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[Fixed] Adaptation, infinite stacking, and player invulnerability


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I initially didn't want to make this report, for fear of it falling into popular use by the playerbase before it gets fixed, and wanted to bet on the team discovering the bug on their own. However, looking at the steadily increasing amounts of feedback calling for nerfs of what appears t be an "overpowered" mod, I fear more deeply that Adaptation could wind up nerfed before the team realizes what's going on and fixes it, leaving a niche and potentially awesome mod to fall into disuse since it no longer warrants a slot.

So as you may have noticed, there's been a fair number of threads and comments cropping up about Adaptation being potentially overpowered because it makes you "invincible." A clan-mate and I decided to test its limits to see what the really meant by this, and discovered the mod is actually seriously bugged, to the point that Arbitrations and Elite Onslaught could be seriously exploited using it. It appears that if you stack a buff to 90% resistance, then let it expire, the buff only visually disappears. Your Warframe actually retains the damage resistance, and can begin stacking another level of resistance on top of that. This process can be repeated indefinitely, to the point that you no longer take damage from that damage type, or even provoke a hit response when damaged by it. There doesn't appear to be a limit on this resistance stacking, either; I was able to make myself simultaneously invulnerable to Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Corrupted Bombards. While this is easier to achieve on already-tanky Warframes, which have an easier time activating the buff to begin with, it's entirely possible with weaker Warframes if you're careful. It may also be possible to achieve this bug with less than 90% resistance buildup prior to letting the buff expire, but since the cumulative resistance buildup would be too small to notice without serious time investment, it didn't seem worth testing at the time. If necessary, I can post video of this exploit in action, but I thought it prudent to get word out as quickly as possible and let the QA team see for themselves.

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Bug fixed as of Chimera 23.10.4
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Likewise, getting up to the 10 minute mark on Mot made my Nidus literally unkillable. There was another post somewhere in the forums mentioniing that Adaptation doesn't play nice with Arcane Guardian, which might have something to do with the mod endlessly stacking.

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