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Full screen interlaced have broken option menu


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Windows 10 64 bit, NVidia GT 1030, intel i7-2600, HDMI to VGA converter, old 4:3 ratio CRT monitor.

Used Custom resolution utility (CRU) to add more interlaced resolution and delete progressive resolutions.

1. This problem, shown in video, happens in full screen, when the only progressive resolution is 640x480, and the game is running at 1280x960 interlaced. Stuck on broken option menu where back and confirm doesn't work, and forced to close with alt+F4.

2. This problem does not happen when there are no progressive resolutions, only interlaced resolutions is available, but the full screen resolution and refresh rate cannot be changed in-game. Limited to editing ee.cfg Graphics.FullScreenSizeX=1280 Graphics.FullScreenSizeY=960 Graphics.RefreshRate=116

3. If I were to have 800x600 progressive resolution, then the option menu always wants to switch full screen to poor resolution of 800x600 when it was previously using 1280x960 interlaced, and I go to options, display tab, save, but did not change any options. The game fails to show any full screen interlaced resolution. Very annoying.


I do not want to use borderless mode due to forced v-sync and stutters in windows 10.


The reason for using interlace resolution on old CRT monitor is, it looks better on old CRT monitor that allows much better refresh rate.

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