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Helios and Sanctuary mod: indestructable resurection bubbles


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When resurrecting a downed squad member, the protection bubble from [Sanctuary] Mod on Helios sentinel remains and stays invulnerably around.

It blocks both enemy and friendly fire and cannot be destroyed.

(don't know if other sentinels are also affected)

I have a screenshot to show just how annoying this gets on Nightmare Alerts where i managed to get 16 resurrects on my teammates:helios-bug.jpg

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Update: this seems to be limited to no-shields missions. Was able to reproduce in all no-shield nightmare alerts.

Since the bubbles protect everyone inside and are indestructible, they pose a significant change in game play. If someone gets downed on the defense target, the bubble protects the defense target from all ranged attacks.

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I can also verify that if you have the Sanctuary Mod equipped on your sentinel the bubble is permanent and it blocks both your shots and enemy shots for the rest of the game. I also had it on a Helios and it occurred in 3 different no-shield nightmare missions. 2 of them were alerts and the 3rd was just a normal nightmare mission with that modifier to the mission. (Base mission types varied when I saw it yesterday the base missions were defense, interception, and spy.) (I think my frost is jealous of these invulnerable bubbles ;))




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