restarting" process? Possible the graphics card might be faulty or PSU (Power Supply Unit) have too low of watts. Does using integrated graphics stop the crashes? i5-9600k have integrated graphics. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/134896/intel-core-i5-9600k-processor-9m-cache-up-to-4-60-ghz.html
  4. If unsure what it looks like, google image search shows all kinds of images of what it is. CPU: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=CPU CPU heatsink: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=CPU+heatsink If unsure how to move graphics card, youtube videos can show how to do so. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+change+PCI-E+graphics
  5. CPU have a huge heatsink on it on the picture. Well, won't see the CPU, only the large heatsink on the CPU. Your pictures looks like the PCI-E graphics card is on a slot with only 4 lanes. For speed, turn off and unplug computer and try to move GeForce graphics card to the other slot, closer to CPU, which have a full 16 lanes, faster then 4 lanes. When done, tools like GPU-Z should show more lanes, hopefully PCI-E x16 3.0.
  6. FreeSync was off. Using HDMI splitter with Elgato cam link that captures black screen when FreeSync was on. Worst, my Siig HDMI 2.0 splitter with scaler does not pass through HDMI FreeSync correctly, blinking black screen on all outputs of splitter. My old HDMI 1.4 splitter does pass through FreeSync just fine at limited resolution and refresh rate so... HDMI Splitter with bad scaler maybe. I have HDCP off in radeon settings to allow HDMI capture to work through HDMI splitter. The same V-Sync poor Frame rate happens when using Vega 11 graphics for rendering and Vega 11 for video outputs, at lower 1920x1080 resolution due to slower Vega 11 GPU. No Super Resolution. This looks like having the rendering and output on different GPU have better v-sync FPS. Only V-sync off allow the rendering and output on same GPU works better, at a cost of screen tearing everywhere with FreeSync off. Clone may allow FreeSync to work on one of them (FreeSync monitor), at a cost of always have screen tearing to a cloned HDMI capture with in-game "V-Sync on", and have slower Alt+Tab. I guess only HDMI splitter can have no screen tearing to both HDMI outputs. AMD Radeon Settings have "OpenGL Triple Buffering" that does fix OpenGL games FPS cut in half problem with fullscreen V-Sync, but Warframe is not OpenGL, only Direct3D, too bad. Some other Direct3D game doesn't have FPS cut in half problem. I am guessing some other Direct3D games is using some kind of triple buffering or have in-game option to turn triple buffering on or off. Some other games, like Destiny 2, hates integrated Vega 11 outputs, refusing to allow native HDR in Fullscreen for this other game unless using AMD RX 580 output. Why HDR doesn't work in windowed mode for this other game and only up-convert poor quality SDR to "Windows HD color" HDR? I don't know. Windows 10 Edge and Chrome supports windows 10 HDR for YouTube HDR videos, in a small windows.
  7. Your older, locked topic: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1131187-auto-perma-banning-system-of-the-game/ There are nothing regular players like me and others can do to help. Should have kept both your computer and your account secure so only you can use it, with 2FA enabled.
  8. Besides crashes or black screen, there is a possible slow down. Is the graphics card plugged into a PCI-E slot closest to CPU for a faster x16 Gen3 speed? This motherboard have 2 slots, but only one, the closest to the CPU, have full 16 lanes for fast speed. The other PCI-E slot farther away from CPU is only wired for 4 lanes which is slower. Does the graphics card work fine at the stock speed of 1770Mhz boost clock?
  9. https://www.warframe.com/hardwarefail "If you know that your system is over-clocked we shouldn't have to tell you that it can cause problems 🙂 Please try running your system at its intended speed." https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/graphics-cards/gtx-1660-ti/ NVidia specs says boost clock 1770 MHz. This might be the cause of your black screens. Overclocked GPU unable to work correctly, blacking out video outputs when GPU crashes.
  10. The beginning part of video: AMD Rx 580 rendering and HDMI output. Fullscreen VSync at 3200x1800 (AMD Super Resolution) have massive drops from 120 FPS down to 60 FPS on a 120 Hz monitor. Massive stuttering when changed between 120 FPS and 60 FPS. Later part of video (0:50): Rx 580 rendering, integrated Vega 11 HDMI output. Switchable graphics transfer rendered frames from 1 GPU to another. Fullscreen VSync at 3200x1800 now have a gentle small drop of FPS down to 115 FPS. This looks like switchable graphics forced triple buffering or something that have better FPS with V-Sync fullscreen. Missing triple buffer option for v-sync that can reduce FPS drops that might increase input delay. CPU Ryzen 2400g with Vega 11 integrated graphics Motherboard Asus B450-F, iGFX as primary, with HybrodGraphics enabled. Graphics: AMD Rx 580
  11. This have sort of come up before. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1132830-allow-consoles-or-pc-players-to-clone-their-accounts-to-the-other-side/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1118665-cross-save/ Just look for the first hint of cross save. Cross save need same invasion and same events on all platforms, to avoid taking advantage of cross save for twice as much Orokin Catalyst, twice as much invasions for more Zealots Codes, and others. I have listed the stuff that are different on an other topic.
  12. 1. Have Halicar on melee, with any primary and Cycron or any for secondary. 2. Switch to secondary. 3. Switch to primary and after 0.2 seconds, melee attack. Now "Unarmed", can't fire weapons. Requires manually switch weapons to start firing primary or secondary.
  13. Happened again. Overlapping and repeated voices at 1:12 in this video. "They won't be bothering us anymore, ." Voice cut off to repeat again? "They won't be bothering us" "Transference still holding." "anymore, lets get out of here." Late voice at 3:08: "Target down, assassination contract complete. Great work, Tenno." "Nice work taking down the VIP, now get to extraction." Late voice in a middle of extracting.
  14. The bug: game starts or joins wrong mission when an expired Sortie is chosen. I have chosen Stofer (Lua) rescue mission, but the game only join a regular defense mission. Why? I expect it to not start and pop up a mission expired. Also, look at 0:47 on the video, Sortie icon went from "0" to a red "1" while zooming. Matchmaking give me no time to react when joining squads, if I see that change of Sortie icon which I mostly didn't. Edit: changed title, while it did happen to me when joined, it can also happen when started an expired Sortie.
  15. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Azima Daily tribute weapon. "The Azima comes with its own weapon slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst."
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