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[Proposal] New Mission Types: Plunder, Scavenge, Rendezvous, Railjack missions and Clan Campaigns.


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Within a set timeframe, search the area market on the minimap for resource pods. Once the pods are located, take them to the extraction point.

• Mechanics

The first stage of the mission features a timeframe, which gets shorter the higher the mission level. Within said timeframe, the Tenno must locate the resource pods; after a pod is picked up, the timer countdown stops.

While one pod is required for a successful mission, a team can bring anywhere from 1-4 pods with them, the only limitation being the number of squadmates. Thus, a full squad will yield more resources than a solo player or an incomplete squad.

After the pods are taken, the player may only use melee or secondary firearms. If the player is knocked down or downed, they will drop the pod, which the enemy will try to take back to the location it was found at. However, should it reach said location, it cannot be retrieved again, and the mission will fail. The enemy will try to prevent the player from stopping the unit carrying back the pod by providing cover fire and locking down the area.

The pods feature a special kind of HP pool. The health bar consists of four sections divided by three states: lightly damaged, moderately damaged, and heavily damaged. Each section of the bar regenerates when not taking tamage. As such, players should avoid sustained gunfire. However, if a section of the HP bar is emptied, the pod reaches one of the above damage states and that section of the bar will no longer regenerate, leaving the player with less overall HP to work with. At full HP, the pod is intact, and if all of its health is depleted, it is destroyed. Again, only one pod is required for a successful mission. However, if a pod is destroyed or reclaimed by the enemy, it will not count towards rewarded resources.

The pod has no weaknesses or resistances, and it does not take damage from arc traps, enemy auras, AoE abilities, or special attacks, such as Shield Lancers' ramming strikes or Scorpions' hooks. However, the pod will be dropped after a knockdown, regardless of source. The pod will take unmodified damage from regular ranged and melee attacks. Stay on the move and melee-block when appropriate.

Players should remain vigilant, as laser traps can cause the pods to detonate by triggering the cirquitry and sensors within the pod used to monitor volatile matter and prevent theft.

Lastly, squads could be given the option to carry two pods per player, at the cost of the ability to use weapons. Abilities ought to remain useable, since not all of them require hands (e.g., Rhino's Stomp). Although, this may cause some balancing issues which I'm not aware of at the moment.

• Mission rewards

Other than the usual rewards, such as credits and resources, the players receive a generous amount of rare resources found at the mission's location. There are several ways this could work - all four pods could hold a certain amount of the rare resource, rewarding teamplay and the number of retrieved pods. Alternatively, there can be a regular drop table, with each pod serving as a "rotation". Personally, however, I believe that there is a need for a mission that deviates from the usual "AABC" formula and instead rewards one or several specific items. Perhaps there can be a small chance to earn a forma blueprint or relic. Void traces and Nitain could also be thrown into the mix, especially if there is a Plunder alert mission.

Mission prompts

a. At the start of a mission:

Tenno, this outpost has recently received a shipment of valuable components as part of a supply chain. Retrieve at least one package before the shipment is sent to a new location. I've marked the cargo bay on your map.

b. Upon locating the pod:

You took possesion of the package. Bring it back to the extraction point, and don't let it get destroyed.

c. If the enemy takes the pod:

Tenno, an enemy took hold of a package. Stop them!


In light of the presence of resource extractors in the game which give off a sense of unfulfilled potential, I decided that they ought to receive a proper, dedicated mission. Moreover, how incredible would it be to see one of the extractors you deployed appear before you, as you traverse the Plain's tundra or Orb's glaciers?


Prevent inbound enemy forces from disrupting ongoing mining operations.


The Tenno must protect a resource extractor while it extracts materials from key points. Depending on the location, this entails two tasks - escorting the extractor to marked locations and/or defending it during operation. On regular tilesets, the extractors work in the same way as excavators do, while on open landscapes a single extractor will travel between dig sites until the player sends it away.

In addition to ground assaults, the enemy will call in aerial strikes to take down the extractor. Tenno are advised to use archwings to take down these threats from above as soon as possible. The player will be timely notified of an incoming airship, which will be marked on the map. Regular tilesets may require a slightly different approach due to limited space - a possible solution would be requiring the airship to charge its weapon before firing, giving the Tenno time to take it down, instead of relying on the large playable area of open landscapes and archwing.

Other than aerial strikes, enemy forces will also attempt to steal harvested resources, thus prolonging the time needed to defend the extractor until it can depart. This task will be carried out by specific units from each faction (e.g., Lancers and Ospreys), recognizable by the containers they carry. Upon killing these units, they will drop said containers. Returning them to an extractor will make up for the lost resources by shortening excavation time of the extractor that receives it. If empty, the container must be destroyed as well, as it can be picked up by other units of the same type that do not have a container with them.

Mission Rewards

Rewards may require a revamp, as the Plains do not have cryotic, and future open landscapes are unlikely to have it either. A possible solution is to have players choose between resources as their reward (similar to how relics and fissures work) or each excavation can act as a rotation, with each one featuring one of the planet's four resources. Of course, open landscapes will feature more resources and to ballance things, these locations will not feature the planets's standard four resources, keeping the rotation tables relatively short and unsaturated.

 Mission Prompts

a. Inbound aerial craft

Tenno, a heavy air unit is approaching! Destroy it before it can charge its weapon systems.

b. An enemy stole some resources

They're taking our resources; stop them!



Players are isolated from each other and must make their way to the agreed redenzvous point, while taking out the enemy. Some lockdowns require a team effort.

• Mission Prompts

Tenno, I'm picking up transference signals nearby. Make your way to the chekpoint.


• Destroy

Destroy the pursuit target.

• Chase

Chase after the target through environments difficult to navigate until the specified distance from the target is reached.


Board the pursuit target and complete a sabotage / extermination / capture objective.


Maintain distance until further orders, which include any of the other Pursuit objectives.


Destroy the ship's engines.


Sabotage can involve stealing data, injecting a virus into the network, issuing false orders or reports from the ship, planting explosives, &c.


Deliver your cargo to another ship or relay. Do not allow enemy boarding parties to steal or damage the cargo. If enough cargo is stolen or lost, the mission will fail. A fully intact cargo will yield the most rewards.


We finally take the fight to the stars with the big guns this time - Railjack, bigger Fomorian ships, escort ships, &c.


Missions and mission chains requiring the involvement of an entire clan.

This could involve old events coming back and occuring regularly. Perhaps the players can be given the opportunity to vote for the next even to return after a previous one is over.

Another form these campaigns could take is a multi-stage, clan-level sortie occuring on a monthly or weekly basis.


Some terminology changes that reflect the mission objective:


We do not spy on anyone; we simply steal data.

Assassination ▶ Elimination

Assassination involves stealth, and there is nothing stealthy about boss fights.

Extermination ▶ Dispatch/Assault

There are still enemies left after an extermination mission is over, so the name no longer makes sense.

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