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Getting knocked down while transfering to Operator disable all actions


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So, there is a new bug, which is explanatory in title : If you get knocked down, as client, as warframe, while transfering out to play with your operator, you might become completely stuck (as in, cannot use/switch weapon, cannot roll dodge, cannot use abilities - still can use ballistic jump and open container/pick up stars). Only death seems to solve the issue.


I'm not exactly sure of the cause (ie; getting knocked down while transfering ; but it happened to me just right now in a kuva siphon, trying to transfer to operator to disarm two kuva guards jumping on me, but i wasnt quick enough, and that was the result. It happened before but i really had no clue why. Now, i guess this is a clue.

This, and the gammacore visual glitch, seems related.

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