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hello all 

i was thinking of could DE add this weapon to the game 

its a two handed giant ring blade that can have its own move set and stats

ime thinking of more than a glaive that is tiny and  throwable blade type style

it wont be thrown like a glaive or be just another type of blade like the gram,ect

the move set can be a dance type style and the stance can be something with more movement 

it can be based of slash damage

also it can have crit chance/crit damage just for the fun of modding ideas

ime thinking of more than just a common blade with a handle and a long blade

it must be a two handed ring blade with cut outs on the tips and a unique design

maby this will give some insparation. but remember this thing is a two handed weapon that will be the size or the warframe itself

will enyone comply with this idea i hope ill hear from all of u soon 



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