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Interception Arbitration - Closing Spawns


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Just now, I was performing an arbitration interception mission on Rhea (Saturn). I managed to lodge a specter in between the door of a cave where enemies would spawn. I noticed that while the door was open to this cave, I was able to refuse the enemies from spawning. It gets worse. I tried using my Saryn's Molt ability to hold the door open and noticed I was succcessful at choking TWO spawn spots at once while maintaining my Molt and my specter in place.

About four waves passed before I noticed enemies spawning where my specter had previously been albeit moving slightly deeper into the cave. I decided to set my specter free and stand in the place of the door with my warframe alternating when my Molt had shed its skin. Alas, I was able to choke two points at once. Now I ask kindly: is this intentional?

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