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Rhino gone


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Hello warframe support. My name is Xaredeas and i have a little problem here.

i was selling my aklatos weapon to euip my now paris (i used rhino before on it) and switched to excalibur as i later wanted to switch back to Rhino the warfame was nowhere to be found and only the option to buy it with platinum was in my equipment. id really appriciate your help and no i did NOT sell it

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The bug section of the forums is not "warframe support". You need to contact them directly through the support desk: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

They may be able to return your rhino, assuming you still have an open slot, and actually did sell it or if they find something went wrong.


Here's the thing though, there's no bug where selling a weapon would also sell a warframe without you specifically clicking the frame and selling it from the inventory. You may have clicked on it by accident, but you should have noticed it in the confirmation window before clicking sell. People sell mastery rank fodder weapons all the time, and no one loses frames randomly unless they make a very big mistake.

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