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Spawn Error for Defense on Europa


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I was doing a Paimon, Europa defense fissure, and noticed that the time for 5 waves to complete was 10 mins, and I was doing a lot of fissures so I kept extracting and restarting the mission to see what was the case, because normal defense missions take roughly 5-6 minutes to complete. I kept having times above 10 minutes so I figure this is a pathing error or something of the sorts, because most enemies were standing still and not moving when we found them. There was one spot in particular that seems to not spawn in all of the enemies it needed to and would spawn enemies at a very slow/inconsistent rate. I don't know if this applies to other defense missions, but it sure got annoying for me. I put a link to where the inconsistent spawn area is for a reference. Broken_spot_in_Europa.PNG

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