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Adaptation; Slash procs creating blank instances of Adaptation


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First off, not sure if this is better suited for the Mission section or UI section, so feel free to move accordingly! Noticed in some missions while having Adaptation equipped that blank instances of what would be an Adaptation damage resistance counter would pop up in the UI alongside the other, properly working ones. After a bunch of testing it seems that slash procs cause these blank instances to pop up. If you run Inaros with negation swarm, it doesn't happen, nor does it happen with Oberon standing on hallowed ground, so it's the actual slash proc applying that causes these blank counters that just keep applying. Also, as far as I could find out, no other status procs caused this interaction. 


Reproducible by heading into the simulacrum, equipping Adaptation, and spawning a lot of Arid Heavy Gunners as they are slash proc heavy.

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