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Simaris rep is not kept after finishing mission


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As the title states, when I complete a mission having scanned enough enemies to cap out my daily Simaris standing (as indicated by the "daily standing reached" message), I don't actually get the standing. I was able to get standing without any issues earlier; possibly only happens if standing is actually capped during that particular mission? Haven't completed my daily target for the day, if that's relevant. Also, I had turned in a target earlier today (before the daily reset). Third mission in a row where this has happened, so it's not a one-off bug where the standing reward failed to be saved or something. Also, other mission rewards (credits, etc.) appear to have gone through fine.

Example video, including the standing before/after:

Relevant timestamps:

0:10 - standing before
0:30 - mission start
5:33 - "daily affiliation reached" message
7:11 - mission end
7:33 - standing after
8:21 - checking at the Simaris console to make sure it's not just a UI bug

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