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Luminous Dye not showing up and consumed


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I went fishing on the Plains of Eidolon with the new gear wheel yesterday, but to my surprise, no Bait or Luminous Dye showed up. My spears showed up normally.

I exited the mission, checked my inventory and noticed I ran out of Luminous Dye (while I was sure I still had some). Then made some Dye and tried again.

When I started fishing, everything looked normal again. I had access to all my Baits and Luminous Dye.

But today I wanted to do some fishing, and again, the Luminous Dye was gone (Baits were available, though). Checked my inventory and once more the Dye was gone, while I certainly hadn't used all of it.

So it appears Luminous Dye is fully consumed after a fishing session. Quite annoying.



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I was building Pharoma , got 60 or so of them done.  I went mining for gems/minerals - took about 20 minutes and then returned to Cetus.  Got back to my orbiter, looked into Foundry only to find that all of my Pharoma has disappeared.


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