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  1. This is still happening on Railjack missions. For me, I had the "Disable Pulse Turbine" mission on Saturn Proxima and after destroying the second objective, the doors inside were green but refused to open.
  2. I have access to all tiers of Isolation Vault bounties. However, when I attempt to start an Isolation Vault T3 bounty, I get fed into a tier 1 Isolation Vault bounty. *only happens in public groups
  3. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: K-Drive Race on Deimos: Burst Hematoma. I noticed the drive pre-emptively ends once you reach the 8th ring. The in-game display suggests the race has 14 rings as a goal so am I to assume the race is complete? VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Try to complete the Burst Hematoma K-drive race in the Cambion Drift. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have had to complete all 14 rings before being rewarded with completion screen. OBSERVED RESULT: I was only able to k-drive through 8 rings before the challenge ended. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time.
  4. 3 Bug Reports TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was attempting to capture a Corrupted Nullifier. I noticed that the Synthesis Target refused to put up his shield. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Attempt to capture a Corrupted Nullifier Synthesis Target. EXPECTED RESULT: The Corrupted Nullifier should put up its shield while being hunted. OBSERVED RESULT: Target just ran around unshielded until captured. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% 5/5 runs. -- TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was unlocking three rivens at once (2 kitgun rivens - primary & secondary, on
  5. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Tier 4 Fortuna Bounty 3/5 (SPY) I managed to get down from the ceiling after being knocked down by lasers. When I made it to the ground beside the console, I was unable to access the console to hack it. The interact prompt refused to show and my converted lich appeared. When my converted lich appeared, it stomped my out of the range of the console. I got back up, my lich teleported and then I attempted to hack the console again. I was unable to find a prompt so I tried going into operator mode so I could complete the hack. Unfortunately, again, no option to int
  6. Dang. The second hotfix dropped right as I started my Glassmaker Act 5. :(
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